Jovanotti in Scilla to shoot a new music video: “I’m a big fan of Calabria, it’s wonderful”

Scilla (Reggio Calabria) – Good morning from Scilla for Lorenzo Jovanotti. The singer has been in Calabria since yesterday to record a music video for the new song “Alla Salute” with the Calabrian director Giacomo Triglia. Greeted with the warmth of Calabria, Jovanotti welcomed the fans who gathered outside his hotel, and social media was full of compliments to the region: “I’m a big Calabria fan” and “I love this place” again. In a live broadcast, looking at Scilla’s harbor from the balcony of his room, he says: “This place is breathtaking, it’s beautiful.” Today he will move, he betrays the Tuscan singer “to another wonderful country”, also in Calabria, to continue shooting the music video. Meanwhile, curiosity is growing to see it on the Internet. “Calabria is a beautiful land,” he says, “when I was driving from Lamezia Terme airport, I saw a beautiful landscape.” So a busy day, because they will be filming in different locations and one day together with the Triglia video that Jovanotti announces, he had the opportunity to appreciate and get to know thanks to Brunori. In this way, Jovanotti gave his millions of followers the Calabrian beauties among the stories, photos and direct material: the perfect showcase for Calabria itself. In addition, please note that August 12 and 13 will be held at Roccella Jonica for the Jova Beach Party 2022, the second edition of the event, after a crowdsourced break, between performances on Italian beaches and parks.


Produced in cooperation with the Calabria Film Commission Foundation and financed by the Calabria Extraordinary Program, Department of Tourism and Territorial Marketing of the Calabria Region. The film Alla salute, a new video by Lorenzo Jovanotti, shot in Calabria, has finished. The music video signed by Giacomo Triglia, one of the most popular Calabrian directors on the Italian music scene, produced by Capitol / Universal uses the production of Borotalco TV and was created between Scilla and Gerace. In the music video, Lorenzo hosts an exceptional international artist: Shantel, a German producer, singer and disc jockey, famous for his work with his Gypsy orchestra and for remixes of Balkan and electronic music, with which he repeatedly conquered the top of the European world Musical lists. Alla salute, now available in digital stores (, is one of the highlights of Lorenzo’s latest production and is part of the flow of music that is slowly, chapter by chapter, composing the Sun Disc in full and physical format next fall. “Sun Disc” is an unidentified flying object, a stream, a philosophy, but above all a free river of fragments written by Lorenzo two and a half years after La Nuova Era. After the first new songs, including “La primavera” and “I love you baby”, which were at the top of the most listened to on the radio, “Alla salute” is a new song, another piece of constant movement that Jovanotti composes for month after month, week after week, no pattern, no fixed schedule: the flow continues to flow.

“Alla salute” was born during a pandemic out of a strong desire to look to the future and prepare the party in time when we need this crazy and timeless song. – said Lorenzo – The collaboration of Shantel (producer DJ-musician from Eastern Europe specializing in this “Balkan rhythm” that only works when original) gives absolute authenticity to the atmosphere that this piece wants to evoke. It is a toast, a wild and alcoholic dance, a necessary and pagan outlet. The sound is Mediterranean from the eastern shore, recorded between Athens, Cortona, Dusserdolf and Istanbul with an ensemble of excellent musicians steeped in the traditions of European diasporas. This track is a train, it’s a party on a train that is headed for better times, but does not forget where it started from and what stations it passes through. “The story told by the video and the release date are still top secret, but you can bet Jovanotti will add a new important piece with this movie to his superb collection of his best music videos. Exactly three months after the Calabrian Jova Beach scene, Jovanotti celebrated the end of shooting with the entire crew in Geraka, where he met with the media off the beaten track of the last shot. The film was shot entirely in Calabria and made in cooperation with the Calabria Film Commission Foundation and financed under the “Calabria Extraordinary” program of the Department of Tourism and Territorial Marketing of the Calabria Region.


“We support this idea,” said Fausto Orsomarso, regional councilor for tourism and territorial marketing, “because it perfectly represents our life energy, an unexpected Calabria, innovative, young and connected with its places, far from the usual stereotypes and with a completely unique energy. , without space and time. This is one of the first works to be included in the Calabria Extraordinary design line, in synergy between the board and the Calabria Film Commission Foundation. A dynamic and coordinated project where managerial perspectives, aesthetics, music and tourism travel on the same wavelength ”.

“Where beauty is born, there is Calabria, music, cinema, so landing Jovanotti’s aesthetics is the first important step in our project and our path,” continued Anton Giulio Grande, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Calabria Foundation Film Commission. to promote our locations, to generate interest and convey iconic images of our best spaces. An author test for 36 sets is about to begin, between scenarios and new possibilities: connecting territories through the power of cinematic images. “

Occhiuto: “Jovanotti in Calabria is a unique place for the region thanks to the Film Commission”

“Jovanotti in Calabria, between Scilla and Gerace, to shoot his latest music video is an amazing place for our region. The singer was able to appreciate the beauty – from the sea to the hills – of the territory, the warmth of Calabria, the atmosphere of the villages, the quality of the food. And, which makes us extremely happy, he showered us with compliments, calling himself a Calabria fan. We thank him for his love and wish him all the best in this latest job. As president of the region, I would also like to thank the Calabria Film Commission and its president, Anton Giulio Grande, who followed the event step by step, financially supporting the organization of these two days. ” So Roberto Occhiuto, president of the Calabria region.

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