“I’ve lost everything twice. Today I also smile to those who love me very much »- Corriere.it

The conductor tells: years with Berlusconi (“I told him not to do politics”), the decision to leave Buon Domenica, feelings (“My niece is everything”), illness (4 ring roads)

Claudio Lippi lives in Rome, in a residential area that thrives on greenery. The house (“For Rent”) is beautiful and surrounded by a lawn. Inside, she is quiet, very sober, comfortable, elegant as the owner: 76 years old (“now almost 77”) carried with the vaguely melancholic smile of someone who knows an irony so subtle that it is often unnoticeable. In short, an irony for the few.

Claudio, you seem to be a calm person.

“Yes, it is. I am a husband, father, grandfather. And how can a man not be lucky when he was only nine years old when he first saw a television turned on?

On January 3, 1954, Fulvia Colombo launched television programs, as the first Rai network was called.

“What a disappointment to find out this ad was taped.”

But then it was weird to find a talking box in the house.
“A lot. Everything was new, everything possible. You had the feeling that becoming a part of this world was a simple thing after all. This is why private television was so successful afterwards: we all wanted to” get there. ” televisions played a universal role ».

So have you already imagined yourself as a conductor?

«No, I wanted to be a singer. What will I really do then, because until 1972 I was making my living with my voice. But as a child, singing shocked me: my mom took me to Rai audition in Milan. The teacher listened to me for a few seconds, then interrupted me and took my mother aside. “The lady,” he said, “your son is a monster.” My mother thought about the set, but explained better: “No, ma’am, he’s a monster because he has a big voice, he’s too strong.” She started to cry and I felt the guilt that had accompanied me for years ».

What did his father do?

“He worked in a large company and was basically medical companies. He was often gone, I saw little of him, but I was very attached to him. Then, when I was an adult, he let the guy go into business, some kind of buttermilk. It’s a pity then that this guy disappeared and left a huge financial hole on my father’s shoulders. “

And she?

“I decided to take on this debt. For the first time I realized that I had lost everything, it was like the feeling that the ground was disappearing under your feet. But I reacted strongly and I believe today clearly. I couldn’t leave my family in this abyss, that’s not my style. The result: twenty billion old lire to pay off in twenty years. It was tough, but I did it. “

I assume he works tirelessly.

“Look, work is a very serious business for me. Any kind of work I am able to do: from appearing on TV to attending a village festival. Of course I do it too, I really like it because I meet people, I look them in the eye when they tell me their stories, I get excited about them. But when I speak of “work”, I am talking about things that are consistent with me and with who I am. “

Offers he rejected?

«Famous Island and Big brother. But believe me, this isn’t false snobbery and it doesn’t even mean I don’t need money, quite the contrary. It’s a simple consequence: I go to some talk show every now and then and I am satisfied, but I cannot be asked to enter this dynamic in which quarrels, reconciliations, misunderstandings arise in order to make a show. It’s not for me. Not to mention that I am wearing four by-passes ».

It is a very professional concept for television work, an idea that perhaps surpasses other dynamics today, such as provocation to listen, the presence of an “opposite bastian” to create an audience.

“There is a detail: when I started making television in the seventies, there was a very specific concept talent. Something to improve, defend, preserve, increase or even pass on, why not. You grew up in the company, you had teachers who helped you. One of my fathers was, for example, Modugno. I consider Vianello the older brother. From Corrado, I learned refined irony: I looked at him, studied his words for hours, his way of being. And this talent has become a valuable material: you listen or you don’t listen, you format or not format. Unfortunately I can see today format more than guides about guides».

Perhaps it is time to revise some myths. Do you think Mike Bongiorno has often not adopted male-dominated attitudes?

“I once saw her do a terrible scene with Antonella Elia who dared to say something about choosing a fur coat, the sponsor of the show. He was a very tough man, I know, but he had a genius intuition: he valued mediocrity, making it the cornerstone of communication. The opposite of what, for example, Paolo Bonolis, who emphasizes this, indicates it, perhaps looking at it from above. It’s not a criticism, it’s clear, professional choices. “

Claudio, you’ve been regular and very popular on TV since 1980. From “Games Without Borders” to “Corrida”, after saying goodbye to Corrado. How have you been successful?

“I’ll be honest: always with a feeling of uncertainty, like someone with a conscience and meticulous account of bills, as if I were still there to pay off the financial hole that happened to my father. I don’t live superficially, I don’t think it’s all because of me. They say that disasters happen to the most vulnerable people, and in fact, in the nineties, I lost everything again, this time to an agent-lawyer who made the wrong investments, in a word of financial mess. But you see, every time something happens to me, I find a boy who, with commitment and dedication, decided to take the family debt. I am coming back to being like that ».

Is it true that you were very close to Berlusconi?

“I’ve always considered him a great television man. When word got out that he would be on the pitch, we met in Porto Rotondo and I begged him not to get involved in politics. He replied that it was a necessary step. “Also for you,” he added ».

In the 1980s and 1990s, conductors’ remuneration from sponsors was highly controversial. Have you always said yes?

«But I checked first. For example, before agreeing to sponsor a famous beer, I wanted to visit their factory. But I did a “tear” once and I want to tell him. He hired me, with a very good fee, a finance company. No problem until I got a letter from a listener, a gentleman from Lucca, who basically told me that he had promised something financially, but then over the phone it turned out that the conditions are not exactly as there, even if – he must be honest – there was nothing illegal. I might as well have ignored this letter and continued to earn very large sums. However, I decided not to renew the contract: this gentleman from Lucca trusted me, he listened to my words. Bottom line: he believed me. Those who go to television, even today, have enormous power and need to know how to manage it. One false step and people’s trust is lost ”.

Another sensational “tear” she made with “Buona Domenica”. After five episodes, she decides to leave. Were there any consequences?

“Well, I haven’t worked on TV since October 2006. Do it yourself”.

But Antonella Clerici and Elisa Isoardi hosted her often and constantly in “Prova del Cuoco”.

“In the meantime, I would like to thank both of them. Especially Elisa who, poor thing, had accumulated a very difficult legacy and, moreover, was engaged to a very famous and sharing person who attracted weapons from all over the world. But it wasn’t that role Have a nice Sunday. I walked away because I felt it no longer aligns with who I am and what I do. You see, even in this case, I was following that inner voice that always warns me when I don’t like something. Of course, this meant giving up a good salary, sure, it meant a great responsibility for someone with a family. My wife and I are back together after the crisis. It was she who wanted it, because under the hard shell there is an understanding and careful woman. And then I’m the man who lost everything twice in his life. Today I smile to everyone, even those who love me very much. This is my strength. “

Claudio, is there any regret in your life?

“Maybe I shouldn’t have stopped singing. But in the seventies, I felt that something was changing: the songwriters were coming, I was the translator, I was someone else. It felt outdated. Then I started doing other things, for example I started selling beer but I didn’t like it because I was quite famous, people recognized me and didn’t believe that I was there to sell something or at least that he knew how to do it to lives. So the television came. A bit by accident, a bit because someone believed in this famous talent that we talked about earlier ».

How Much Strength Comes From Your Family?

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating if I say that my granddaughter, Federica’s daughter, is the true meaning of my life today. Her name is Mia Summer and for me it’s really an eternal summer. Overall, I try to be a good father and a good grandfather. Through various adventures, I haven’t seen my other daughter in years, but recently we’ve both been working hard to reconnect, and today even a message or a call from her makes me very happy. I would like to take back all the days I haven’t spent with her or with the other people I love. Yet, upon reflection, a lot of strength also comes from knowing how to be the right person ».

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