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Heart-shaped fruits, sliced ​​bread in various shapes, small notes, colorful and playful pots. Just log into social media to find the #lancheiradodia trend. in that, Moms give advice on how to make lunch boxes appealing to kids, as well as share healthier recipes for toddlers..

Paloma Boff is one such influencer. She lives in Portugal with her husband and daughter Valentina, and it takes 15 to 30 minutes to assemble and record a video. For her, a lunch box is a “box of love”.. “In a lunch box, I can convey love. She knows that I took care of her, I liked doing it for her,” she says.

Assembling Luna’s lunch box – Photo: Dani Lima/Personal Archive

Dani Lima agrees with Paloma. She lives in Rio de Janeiro and also shows her 2-year-old daughter Luna’s lunch boxes on social media.

“This is a way to show affection, care. I understand that the impact is positive when I see how she repeats this in her game. Always in the morning, she cooks a “snack for dolls” and says she will do it “just like mom cooks for Luna,” Dani says.

Dani Lima and daughter Luna, 2 years old — Photo: Dani Lima/Personal archive

In addition, influencers believe that this moment is necessary to create a good relationship with food.

“This activity means being able to take my daughter create a good relationship with food and with the act of eating, in a place where you can eat varied, healthy and fun, without pressure and injury!” explains Dani.

Sharing experiences is essential even for the development of children, as pediatrician Pedro Cavalcante explains.

“When we include a child in the preparation of any food, we begin to create a relationship with what he does. She will associate food with a moment of happiness.” explains Cavalcante, who is also a member of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics.

Paloma Boff and daughter Valentina — Photo: Paloma Boff/Personal archive

What to put in a lunch box?

Paloma, Valentina’s mother, says that after her videos went viral on social media, researched more about what items to include in her daughter’s lunch box. In addition, he also learned healthier recipes. “Because there was a boom in lunch boxes, I did a lot of research and found out what I should have for my daughter’s lunch. I always put in carbs, proteins, fruits and water.“, it says.

And Valentina’s mom is right. According to experts, parents should prioritize three food groups in their lunch box:

  • Group 1: Fruits and vegetables
  • Group 2: Carbohydrates – provide energy (cereals and bread, popcorn).
  • Group 3: Protein – promotes growth and satiety (milk, cheese, eggs and other sources such as chicken pate, tuna)

And what’s the drink? Water! It is important for a child to drink throughout the day. Therefore, a bottle of water is a must-have item in a lunch box.

“Always prioritize water. Juices stimulate sugar consumption. Ready juices, like nectar, contain more sugar than fruit. It is always better for a child to eat fruits and drink water.“, – supervised by nutritionist Ariana Ester Fernandez, member of the department of childhood obesity at Abeso (Brazilian Association for the Study of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome).

According to the nutritionist, the amount of food will depend on age, hunger, the length of time the child is in school and what time the snack will be (morning or afternoon).

Below are some suggestions for combinations, according to Abeso (see below). lunch box recipes):

What to put in a lunch box? — Photo: Art/g1

Another key point when assembling a lunch box is to know what the child wants. Ariana says that It is always important to talk to your child about food, to understand preferences and what he does not like..

Dani, Luna’s mother, has already found something that must be in her daughter’s lunch box: fruits. “The moon is fascinated by the colors and variety of fruit flavors, and whenever she can, I like putting in more than one fruit option because I know she will love it.“, Account.

It is also possible to open “exceptions” once a week. “Sometimes a child wants to take juice, biscuits with filling. You can fit, but you need to think about the quantity. You can’t send a bag of stuffing, for example, ”explains nutritionist Abeso.

Messages Dani sends to Luna – Photo: Dani Lima/Personal archive

Most importantly, according to a nutritionist, is planning and organizing.

“You need to think about what will be in your lunch box. If you think about it every day, you won’t have time to plan. Try to organize yourself and also involve the child. give in, but from time to time you can include “unhealthy” food, ”stresses Ariana Fernandez.

Pay attention to several important points:

  • Plan snacks for the week and organize your shopping list
  • After purchase, disinfect vegetables, vegetables, fruits and store them in the refrigerator
  • Organize your cooking
  • Disinfect the lunch box every time the child comes home from school.
  • Wrap the sandwiches in cling film, a ziplock bag, or place them in a plastic container.
  • Opt for a lunch box made of thermal material
  • If possible, try to produce more playful tableware, an attraction for children
  • Offer foods that kids don’t like in other ways

Assembling Valentina’s lunch box – Photo: Paloma Boff/Personal Archive

The importance of proper nutrition

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, proteins and healthy fats helps maintain quality of life and also reduces the risk of metabolic diseases.

“Food is essential for the growth and development of a child. If we encourage children to eat healthy from an early age, avoiding highly processed foods, this child will have a supply of vitamins and nutrients for his development. Healthy eating is a thought for the future“explains pediatrician Pedro Cavalcante.

In addition to offering healthier food, parents should also create a supportive environment for their children. “If the parents don’t have healthy habits, the child won’t have them either. The family should lead the same way of life,” Cavalcante instructs.

pediatrician warns Parents should avoid highly processed foods as much as possible.. However, they shouldn’t feel guilty if they can’t put together a “dream lunch box” every day. “It’s okay not to be able to deal with everything every daybut this cannot become a habit, especially because of the excess of sugar and sodium.”

On social media, mothers are actively collecting lunch boxes for their children – Photo: Paloma Boff / Personal archive

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