Libertadores and South America: Cups for sale Ceará – Egídio Serpa

From a sports point of view, it was a spectacular, historic feat that Fortaleza Esporte Clube and Ceará Sporting produced last Wednesday night, 25.

The first, in the opponent’s field, in Santiago, at the foot of the Andes, defeated the leader of the current Chilean championship, Colo-Colo, who was already champion at Libertadores de América, qualifying for the round of 16 of the competition. ; alvinegro, in turn, in the house of the strong Argentine antagonist, Independiente, imposed a defeat on him, a result that put him in the eighth finals of the South American Cup – Sula for intimates.

The two football giants from Ceará made their name in the history of both competitions, surprising the media in Chile and Argentina, but only ratifying the expectations of the Brazilian press, which relied on the chance of success of the two representatives of Northeast Brazil. .

From an economic point of view, the two events, recorded at the same time in different cities on the Latin American continent, will have repercussions on the tourism sector in Ceará, mainly in the area of ​​hotels and bars and restaurants.

the following games

In about a month, when the next stage games of Libertadores and Sul-Americana take place, Ceará and Fortaleza will receive their opponents here, who, in turn, will be accompanied by fans, filling hotels and restaurants and attracting currency to Ceara.

And inside the Arena Castelão, the scene of the games, fans of tricolors and alvinegros will produce shows that the international press will reverberate, serving as propaganda – absolutely free, but with great sales power – of this city, its people, its culture. .

There will be two games, ie two media and mass events that the State Government, Fortaleza City Hall and the big companies in Ceará cannot miss, these being channels for disseminating their products and services. Here’s a golden opportunity to use marketing.

Prize draw

Depending on the draw for the games – which will take place this Friday at Comebol’s headquarters in the city of Luque, near Asunción, Paraguay – that is, depending on the opponents of the teams in Ceará, these two events may be larger than you imagine. today.

As it will be a draw, Fortaleza’s opponent could be a Brazilian – Palmeiras, Flamengo, Atlético Mineiro, for example, but he could be Argentine (River Plate, again, or Boca Júnior is a possibility, as the draw will be placed, in one pot, first place and in another pot, second place). But it could be a seemingly weaker team, further increasing the chances of success.

sports and tourism

What is certain is that Fortaleza Esporte Clube and Ceará Sporting are today important channels for disseminating the excellent offer portfolio that this state has to attract tourists and investors. And none of this happened by chance. As for Fortaleza, it is the result of good planning and even better management.

Today, there is a wave in favor of Ceará and the people of Ceará, and it is this wave that fills the sails of the raft on whose sticks several possible dreams have taken place, from Hub do Hidrogênio Verde to the newest, which is the ranking alvinegros.and tricolors for the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores in America and South America.

Dreaming is part of life. Those who do not have a dream are living in a state of frustration.


During this month of May and in the following June and July, the Supermercado Pinheiro chain honors its 2,000 employees working in the 16 stores, in its distribution center and in its administration, with actions that focus on the appreciation and quality of life of the team. . .

Analyst and psychologist Albaneila Lima, from the Human Development (HR) area, this month’s program includes an awards ceremony, beauty workshops and special coffee breaks at network units in the capital and rural areas, with the participation of board representatives. from the Pinheiro supermarket.

“In June, it will be time to honor employees who celebrate 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service. In July, the closing month of the “Good Neighbor’s Day”, we will promote internal campaigns, with “lives” that will address issues of relevance to the employee, from career to health care “, informs Albaneila Lima.


The regional superintendent of Sesi and the regional director of Senai-Ceará, engineer Paulo André Holanda, received the José Martiniano de Alencar Medal, which was awarded to him by the General Command of the State Military Police.

In the award ceremony, the Commander-in-Chief of the Military Police, Colonel Francisco Márcio de Oliveira, acknowledged the work of resocializing the city of Sesi and Senai, through Continuing Education and Vocational Education, in the state penitentiary units, an action that had contributed to reducing criminal recidivism in the state.

Paulo André Holanda received the medal from the hands of the governor of the state, Izolda Cela, in a ceremony that celebrated the 187th anniversary of the Ceará Military Police.

“I am just honored to be here. I warmly thank the President of Fiec, Ricardo Cavalcante, for the opportunity offered to be at the head of these two institutions and to be able, in this act, to represent the entire Fiec System “, said Holland.


Reveals the latest Febraban Study on Banking Economics and Expectations: Improving current economic activity figures above market expectations has led to an estimate of the balance of the total loan portfolio in 2022 to increase to 9.7%.

This percentage represents a jump of 1.4% compared to the previous survey, from March, and an increase of 8.3% is expected this year. The new projection exceeds the current estimate presented by the Central Bank in the latest Inflation Report of 8.9%.

As in the March poll, the free resource portfolio is expected to lead the way, with expectations of a new double-digit expansion reaching 11.8%, up from 10.8% two months ago.

This increase will occur both for families (from 10.5% to 11.8%) and for companies (from 10.5% to 12.3%), benefiting in particular from the resumption of service consumption, as following the reopening of the economy and the positive impact of the government’s social programs.

The FEBRABAN survey is conducted every 45 days, immediately after the publication of the Minutes of the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom). The current survey gathered the perceptions of 17 banks, between May 11 and 17, on the latest Minutes and projections on the performance of loan portfolios for the current and next year.


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