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from Valerio Cappelli

Actor: “My home is all scenes. I once played in Vienna with Carlo Buccirosso and the hall fell to applause. Do you work with Eduardo? In the breaks it hit me. At Feste dell’Unità he had to sell frozen squids as fresh “

The first thing that characterizes Vincenzo Salemme is kindness, welcome and hospitality. Then everything else comes, including talent. He doesn’t say so, but we understand that he is claiming normalcy. We find the acting antidivism in his home: a few photos of his successes, “me” kept in a drawer. He has a sense of gratitude and genuine gratitude towards the end of his performance, Neapolitan? And make me a pizza! when he asks to take a selfie with the audience, the actors on stage and the audience behind him.

Why is he taking a selfie?

«Because I owe them my success, as it is with several actors. I had no, say, institutional recognition. After the pandemic closed, I found viewers and I got scared. I said to myself: have they not forgotten me? On the debut of the tour, I had to hold back my tears. And then, sitting in the mask for two hours and laughing, it’s not easy. “

Why do you say you are missing the second prize … Made 12 films, never won David?

“Never. I do not think about what I am doing, national critics never visit me. But I do not complain, I am content and content. I feel sorry for myself not as much as for those who leave the house and go to the theater; I apologize for the Italian panorama ».

Why is this happening?

“Maybe it’s because I don’t look like anyone and it’s hard for me to pigeonhole myself. Sometimes they tell me: have you played with Eduardo De Filippo, with Nanni Moretti, and then you do these things in the theater? But I needed Eduardo’s teachings to do these things. Above all, an actor has a duty to live. You have to be authentic. Live and love fully. And it all ends on stage ».

How was Edward?

“I have appeared in three of your comedies on TV. Despite his austerity and austere appearance, he was a simple man. In the breaks it hit me. I stayed there to see if he told me anything. You know, he said why all these people come to me? They are waiting for me to die. So they can say: I saw him die. Theater is that, it is the moment when it appears, it is neither before nor after ».

In his show, he takes up clichés about Naples, pizza, coffee that must be hot, tearing out bags …

“There is also a cliche that worries me. When they introduce me on TV, they say: Neapolitan comedian. But they don’t say that about the Milanese. On the other hand, the Neapolitan does ».

He was born in Bacoli.

«Mother – primary school teacher, father – lawyer. In Naples, I went to Umberto High School. Thirty kilometers, a different world. I felt out of place. Being provincial in the ’70s was different. Today is the Internet … What if they made fun of me? Well, yes, in Bacoli we talk while singing, you instead of “Bread”, women ».

What was he like?

«I was and I am a loner. I changed groups. Always nomadic, never sedentary. In Bacoli, I used to go to my grandfather’s movies. On weekdays there was me, a deaf-mute boy with Down’s and Mimmotto, a monster named after the accident. In those days, there was no respect for diversity. I grew up on peplum, Maciste, Ursus, the first westerns, rubbish … ».

In Naples, he sold fish at Unity festivals.

«As a boy, I had to sell frozen calamari fresh for a thousand lire. I did not agree. The party leader replied: what do you care is the political price … I objected: but we are true. And he: if you tell him the truth, they won’t buy fish anymore. I need to do some reflections on the left ».

When did you start playing?

“In elementary school, the sisters had a play for the bishop, I liked the scene, I could show myself when I wasn’t in reality. I have had a lot of tics. For example, after five meters, I turned on myself. In order not to worry my mother, I turned around and pretended to greet her. I acted to be accepted. It’s something that sticks to you. I played in high school Naples millionaire, the girl was a friend of Sergio Solli who worked with Eduardo and made me do a more professional show with Marisa Laurito. Then another one with Tato Russo. I was 17 years old. At 19, Eduardo needed extras and he gave me two pay lines for an actor. He saw me so thin he thought I had no money to eat.

“He met Monika Vitti thanks to Eduardo …

Era Cylinder. In the dark, with her back to everyone, she was right in front of me, in black stockings. I was stunned. He told me: do you know why you will become a great actor? Because when you play, you don’t have tics. ”

You play for the bourgeoisie to which you belong.

«No, I consider myself a petty bourgeois. The most beautiful bourgeoisie is the Milanese bourgeoisie: enlightened. In Naples it is feudal, more material; in Rome is the belly of the bourgeoisie ”.

But is there an audience that makes you feel at home?

«My home is all stages. I once played in Vienna with Carlo Buccirosso and the hall fell to applause. Maurizio Casagrande said: but they don’t understand, how can they laugh? ».

What are the other cliche?

“In Naples, we are the ones who want the things that belong to us to be immortal. Pizza, mozzarella. Or a pagan relationship with San Gennaro. In Turin, a lady told me: I don’t understand who is afraid to go to Naples. Just leave without wearing your watch. He praised me and was racist without realizing it. “

What does Pulcinella represent?

«I dreamed about it. I was sitting, it appeared from the top, all the blood stain that had grown, grew and became a white spot. And I became Pulcinella. I wrote to the theater to overcome my fears and represent my spirits. Fear, as I said before, of not being accepted, of being abandoned. This is something that was born when I was a child of a sleepwalker, I got up at night and talked backwards ».

It seems to have a beautiful dream universe.

“Fellini, wealthy women …”.

Have you ever taken an analysis?

«Psychologists, psychiatrists. Freudians, Jungas, I’ve tried them all. Freudowski used to say that this inability to be alone is true, it is my fault.

He has appeared in three films by Nanni Moretti.

«After seeing me in the theater, he said to me: why don’t you come and visit me on the set? It was spinning Sweet dreamshe gave me two scenes. Then they were Bianka to me The mass is overwhere I am a terrorist. We were confident between the pasta omelette made in my home and the bath. But it wasn’t that close friendship. I don’t think he loves me too much as an actor ».

Sometimes he is a victim of himself.

“He’s very competitive. During the foosball table, Nanni also had an argument with the children ».

What was it like working with Fabio Fazio?

“We went to the publishing house, I entered the studio when the show had already started, I did what we are making fun of. It is strange that even today, after three years of absence, people on the street tell me: I saw you at Fazio’s yesterday, you were very strong. The same for the Stefano De Martino show, which I have never been to ».

Has the cinema paid off?

“Up to a point, maybe I wasn’t quite able to be myself. In theater, success is huge. “

What do you remember from your first movie?

«Friend of the heart. Vittorio Cecchi Gori called me to Cannes. He had a boat there, he gave me a berth number. I arrived at the port in a half-battered car. I didn’t see anybody. At one point, two giants asked me: are you Salemme? They were the bodyguards of Vittorio Cecchi Gori. I was looking for your boat. They make a gesture for me to say this is it. I looked up. It was not a yacht: it was a very exaggerated thing. I thought it was a ferry.

Fantastic. Herzigova was in this movie.

“She was at the height of her beauty and was very kind. A while later, I was in New York, called her, made an appointment with her at the restaurant I went to every night after Broadway musicals. She got there before me. The owner looked at me with his eyes outward, for him I became a different person, as if I were Alain Delon ”.

She claims to be normal.

“Actors often take themselves too seriously. As if we were to change the world. The universe is 13 billion 800,000 years old … All we have is the possibility of life ”.

He is a Rossinian author: she also resorts to self-loans, re-uses and recreates lines taken from her other comedies …

“But acting is evocation, the opposite of music, which is mathematics. If she closes her eyes, I am imitating Nino Manfredi or Toto and she can feel them. Today, the voices are the same. Education can be a big scam. We are all more educated and more ignorant. “

Benigni, Zalone: ​​what would you like from them?

«With Poor cruel insolence; Benigni is brilliant in intelligence ».

Benigni has become a statue, a monument, covered with marbles.

“I wish the other Benigni would come back with Dante’s shows and the Constitution and make one of his movies. I would like this Benigni and that Benigni. I miss Massimo Troisi, whom I unfortunately did not know: he had an almost feminine sweetness, even though he was very masculine. But can this be said with a politically correct one? ».

What is Naples for you?

“It’s France, Spain, Greece; this is homeless nobility, dusty wealth, cunning without light; it is a harmonious cacophony of sounds and voices of fear. Naples is a lot of things, I lose them during the day and find them in a dream ».

But do you eat pizza?

“This is my favorite dish.”

Favorite pizzeria in Naples?

“How am I supposed to tell him? If I mention a name, the others will kill me. “

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