Isola 16: Chia’s opinion on the fourteenth episode

That the weight of this release Famous Island it rests almost exclusively on the heroic shoulders Edward to me Guendalina Tavassi (with valuable cooperation Nicolas Vaporidis, Nick Luciani, Carmen Di Pietro to me Alessandro Iannoniof course) is known. After all, he also emphasized it Lory Del Santowho knows a lot about the show. “I know these two are comedians and they were hired to make us all laugh“, The dancer / director / producer / screenwriter and cinematographer told herself yesterday. Can we deny it?

Edo to me Guenda are certainly the most versatile survivors since this. They make people laugh (we viewers), they piss off (other competitors) and – between controversy and controversy – they can also excite (like when they talked about their complicated childhood, or when she hugged her boyfriend again yesterday. Federico Perna in one of the sweetest surprises since time Alessia Mancini and this handsome one Flavio Montrucchio).

But every self-respecting hero needs his own to get the best out of himself villain. His nemesis. The perfect antagonist. And the only ones who can provide decent insight into the evil sarcasm of the gods … Tavassi I am Klemens Russo to me Laura Maddaloni. What alternatives would we have that would be able to resist these two? BlindWho hasn’t even been able to respond decently to the gentle kicking of three new entries? Roger Balduinowho is so fake even his girlfriend is fake Stephanie Bernal are you surprised how fake it is? But please!

I do not regret that this edition will be the longest in history, on the contrary. Week after week is probably the one that fascinated me the most in recent years. And it is no coincidence that when they announced the extension, I did not pass out like I did at times GF Vip from Affonzobut I was happy too. But if we want to live glass laughter and trash until June 27 we cannot deprive ourselves of our spouses so quickly RussianI am telling you.

This Clement last night he would have had the worst tele-vote, which made him opposed Santa Claus to me Incision it was more than predictable. Like Bulgarian interest that Monday will bring “the first lady to meet the mayor of Playa Sgamada“(Cit). And I, knowing the average viewer well and eager to send the bad guys back home, I am deeply afraid that he would be able to prefer what is now redundant lycia nunez to the two of them in an elimination tele-vote.

Isola 16: Chia's opinion on the fourteenth episode

You have to be far-sighted here, regà. Send them in Playa Sgamada it is and is already a divine punishment for people who thought until the last episode that they were speaking on behalf of the Italian people (I laugh endlessly!), but the bedside tables have to be sent home Marco Seniseuseless for Jovan DjordjevicDefinitely not me Russian.

But when will two enthusiastic mythomans of this caliber reappear? Completely possessed by them, they also manage to excite each other in a combo. More competitive than the athletes at the Olympics, so angry that I miss hyenas. The heat of Honduras will go to his head and they will think they are in the middle of Sparta against Athens, otherwise the enthusiasm they drive out even in the worst minchi * te cannot be explained. And precisely because they are so comically addicted that they MUST stay as long as possible. More than I understood, Stephanie to me Blind surely.

These three, compared to them, are half a sock. Dogs bark but do not bite. THIS Russian instead they bite and how (and I wouldn’t even be surprised if they did it literally given the emphasis of a random leader test). What if we want to foster sadistic creativity? Tavassi, we badly need antagonists at their level. Among ex Sharkpossibly.

That a few fractures in the factions are already beginning to notice and my heart cannot stand the inner war between Cockroach, I am telling you. You have noticed how much it has grown up there Maddaloni in witnessing everything against Vaporidis, yesterday? She couldn’t wait to point her finger at someone else to distract herself. FROM Santa Claus she even killed two birds with one stone because she couldn’t take it from the beginning, and it didn’t even seem true that she could row against him.

But I hope so Edward to me Gwendolyn manages to explain with the actor without falling into a dark trap Laura, over there. That Holy Roman Empire 2.0 can’t implode, I don’t accept it. Especially since it would bring water to these artichoke gods’ mill Sharkand you do not.

They should be left to wrap in your hands, in which they have already proven to be very good at making. How when I understood admitted that “in love in love Beatriz no, but i like it. She was my most important girlfriend, she makes me lose my mind!Pretending to be undecided who to choose between her and her Bernalonly to reduce everything to a simple (e the most reliablelike not!) friendship. Or when Stephanie he said “Who falls in love in a month? Nobody! That would be a lie because even I can’t fall in love in 30 days. Of course, it is too early to say something like that!“Maybe forgetting the clip in which it is written”in my opinion I understood he loves me and I love him so much too“.

In three new entries, I would really like to cover my trust with a merciful veil. No, but you can’t see they were programmed to have a fake story with these two “large scapoloni fish“, noooo! But who believes that? Mercedes cylinder, Maria Laura DeVitis to me Fabrizia Santarelli from there he would never deign to glimpse two like Edward to me Alessandro?

For God’s sake, this sympathy a lot, in the charm of a man, I am the first to believe it, but I think we can jump from Peracchi and Tavassi It’s hard for me here.

Not to mention winner de Pupa and the Nerdy Showthat has deviated from wanting us to believe in the sincerity of her feelings for Paolo Brosio argue with other pupae Gianmarco Onestini to aim Iannoni. Just equal. Occccchei.

And thirdly, I do not know who she really is, but it was enough for me to hear how she presents herself with this very banal “I never lose, win or learn“To elect her to be the chief of the geese.

The only tool I recognize them is that they have completely crashed Carmenwho refused to even shake hands and jerk Alessandro get him out of their clutches before it’s too late. Two minutes that have entered Palapa and she was completely insane. “But how dare you say that you are a fairy tale in front of me Alessa? I don’t like this situation, I wish you that But come here in front of me. Don’t make me look bad, be patient! You close your eyes and look at nothing, from tonight I will put bandages on you and come downstairs with me!“. To then increase the dose during the appointment by saying “Hope it’s a joke and they’ll be gone tonight. Because the ones that seem so cute, in a way, are the ones that do serious stuff!“.

Guardian (quoted) Floor that he would have to face not one, not two, but three conquerors so de botto. I LIVE for the next day, you know.

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