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The cult singer of the 1980s celebrates his first 60 years at sea with friends. Then go back to pedaling: Cycling and Stage, with the tour beginning in the fall

I’m turning 60, but I’m not counting zero at all. Ask him for a tricycle as a birthday present. Witty and ironic, Scialpi, the cult singer of the 1980s between Rocking Rolling and Pregherei, won by Festivalbar 1988, born in Parma on May 14, 1962. Today, endless calls and messages, I answer everyone – I assure – I taught Franco Migliacci (songwriter, producer recording and talent scout, a meeting where he marked the artist’s professional destiny): “Morandi does it,” he told me, and Gianni still maintains a very close relationship with fans, especially on social media. .

How will I celebrate this day?

I am in a seaside resort with a few friends, I will spend the day alone with them. Tomorrow, other friends will join us instead, we will have an aperitif on the beach. After leaving for Rome, I take home two beloved bikes that have been standing here in Parma since my mother died four years ago as a result of Alzheimer’s disease (mother of singer Giuseppina Orsatti, who died in June 2018, ndr) are the only two things that remain of my life with her, apart from the ruby ​​on my neck.

Are you planning to start pedaling again?

Yes, I’ve already done some good laps by the sea. I take advantage of this before going to LA, going to a boy I haven’t seen in a year. I need to restart the mechanism that stopped first with my mother’s death and then with the pandemic. I want to get back on stage, I want to work, not for money but for fun ..

In March, an episode of Sara Bertone’s show, Oggi Another Day, did very well with her as a guest …

I raised my stake by two points. I am a music craftsman, outside the great “system” of music, which in our country lives out of the mess. Elsewhere, merit and skill count; in Italy, marketing dictates the law. “As long as the boat sails”, as the great Orietta sang (Berti, ndr) that experiences a “rebirth” after years of darkness. I am very happy about it, see how the wheel turns? I am a bit like Orietta, I “despise” when I am repulsed. But who knows, I hope the wheel is spinning for me too.

She said she was going to LA to find a boy she hadn’t seen in a year …

In fact, we chat every day in a video call. We are sixty years old, we have given up our youthful rage, a relationship at our age has different needs, it flourishes in different things. This year Leo cannot come to Italy, so I will go, stay two weeks and then come back, I have a series of “guests” and concerts. I sing my successes in the squares of the communes that call me. On the other hand, at the end of September, to do a “zero date” at the Auditorium in Rome, which will be a tour of theaters I haven’t been to in ten years.

You’ve been married before …

Yes, Roberto Blasi and I were married for six years, which was a great love for me. Today we are on great terms. Towards the end of the year, as soon as we get divorced, we plan to marry Leo (who is actually Uwel Bankston, Leo because of the Leo sign). He would like me to live in Los Angeles, I think maybe we should look for a place where life is cheaper. Like Malaga in Spain… He has an ex-wife who owes maintenance for life. They divorced seven years ago, and since then she has changed her life – it has changed everything. The daughter made him a grandfather, but as young as me. Must keep up with me….

He really still looks like a boy …

Recently someone told me, “You know Giovanni, your eyes have the same expression they did when you were a boy,” Bertone, whom I love very much, has also confirmed. like me, right, instinct ….

A few years ago he had heart surgery, he must have had a peacemaker implanted …

happened after the “Beijing Express”, I came back rather battered, in the end if you have health problems when you are in the rainforest, where are you going? I don’t drink and I don’t take drugs, I would say I’m the athletic type. But 80 percent of my heart is no longer beating, 35 percent of the ventricle, 40 percent of the vestibule, to be precise. I live thanks to the peacemaker … The last exams I did last week went well, the cardiologist who followed me was delighted, my heart was beating on its own, what a happiness !.

Does he have a limited life?

Of course, I have limitations, I can no longer drive at the same speed as before. Because on La8 I took part in “Name That Tune – Guess the song”, I was a mysterious singer, after the performance, conductor Enrico Papi exclaimed: great energy! Heart disease ‘shortens’ your breathing, so more training is needed. On stage, I haven’t experimented yet: one thing to do a one-off song, the other to face an hour and a half concert. But I think that with good training I can handle it.

In March, he admitted to having problems with poverty. Obsolete?

No, but I am not the only one living in poverty. The matter was made worse by the suspension of all actions imposed by the blockade. It is not multinationals that should receive aid and “food” from the state, but smaller, independent companies. I hope that the concerts will be able to return to “normal” life and allow myself to visit the dentist. Like everybody. And if that really fails, maybe I’ll open a little place in Malaga.

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