“Le Br? A seductive idea that I got excited about in the theater. Lego bricks? Overwhelmed by this of the children »- Corriere.it

from Renato Franco

The actor will play General Dalla Chiesa on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his death

Twenties in the seventies, left: how did you survive the Br season?
Art saved me. Those were the years when my passion for theater was born, which was my little revolution compared to the typical feeling of youth – the desire to break with the rule, with the destiny already assigned to you: I eroticized everything there, playing acting. These were years of academy, passion, I read Shakespeare and Chekhov, I did not read Br.

For many, it was a tempting idea …
Unfortunately, s. He was tempting to any idea that broke with an action that seemed firm, motionless, petrified in the development of the future. To some extent it is natural for the youthful spirit to turn towards opposition, towards breakup; even legitimate, but there comes a time when you understand where the truth lies, even if the truth is an elusive concept, like power. The power always elsewhere, said Sciascia.

Yesterday the society was mired in political opposition, today disappointment dominates …
The Italian political class has worked well to build the disappointment of most citizens, the most visible personification of this state of mind in reluctance to vote; when half the population does not vote, we have to ask ourselves questions. Parliament seems blurry to me compared to the decisive voice of television. Television is the new Church where we now believe that the truth is being told. The Second Church is social media, a monster that relies on considerable stupidity: to claim that we exist and feel represented only because we have a virtual profile.

Having played many of the heroes of our time – Coppi, Don Milani, Padre Pio, Rocco Chinnici – Sergio Castellitto wears the uniform of General Carlo Alberto Dal Chiesa in a series of 4 evenings (title is defined) that will arrive on Rai1 in the fall to mark Dall’s 40th death anniversary Chies (September 3, 1982), killed in a Cosa Nostra ambush. Co-produced by Stand By Me and Rai Fiction, an action film that focuses on the ten years he was involved in the fight against terrorism.

The character of Dalli Chiesa is very interesting from a political and social point of view, but just as interesting from a psychological point of view, what interests me as an actor the most. a man who has always lived in war, he started with the resistance to Cosa Nostra, a man who made his emotionality suffer the painful consequences of his choices also as a husband and father. Like all self-respecting people, he was a man who feared for himself for others. A very human feeling that never overwhelmed his sense of duty.

What was your trait in the fight against BR?
His uniqueness was that he was not only a soldier, a carabinier, but also a great investigator, also thanks to psychological intuition: he was one of the first to understand that in order to understand terrorism, one cannot ignore the fact that the revolutionary process was always born out of the crisis of institutions and sensed that in order to understand and fight this process one must normalize, humanize the enemy. To kill the enemy, terrorists had to dehumanize him, demonize him; Instead, he took the opposite process from the Church. Outrage, no matter what is holy, is instead often a propaganda vestibule.

a film that answers the obligation of memory, or does it say something about our day today?
The duty of inviolable memory, but hides the risk of mummifying and sanctifying certain figures in a kind of rhetorical celebration. The ability to analyze Dalli Chiesa, his way of getting to the root of the causes of the affirmation of terrorism, would also serve today in relation to the horror we experience. The enemy’s normalization and humanization is the only way to expose him.

His career is dominated by the cinema of commitment, drama rather than comedy. his choice?
They often chose others for me, the problem is that there are a lot of comedy movies and not a lot of comedies in Italy. I think an actor should always write a program of things he didn’t want to do alongside his done agenda – which I am not saying out of respect. Playing is also expressing your opinion, each film made is a precise choice.

You are a successful actor, your wife Margaret Mazzantini a great writer, your son Pietro a young promise or a reality if you prefer. How ego distribution works in the home …
Us as parents under our shoes because it is only the ego of the children. Our everyday life is far from the image that the family of – let’s say with modesty – of artists can give us. A unique endeavor is normal… and we basically gave our children one thing: a freedom that is an obligation, a freedom that must be earned daily, not a claim or a right per se.

Do you have four children, two boys and two girls whose middle name is Contento / a: aspiration, invitation, mistake of a young mistress?
Greeting. Happiness often borders on the fear of losing it, with a certain hysteria of the soul, while happiness seems to Margaret and to me a more soothing state of existence. It’s also nice that they have a name that binds them together as brothers and sisters.

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