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For the 25 nations still competing, it’s time for the final: who will be the Eurovision winner? The Maneskin Superhero at the PalaOlimpico in Turin.

Final forEurovision Song Contest 2022
: this evening on the PalaOlimpico stage in Turin (and live on Rai1 from 20.35 to 00.50) players from 25 countries
i.e. 20 people who qualified in the two semi-finals, plus and five big five who had direct access to the final (Italy, France, Germany, Spain and UK).

Thisorder of exhibitions of 25 countries: Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, France, Norway, Armenia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Moldova, Sweden, Australia, Great Britain, Poland, Serbia, Estonia.

Great waiting Mahmood & Blanco
Italy’s representatives with the chills that perform for noni.

Here is a list of the 25 competitors, in order of release, with the corresponding song:

Czech Republic: We Are Domi – Lights out
Romania: WRS – Llmama
Portogallo: Maro – Saudade, Saudade
Finland: Rasmus – Jezebel
Svizzera: Bear Marius – Boys Do Cry
Francia: Alvan and Ahez – Fulenn
Norvegia: Subwoolfer – Give that wolf a banana
Armenia: Rosa Linn – Snap
Italy: Mahmood & Blanco – Chills

Spain: Chanel – SloMo
The Netherlands: S10 – De Diepte
Ukraine: Kalush Orchestra – Stefania
Germany: Malik Harris – Rockstars
Lithuania: Monika Liu – Sentiments
Azerbaijan: Nadir Rustamli – Fade to Black
Belgium: Jrmie Makiese – Miss You
Grecia: Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord – Die Together
Iceland: Sister – Me Hkkandi Sol
Moldova: Bracia spal i Zdub & Advahov – train
Svezia: Cornelia Jakobs – Keep me closer
Australia: Sheldon Riley – It’s not the same
United Kingdom: Sam Ryder – Space Man
Polonia: Ochman – the river
Serbia: Konstrakta – In Body Sano
Estonia: Stefan – Hope

20:32 – Zelenskiy cheering for the Kalusz Orchestra

Soon, in the Eurovision final, the continent and the whole world will hear the words of our language. And I believe that ultimately that word will be “Victory”! Europe, vote for the Kalush Orchestra. Thus, in a short video on Telegram, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, appealed for the support of the candidates from Kiev, who are today among the favorites in the final in Turin. By recalling that their code number 12 Zelensky ended with the statement We support our compatriots! Let’s support Ukraine!

20:02 – Performances by guests and conductors

In addition to the race, Laura Pausini (presenter with Alessandro Cattelan and Mika) sings a compilation of her hits, and then appears on stage as guests Maneskilast year’s winners and Gigliola Cinquetti
the first Italian to win Eurovision to re-propose Non ho l’et, the song he triumphed in 1964.

19:53 – Who are the finalists (and favorites)

Which singers and which bands qualified for the finals? This evening, 25 artists will perform on stage: in addition to the so-called The Big Five (i.e. from the five countries that have direct access to the final: Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the UK), 20 people qualified in the two semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday. Here Arianna Ascione tells them everything and everything. Instead, in this in-depth analysis, Andrea Laffranchi, who among our Turin correspondents, explains who the favorites are and why.

19:36 – Conchita Wurst: Kalush Orchestra are favorites, their “Stefania” is a great song

Conchita Wurst, the winner – representing Austria – of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, is unstable who can triumph today. According to the singer, Stefania, a song of the Ukrainian Kalush Orchestra, a great song. Not only that: in his opinion, the Kiev band did a great job on the stage. I think they are the favorites, they are at the top of the list of those who can win, Wurst said.

The singer, consulted by Askanewshe added: Eurovision always has something to do with politics in some way. The feeling of bringing people closer. In my opinion, political leaders need to see this competition and understand that love is the only answer. A clear reference to the war in Ukraine ended with hope: that the Eurovision festival is the bearer of the message of peace

19:33 – Where to see the final?

The live broadcast of the Eurovision Final Night will be broadcast on Rai 1 in prime time. The performances will be commented on – as in the two semi-finals – by Gabriele Corsi, Cristiano Malgioglio and Carolina Di Domenico. Meeting at 20.30 for a preview after which the actual race will take place (from 20:35).

19.10 – Maneskin performance: they will sing Supermodel and the song Elvis

Great expectations for the performance of Maneskin, the winners of the Eurovision 2021 edition and the supergiant of the evening (along with Gigliola Cinquetti). Tonight, the Roman band will bring their new single Supermodel to the stage for the first time, released on Friday. Not only that: Damiano and his companions will pay tribute to Elvis Presley singing If I can dream. The song is part of the soundtrack of the movie Elvis (directed by Baz Luhrmann, in theaters in June).

18:51 – Money (Rai): The spirit of rebirth at Eurovision

the final day of the Turin 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. There is a spirit of revival in this event. We experienced this for the first time in Sanremo, said CEO Rai Marinella Soldi in a long interview with an American magazine. Diversity dedicated to the festival Rai produced as Host Broadcaster. While war causes pain and suffering in Europe and around the world, I believe society still has a “basic human right” to be happy, Soldi added.

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