Island 16, Jeremias Rodriguez talks to Verissimo about his drug problems

Guests in the lounge very real were today Jeremiah to me Gustavo Rodriguez, veterans from participating inIsola 16. Father and son talked about their relationship, their controversial reality show experience and in particular Jeremiah talked about a long and difficult period he had faced in his past. “The third and final reality show as I said on the second. Sure sure. ” The former shipwrecked person has just arrived at the studio to debut Silvia Toffanina.

Here’s what Gustaw he told about his son and the opportunity to share his adventure with him Famous Island:

In fact, we haven’t lived together since… 10 years. He wasn’t home, even when he was home. It was a great opportunity to be together and in a different place that makes you think up so many different things. It never happens at home. An experience that I recommend to everyone who wants to goIsola because the result is good for you after all. Being with him did me good, and I continued to live in my own home. My relationship with him is the same, I’m not used to this world. I’m a father, I’m proud of it, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me, and I will do it as long as God wills.

Talk about Santiago to me Glow his grandchildren, sons Belén Rodriguezhas been transferred:

Being a grandfather is one of the best parts when you come back it excites me. Santiago he especially hugged me, who never left me. When I saw Glow who is too nice has changed, grown up … A wonderful thing.

He began his adventure withIsola in a very proactive way, however, realized that his journey could end: “I’m often touched, I’m always on the edge, it’s not something I plan, it comes to me when it comes to me. Until I told the audience that I wanted to go home. I was sure of the end, I know it’s difficult. I felt good in my head, but realized my journey had come to an end. “

Jeremiah had a very complicated past and declared that he overcame it with great difficulty:

I don’t want to go deeper because I said what I wanted to say. More intimately, I have resolved it, and I don’t want to go any further about the things that have passed. Maybe at those moments I was telling it from the victim’s side. Today I am no longer a victim, some things have changed. Depression? The life I led was not easy, I am not proud of the life I have led in the past. I think for people who have a path like me, to understand them, you have to go further.

Brother Belen to me Cecilia Rodriguez he stated that show business is not for him. It was an opportunity that he took advantage of and wanted to try.

We are not all the same, unfortunately I agreed not to get cut into this job, because eventually you have to be brought. I felt like I think any other guy in my situation would do it. Since I haven’t solved my life, maybe my sister has it, but I’m not part of it.

In addition, he said that he never wanted to “steal” the scene from the sisters:

He was always theirs. I never wanted to steal anything, just repeating that there was a time when I had nothing better to do. Who wouldn’t try to be a bricklayer for a bricklayer? Really. I also wanted to say that I was really dismissed during that period. I haven’t even seen them that often. For three years after the last Isolai disappeared to fix some things i needed to fix. I am glad that I also had the courage to face certain things. I think this is the hardest thing in the world. I had the courage and time for that. They knew it, but I had to remove myself from all the contexts I lived in because they weren’t good for me. Now I have returned with no problems, no fear of sinning. I can’t say more clearly.

He has been engaged for two years Debora Togni, Jeremiah met her when she was not accepted:

At that time, he arrived Deborah it was very important. My family and my girlfriend have always been close to me. I pushed those who didn’t do me right, and distance made me understand many other things. After so many years of not dealing with things, I realized that I had to change to have a different result. At that moment, I met Deborah that she was my salvation and for this reason I was alone for much longer, without my family, because she was there. She made me realize that I don’t have to modify myself to like me. I think there is nothing more beautiful. I was shy at this point, that’s the truth!

The former shipwreck said he had drug problems:

I gave up on the fact that I was tired of being sick. That’s enough, I didn’t want to leave the house. I have never taken medication. Maybe once, but I saw the effect they had on me and said enough. It took ten years for me. Drug? Oh yes, someone didn’t get it? Yes, that was one of my points there. The one that made me feel bad. I was not clear to continue. If your head isn’t clear, you can’t go on, without minimal order you can’t. Touching the bottom made me burst. I said to myself: “I do not want to live like this”.

He related how he met his girlfriend:

Luckily, he appeared with the cow Deborah. The story was beautiful. I met her the first Saturday after the first blockage … I only have one Polaroid left. The next day I wake up, look at the picture and ask my friend to meet her. Eventually I went back to the bar to ask if anyone knew her and someone made me wait and then via Instagram found her. It’s been almost two years now and it’s going very, very well.

Pope Rodriguez about his son’s past and what he has become, he said:

I think he says it all and how it turned out, with the real intention that all the people who are experiencing the same situation during this period hear us. You need to have the courage to come out of it yourself and also share it in front of the cameras. I am proud of him and nothing has changed between us. We are a normal family.

Jeremiah stated that it is not a burden for him to be a brother … but people are too quick to judge:

It’s not a burden for me, it was the solution. It’s a problem for people. Since she judges me as if I was born in gold, I’m normal, super modest, and anyone who knows me knows that. Who does it after seeing me for half an hour on a reality show… I don’t know what to do yet, but I’ve learned what I don’t need anymore. At 33, knowing what you don’t want is no small thing. You have to act on what hurts you.

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