Isola dei Famosi 2022 report cards 15 episode / Carmen and Gwendolyn love and hate, but …


Carmen Di Pietro and Guendalina Tavassi, even after the fifteenth episode of the Island of Fame 2022, they are still loved by the audience of reality, but they also share. Honest, sincere, sincere and sincere, Gwendolyn and Carmen have developed a relationship that increasingly convinces viewers who love both their conversations and the fun moments they offer.

In fact, both have a strong irony that the public appreciates. Island fans in particular love the relationship Carmen has with son of Alessandro and what Gwendolyn has with brother Edoardo. Both jealous, in fact, the arrival of Mercedesz Henger and Maria Laura De Vitis brought Carmen and Guendalina even more together, who admitted feeling neglected by Alessandro and Edoardo. Will Tavassi and Di Pietro be shipwrecked people who will be able to get to the bottom of the adventure? (Updated by Stella Dibenedetto).


New update enabled reports from the 15th episode of L’Isola dei Famosi 2022. One of the great heroes, for better or for worse, was Nicolas Vaporidis, who had several quarrels on the occasion of yesterday’s concert, in particular with Edoardo TavassiGuendalina’s brother (there is a very strong friendship between them) and with Lauro Maddaloni, judoka and wife of Clemente Russo. In Mattino5, commentators commented on what happened: “I like Nicola a lot, he seems honest and everyone is fighting him because they see him so much,” they say.

Raffaello Tonon adds: “I’m on the Vaporidis sidewhen Maddaloni tells him “you are a failed actor,” the film critic doesn’t tell us. she is unable to withstand the comparisons because she is full of herself and manifests an atavistic ignorance that is unable to sustain the confrontation, she screams and screams ”. Federica Panicucci, presenter of Mattino5, adds and concludes: “We remember that, among other things Nicolas Vaporidis is in the cinema now with Fausto Brizzi ”. (Davide Giancristofaro update)


Laura Maddaloniduring the fifteenth episodeThe famous island 2022, was sent – with just 15% of the vote in her favor – to Playa Sgamada, where she found her husband, Clemente Russo. “After all, you always put your face in itIlary Blasi told her. While online, many criticized his attitude: “I think Laura Maddaloni is one of the worst wrecks in #Isola history, if not the worst“E”We stop defending ourselves against the slogan “I am the mother of a toddler. children “? Doesn’t automatically make you a better person“. Great approval however for Nicolas Vaporidis and Edoardo Tavassi that after a heated quarrel they made peace: “Nicolas and Edo never fight again please, I’m devastated “and” Tonight I will sleep well after I see Edoardo and Nicolas’ room “, wrote two users on Twitter. (adj. Elisa Porcelluzzi)

Isola dei Famosi 2022, registration cards: it’s a room between Nicolas Vaporidis and Edoardo Tavassi

this 15 episode Dell ”Famous Island 2022 ended with entering the nomination Edoardo Tavassi, Maria Laura De Vitis, Lory del Santo and Marco Cucolo. The beginning of the episode was characterized by a quarrel between Nicolas Vaporidis and Edoardo Tavassi as a result of a dispute that arose during the fishing season. Nicolas Vaporidis He attacked Edoardo sharply, with whom he had established friendly relations since his arrival. The actor then repeated his feelings for the boy, choosing his favorite competitor by choosing Mercedes cylinder do a favor to your friend Edoardo. (rating 7.5). Edoardo Tavassi while lite z Nicolas Vaporidis he spared no words, giving a fake to his ex-friend, also supported by his sister, the gesture made by Nicolas as sympathy for Edoardo was highly appreciated not only by those directly concerned, who embraced each other in general feelings, but also by the entire audience and opinion leaders in the studio. (rating 7.5).

Guendalina Tavassi that evening he overcame the leader’s trial by completing a very complicated obstacle course in the shortest possible time. The leader took the side against Maria Laura De Vitis calling it because it was considered false in relation to Alessandro Iannon. (Voice 8) Roger Balduino Tonight he was caught smelling breaking the rules of Celebrity Island 2022, the shipwrecked man tried to bribe the staff doctor to deliver the letter to Estefani, who in turn did not respond well to her boyfriend’s message due to some of his behavior that he did not feel right. The Brazilian shipwrecked man was accused that evening by many of his comrades for the behavior he had not only during the concert that evening but also over the weekend, when he decided he did not want to join the two groups of survivors to share a dinner. (Score 6). Mercedes cylinder he immediately won the sympathy of all the survivors, especially towards Edoardo Tavassi who tried to show his best side (grade 8).

Isola dei Famosi 2022, records: Alessandro at dinner with Maria Laura De Vitis

During the last episode“The Island of Famous Alessandro Iannoni 2022” finally succeeded parting with mom beating her before a Honduran challenge, which managed to beat a romantic dinner with one of the new survivors. The boy chose dinner and got to know him better Maria Laura De Vitis who publicly expressed an interest in the boy. (Voice 8). Many think that Carmen Di Pietro voluntarily decided to lose the challenge to her son to grant him some independence, even if the woman admitted she lost because she was exhausted by the test, we like to think that the woman decided to leave more room for her son so it’s worth giving up even a delicious dinner. (Voice 8)

Two players have left Playa Palapa tonight: the first one was Laura Maddaloni after the defeat of tele-voting with Lory del Santo. The athlete went to Playa Sgamada, where she finally meets her husband and with whom she will be able to spend a few moments together. (7th grade). Also Fabrizia Santarelli, after just two days at playa, Palapa moved to playa Sgamada after a flash of televoting between her and Maria Laura De Vitis. However, before leaving, the girl kissed her partner in Judas, accusing her of being false and having planned a story with Alessandro Iannone long before meeting the boy only for strategy. (rating 6.5).


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