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If the sides of the Book of various editions could speak, we would discover all the love of the Renaissance artist Bergamo. In the book that accompanied the last years of life Lorenzo Lottothe Venetian painter who became Bergamo for a long time, leaving several traces of his passage in the city, at that time there was much Bergamo, rich and proud of the trade of its merchants, despite the domination of serenissima of Venice, which lasted more than 300 years: from 1428, fifty years before the birth of Lotto, until Napoleon Bonaparte. And if these pages could speak, we would relive, for example, the working relationship between Lorenzo (born in Venice in 1480 and died in Loreto in the Marche at the venerable age of 76) and the lucky captain from Bergamo, Alessandro Martinengo Colleoniwho in 1513, when the painter had just arrived in the Orobian country, entrusted him with the construction of the Dominican church of after a competition St. Bartholomewof the altarpiece symbol of the greatness of the Republic of Venice.

An artfully designed journey

When this church was demolished after the Venetian walls were built in 1561, the Martinengo Altarpiece, huge, four meters wide and thirteen high, it was brought to the Church of Saints Bartolomeo and Stefano. If you can, admire it today, he explains Maria Christina RodeschiniDirector of the Museum ofCarrara Academyand curator, along with the art historian Luca Brignoliout of lotto route, a weekend to discover the ten works created by the Venetian painter in his twelve years in Bergamo: from 1513 to 1525. On May 28th and 29th, from 3pm to 5.30pm, there will be guided tours to discover the masterpieces Preserved inside the Orobian city (between churches and museum), crossing streets and buildings from the lottery era. Starting from the Church of San Bartolomeo e Stefano, in Largo Belotti, in the lower town.

And this is where Lorenzo lived

But where was the Bergamo homeland of the painter who left Venice because by nature and temperament he could not resist the all too bulky sublimity Titian? It was in Citt Alta, in the historical part, near the church of San Michele al Pozzo Bianco. His landlord was Nicol Bonghithat we find in the painting of Portrait, standing and behind the Madonna “Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria”commissioned by Bonghi himself and now kept in the Academy of Carrara, evoking Rodeschini.

Badger, Adel and Santo Spirito

Back on the Lotto route, after leaving the Church of Saints Bartolomeo and Stefano, continue to Borgo Pignolo: Arrived in Via Torquato Tasso, in the lower part of town, enter the Church of Holy Spiritwhose construction, according to legend, was the work of the noble family of Tasso. And here, in the fourth chapel to the left of the Renaissance church, we find the altarpiece from 1521, in which the Madonna and Child with Saints Catherine of Alexandria, Agostino, Sebastiano, Antonio Abate, Giovannino and Angels.

Silence, an angel is looking at us

In the same year as the altarpiece of Santo Spirito that of the church of San Bernardino, at number 57 via Pignolo. Here is the altarpiece in which the Madonna and Child with Saints Joseph, Bernardino, Giovanni Battista, Antonio Abate and Angels. At the foot of the throne on which the Madonna sits, we notice an angel who seems to turn towards the viewer, almost inviting him to a mystical complicity, emphasizes the director of the Carrara Academy, who recalls that a visit is possible this wonderful altarpiece thanks volunteers of touring club: Unfortunately, the church was closed for a few years. Via Pignolo represents a sort of hinge between the upper and lower parts of the city. The street is the result of actual demolitions carried out in the second half of the 15th century, when the Venetian walls were being built. According to one account from the time, around sixty houses have already been thrown away and numerous kitchen gardens and gardens kept in the same buildings have disappeared.

Lucina’s rebus

And here we are at Carrara Academy, where Lotto is based, at number 82 Piazza Giacomo Carrara, in the lower Citt. Here we find ourselves in front of six works by Lorenzo, o ‘Lotus-Lotus’ (this is how he signed his works); not to mention the three predelle historicized by Lotto for the Martinengo altar preserved in the Church of Saints Bartolomeo and Stefano, whose cymatium is the only part of the work preserved far from Bergamo Budapest, at the Museum of Fine Arts. In the hope that he will return to Italy next year, on the occasion of Bergamo as the cultural capital, which was proclaimed together with the city of Brescia, says Rodeschini. Among the most beautiful works by Lotto preserved in the Academy, we can mention this Portrait of Lucina Brembatia noblewoman from Bergamo, a real pictorial puzzle: if we actually notice that Lotto painted a moonlit night scene in the upper left of the painting, in which he engraved two letters, C and I, as a reference to the name Lucina, also recognizable by that Ring she wears on her finger, the family symbol.

Lotto, a Bergamasco Doc

You leave the Pinacoteca in Piazza Carrata to go up to Citt Alta, destination via di Porta Dipinta, a few steps from the Lotto house, which certainly could be a house and a church for the construction of the Frescoes from the Life of Mary (Birth, Temple Offering, Annunciation, Marriage and Visitation) in the small chapel to the left of the apse of the church of San Michele al Pozzo bianco. Rodeschini concludes: The frescoes painted in these chapel lunettes bring us back to Vatican Rooms by Raphael, which Lotto helped to decorate, during his stay in Rome. But even here, as in Venice, the Venetian master could hardly endure the worldliness and games of the court. He was too reserved and focused on the essentials not to find himself in the Bergamo of those years, inhabited by merchants or captains of fortune. practical people. Today we would call it healthy provincialism. Waiting for it Trescore Balneario, Caprino Bergamasco, Credaro e Ponteránica, the healthy province of Bergamo and rich in other Lotto treasures, is part of a much larger tour. The dress rehearsal has just begun.

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