“Isola dei Famosi”, the story of the sixteenth episode in real time

“The episode that promises sparks,” says Ilary Blasi after the trailer movie.
Regarding Palapa, Alvin announces that Blind is back in the game, but Guendalina will be absent for several days for a few checks.

Telo-vote and … Marialaura

Ilary concludes with a tele-vote that will send one between Edoardo Tavassi, Lory Del Santo, Marialaura De Vitis and Marco Cucolo on Playa Sgamada. Marialaura and Edoardo are saved by society.

Marco will reach Playa Sgamada.

Who gives Judas the kiss to Roger.

Before knowing who would have to leave Palapa, Ilary sends a clip about Marialaurus and a recap of what happened between her, Alessandro, and Carmen’s mother, and the general opinion that the survivors made her, given her persistent interest in Alessandro, or that it was is false.
Then he calls Alessandro, Marialaura and Carmen and asks the latter what you think about the girl: “Marialaura says things that can be fully shared as if I were me. Carmen says, maybe she is smart and wants to make Alessandro fall. in love … But no, I still know if it’s not true. ” Marialaura replies: “Masks are falling on the island here, you will see it alone and … we just want Carmen.” Alessandro for his part wants to explain: “To avoid these tarantella, I made it clear and said that I do not want to cross certain boundaries with anyone as long as I am on the Island … just friendship, maybe later.” From the studio, Luxuria pricks Marialaura by asking her, what Alessandro has to do with the former Paolo Brosio: “Generosity, altruism and the richness of the soul,” replies Pupa without falling into the trap.

Temptation for Carmen

Carmen is then sent to the snake lair and receives soap, shampoo, hair dye, a hot shower and a plate of spaghetti every day until Monday. However, on one condition: he will have to …

agree to have intercourse in a hut between his son Alessandro and Marialaura de Vitis,

without anyone approaching them. After a moment’s hesitation, Carmen agrees.

Roger misses Estefania

Roger misses Estefania very much. Ilary shows a video that sums up Roger’s feelings for the model who is currently at Playa Sgamada and has changed his mind and feelings for him since talking to Laura. She is very disappointed with what she was told about Roger, who in the meantime also sent her a letter to declare his love and to tell her how much he misses you.

Su Playa Sgamada

Regarding Playa Sgamada, Ilary learns that the sgamadis who call themselves Tatanka want to challenge their colleagues left behind in Palapa. She then asks Estefania to board the boat and take the necklace back to Roger who is waiting for her in the snake’s lair.

Try the leader

Only Mercedesz and Marialaura compete, Carmen suffers from panic attacks, and Lory has physical problems. With their hands and ankles tied, they have to crawl, pushing the ball with their head.

Vince Marialaura

who obtains immunity and can designate a survivor to be sent directly for nomination.

She chooses Lory Del Santo.

Roger and Estefania confrontation

At the snake’s lair, Roger is waiting for Estefania, but unaware that he is coming to him to give him back the chain he gave her: “I’ve decided to end the relationship, but I don’t think she knows it,” says former Miss Universe Argentina.
Before the two start talking, Ilary sends out a clip summarizing what Laura told Estefani about Roger, how he acted with Beatriz, how he is a great strategist who wants to win and that’s it, taking advantage of everyone including her. Roger is surprised.
“When they told you to choose, you said you had to think about it. But the answer is? I do not. I had nothing to do with it, you knew Beatriz was coming, ”Estefania says, clearly nervous.
“I really missed you and was really trying to send you a message without letting me see …” Ilary teases him, saying that he is not trying to deny Estefani’s accusations: “But the person sending me back I change your mind just as well when I tried kiss her, she kept saying “no” and waiting for the camera, and Ilary replies, “Roger, you come up with Estefania’s strategy, but you also took part in it.”
Referring to Laura’s words, Roger adds, “Well done Laura, believe her. Before I started, I told you about my ex and that she would be in the studio. I didn’t come here to visit her girlfriend, it was the first, let’s say, play this love thing that the audience liked. Gradually, I liked her more, told her everything, I don’t know anything about her. Estefania replies, “I’m not stupid and now you can go back to playing dirty alone … I’m not. I don’t choose you anymore. As a man, you miss him so much and have to mature, ”and he decides to give the model the necklace he gave her last week.
Roger leaves. Meanwhile, at the studio, Beatriz, who has listened to everything, says she is convinced that Roger still loves her.

And Roger leaves. Meanwhile, at the studio, Beatriz, who has listened to everything, says she is convinced that Roger still loves her.

Attempted Prize: Tatanka vs. Palapa

Ilary shows a clip that tells about the found peace and harmony

between Edo and Nicolas:

“We are opposites that attract,” say these two who, after the discussions of the last few weeks, seem more united than ever! Vaporidis adds that after the end of L’Isoli, they will continue to meet.
A match is then announced between Tatanka and their former Palapa friends, who asks Roger if he wants a confrontation with Laura: “I have nothing to say, if Estefania wants to believe her, that’s okay.”
There are two boxes in the challenge (fruits, vegetables, eggs …). The Honduran clock is the test and only women will play in the first round. Laura, Licia and Fabrizia challenge Playa Rinovada’s team of survivors consisting of Carmen, Mercedesz and Marialaura. DOWN

Laura’s team wins, then Tatanka.

But Roger wants to challenge Clemente by handing out a pineapple and two eggs, even if the stakes are higher and are made out of “honor”. Vince Klemens.

Roger injured his foot

and is sent by helicopter to the island hospital.

Mercedes cylinder

Ilary sends out a clip in which Mercedesh tells about his mother Eva’s accident and the contradictory relationship between them that has kept them from hearing and talking to each other for two years. However, before going to the island, it seems they both made up. Mercedesh asked her, “Are you sure you want me to go?” Thanks to the accident, the girl re-established a relationship with her, which despite her health encouraged her to leave and face a wonderful journey around the island. For Mercedesh, there’s a video message from her mom that encourages her and says she can’t wait to hug her again. “I was happy to leave with a lighter heart, despite the accident. The hope of finding a relationship that no longer existed was revived. The day I found out about the accident, I regretted it, but I know it’s there. It was the motivation. “
Meanwhile, Nick is also accused, many begin to see him as a strategist, but he denies it.

Try an apnea kiss for Mercedesz and Edoardo

In between, understanding and affection seem to grow day by day and everyone agrees as the clip shows. It seems that the presence of Mercedesh made the Castaway have found resourcefulness. However, Spirit of the Island decided to test two Castaways to check their affinity. Edoardo and Mercedesz will actually have to face a challenge: they will have to kiss each other in apnea for at least two minutes, and in return they will get a comfortable bed … But Mercedesz will not be able to do it and burst out laughing much earlier.

Flash Telegraph on Playa Sgamada

Ilary announces sgamadi Fabrizia Santarelli, Clemente Russo, Laura Maddaloni, Estefania Bernal and Licia Nunez that by telephotoing one of them she will have to return to Italy and asks each of them to appeal to the public to stay in the game. The only one who wants to leave is Licia

. Laura must leave the island.

Male leader test

In a challenge in the Honduran Serpent Edoardo, Nick and Alessandro. Even for tied hands and ankles and the task of bringing the ball to the goal by pushing it with his head.

Alessandro wins,

which then becomes immune and has to name someone.

Name Nick

. Marialuara and Alessandro are the two new leaders.


Nick and Lory Del Santo are already nominated as they have been chosen by two new leaders. Roger cannot be voted on as he is injured. They are also resistant, so there are a few wrecks to replace. Blind, Carmen and Nick choose Nicolas. Edoardo blind. After making a choice (Blind), Nicolas receives a letter from the person he loves and whose name he reveals, Ali. He reads the passage with tears in his eyes, then asks if he can finish the reading himself. “She is the happiest thought I have. She makes me want to improve …”.
It is up to Lora Del Santo to decide who appoints Blind. So it was Mercedesh’s turn to choose Nicolas.
The telegraph voices are Lory, Nick, Nicolas and, voiced by Alessandro and Marialaur, the episode leaders, also Blind.
Alvin reports that Roger’s X-rays showed not a fracture but a twist of the foot. However, his stay on the island remains in question. Meanwhile, Marco lands at Playa Sgamada and receives Happy Birthday from his sister in the studio.

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