In May, Paraty hosts a jazz, half marathon and Festa do Divino festival

With the resumption of major outdoor festivals, after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the 12th edition of Bourbon Festival Paraty (, which will take place on May 20, 21 and 22; a free event that will bring people together after this difficult time for everyone.

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This event takes place in conjunction with the Paraty Secretary of Tourism, together with the Paraty Convention & Visitors Bureau, which has prepared a special program for the city in 2022 in order to warm the local economy, leverage the tourism sector, generate revenue, attract business and democratizes culture.

A Bourbon Festival paraty, one of the most important music festivals in the country, which brings together big names in jazz, blues, R&B and soul from Brazil and the world. There will be three days of programming, with free performances in the historic center and the special participation of guitarist John Pizzarelli, with his swing-jazz from New York, and the participation of the voice and guitar of João Bosco.

In this replay, sporting events are also part of the calendar. For running lovers, on May 22, the Paraty Half Marathon with running and walking from 3 to 21 km. Interested parties should apply through the website.

Religious Holiday

It is also the month of the most important religious festival in Paraty, the Feast of the Divine Holy Spirit, a manifestation of Portuguese origin that celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles of Christ and always takes place 50 days after Easter. The ritual has been celebrated in several places in the country since the time of colonization, and in Paraty, the commemoration has become a Brazilian Cultural Heritage, decreed by Iphan (Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage), and this year will feature singer Tony Garrido .

In June, there is more music in 1st Paraty Jazz & Blues Festival. The goal is to unite the new and old generation with this mix of rhythms with national and international talent.

In July, it’s time to move on 15 ° Festival of dancewhich brings together dancers, artistic directors and choreographers from all over Brazil for an exchange of body movements in the city.


And did you know that Paraty was chosen by Unesco to be part of the Network of Creative Cities, as a City of Gastronomy? And one of the main attractions of this sector is the regional cachaça.

According to his tradition, in August 40th Festival of Cachaça, Culture and Flavors of Paratywith many attractions, including local still tasting, gastronomy, lectures, workshops, concerts and lots of music.

The 20th Paraty International Literature Fair takes place in November (Credit: Disclosure)


In the second semester, between November 23-27, the 20th Paraty International Literature Fairthe famous FLIP, which in 2022, in addition to celebrating its 20th anniversary, will also celebrate the 100th anniversary of Modern Art Week in 1922 and also the 200th anniversary of the Independence of Brazil.

Follow, the official channel for updates on events, beach conditions, roads and weather forecast in Paraty.



20 to 22 – Bourbon Festival paraty

22 – Half Marathon Paraty

May 27 – June 5 – Feast of the Holy Spirit


4 to 13 – Feast of Santa Cruz – Graúna

10 – 12 – 1 Paraty Jazz & Blues Festival

16 – Corpus Christi

17 to 19 – Festival prawn

17-26 – Feast of St. John the Baptist (Pantanal / Ponte Branca)

19 – Real MTB

21-24 – Feast of St. John the Baptist (Jabaquara)

24 to 26 – 1º Festival by Redneck Music

July 24-3 – Feast of Saints Peter and Paul


2 – Swimrun Brazil

02 and 03 – Who the Star

7 – 10 – 15 Dance from Paraty

8 am – 5 pm – Santa Rita Festival

15-24 – Feast of São Cristóvão (Praia Grande)

21 to 21 – Festival Winter (sleep beach)

26 – Feast of Saints Joachim and Santana (Cabral)

August 29 – 7 – 1 Festival Banana fish

30 and 31 – Aquaman Brave Paraty


3-6 – Senhor Bom Jesus Party (Campinho)

5 to 7 – 7º Festival of Tarituba Music

6- Caiçara Day of Paraty

12 – 21 – Feast of Our Lady of Penha (Penha)

12 – 21 – Feast of São Roque (São Roque)

13- Macela Stone Challenge

18 to 21 – 40º Festival de Cachaça, the culture and flavors of Paraty

24-28 – 13th International Meeting of Watercolorists at Paraty

September 30-8 – Feast of Our Lady


3 and 4 – Xterra 2022

15-18 – First Fishing and Maritime Trade Fair

16-25 – Feast of the Mother of God (Corumbé)

18 – Feast of the Holy Cross (Mamanguá)

21 – 25 – 18 Paraty in Focus

21 – 25 – 9th FAP – Festival from Aves de Paraty

October 27-1 – São Vicente (Sertão do Taquari)


1 to 4 – Feast of St. Francis of Assisi (Chácara da Saudade)

3-12 – Feast of the Mother of God Aparecida (Mangueira)

7 to 9 – 4º Festival Gastrocreative from Paraty

7-16 – Feast of the Holy Cross (Várzea do Corumbé)

14 – 16 – 1. Paraty Moto Brasil

16 – Crossing the Serra do Mar.

21 – 23 – 1st Paraty Craft Beer

November 27-6 – Feast of Our Lady of Penha (Taquari)

28 and 29 – Ideas workshop


1 to 30 – AWA – Festival Sesc da Cultura Negra

11-20 – Feast of St. Benedict and Our Lady of the Rosary

18-20 – 22nd Meeting of Black Culture

23 – 27 – 20th FLIP – Paraty International Literary Festival

24-27 – Feast of the Mother of God (Inheritance)

27 – Overture to music and Christmas light

December 28-8 – Feast of Our Lady of the Conception (Barra Grande)


4 – Ecological rowing

9 to 11 – 1º Festival of Sacred Music

9 – 12 – Feast of Our Lady (Paraty Mirim)

10 — Celebrating Bible Day

10 and 11 – Paraty Trail Run

25 – Natal

31 – New Year’s Eve


With just over 44,000 inhabitants, the city is located in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro, on the Costa Verde, close to the municipalities of Angra dos Reis, Cunha and Ubatuba, in the division between the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. .

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