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The journalist will marry her longtime boyfriend Joshua Kalman of the Mosaic faith: I’m glad he agreed to the blessing of my priest

I couldn’t have imagined that the news of my marriage had influenced the public so much. I kept it to myself, didn’t want so much noise, but many expressions of affection made me very happy. I was overwhelmed by the news and didn’t count it. Cesar Buonamiciborn in ’57, beloved face, history presenter, and now vice president of Tg5, will marry her historic boyfriend, 71-year-old Israeli doctor Joshua Kalman this summer.

Cesar, after 24 years of engagement, you will say yes.

Joshua and I have been together since September 14, 1997, and over the long years we thought about it several times, but then the wedding never took place. After all, we didn’t need it, also because we didn’t have children, there was no real reason. Sometimes we thought about organizing a wedding at the Italian embassy in Israel or when going abroad. And instead, after so many wanders, we’ll be getting married in Fiesole, my hometown where I have my roots.

Is there a need to formalize the relationship?

I do not know exactly. I know one day we said to ourselves, “Why not?” There was no debate or in-depth analysis, we liked the idea at the same time as a credit to ourselves. I think it is a nice gesture of reciprocity and we are glad that all friends received this message with such affection. I am touched by the reaction of my director, Clemente Mimun, all my colleagues today and many years ago such as Enrico Mentana and Cristina Parodi.

I don’t think anything will change in your everyday life

Absolutely nothing will change in our lives. It will be nice to share our relationship with the people we love.

She is a Catholic, her future husband of the Mosaic faith. How did you experience this reality?

There has always been a lot of respect between us, because different religions have been a source of enrichment for us. We often go to Israel, where his brother and his roots are. In the years of coexistence, we lived all the holidays together: Christmas and the Festival of Lights, our Passover and Jewish ones. We love it too.

What did you decide to do for the wedding?

In my Fiesole we are getting married in civil law. At that time, I was very anxious to receive a blessing from my priest and Joshua agreed. His gesture filled me with joy. It is a sign of great respect and great love. He knew it was very important to me and agreed to a blessing. It will happen because – he says, laughing – I am a woman of great value, tender, calm, conciliatory …

What fascinates you about Israeli culture?

Strength and energy of very young and interesting people, made up of a mix of many nationalities.

Where did you meet

We met at a friend’s wedding in Rome. What struck me about him? He was attractive, charming. I was struck by his way of speaking, the fact that it is never predictable, never banal. Joshua is a very interesting person of Hungarian origin. His family, who escaped from the Holocaust, and his parents found themselves alone with little Joshua and had to leave Hungary, flee to Israel and reinvent their lives there. Courageous and strong. He is only a citizen of the world, who won me over for it, opened me a new vision of the world. Because instead I am an ant linked to my world of origin, very linked to Tuscany.

What fascinated him?

I think we are two different who found each other.

A passion that connects you?

Absolutely a trip. So many unforgettable moments: Yemen, Libya, China, Burma, the times of India, Kenya, Tanzania. Covid stopped us, but now we hope to repeat.

Have no children. Was it a choice?

No, it wasn’t a choice. But we also metabolized it.

It is faithful and constant. In January, he celebrated his 30th anniversary on Tg5

That’s true. Over the years I have received offers from the Rai world and the old La7, but I have always been faithful, never had any doubts as I have always had a great time with Mediaset. I don’t think there’s a sense of freedom everywhere in Mediaset, at least according to the stories of some of Rai’s colleagues. Rai is a great company, but at times it doesn’t have to be easy. I am very happy and very grateful to Mediaset from the day Fedele Confalonieri selected me for what was then Fininvest. And then I was very lucky to have great directors: Arrigo Levi, Enrico Mentana, Carlo Rossella, Clemente Mimun.

Tell us about your historic colleagues with whom you shared the birth of Tg5 in ’92. Let’s start with Mentan

It’s a volcano. I remember when he was not happy with the schedule and refreshed the meeting we were all terrified. It gave us a lot, but it terrified us. I have great memories of the sensation on the occasion of the April 18, 1999 referendum (on the abolition of the proportional quota in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies), when I interrupted Mentan in the studio late one night, announcing the failure to reach the quorum, which was taken for granted. I remember that he asked me, “Are you sure, are you sure of Cesar?”

Always a friend, even when there were rumors of rivalry between the two of us. Nothing could be more fake. We always helped each other, we always loved each other, I was his best man. We never got lost. Now she is satisfied with her Crida fashion line, does beautiful things and has no regrets. And I’m enjoying his new adventure. Of course our ride on the Tg5 was wonderful.

The Mimun family. He is a great director who has the enthusiasm and curiosity of a boy, he cares about everything.

It’s a pain for all of us, wound. Dear everyone, we always have news from you. He is with us in the heart.

She has been the reassuring face of the evening news for years. She lived as one of the family, there is respect and sympathy for her. Can you see it?

It is important not to make news about ourselves and to do the viewer a favor. Requires clarity, no bad language. I think people understand that and they love me for it.

Talk shows today are getting higher and higher. What do you think?

There is everything, and there is a place and space for everyone. Everyone chooses what they want. Certainly not my figure.

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