Mapping far-right groups in France: trends, strongholds and forms of action

In France, far-right groups are becoming more and more active. There are at least 1,300 far-right activists in S files in our country. This figure has been rising sharply for years: The threat is increasing in our country. He worries to the highest peak of the intelligence services. Thanks to, among other things, information from the media Blast and Streetpress and the anti-fascist site busy, we present you a map of the French far-right groups. This is by detailing their inclinations, strongholds, and course of action.

First article in our new series: “The Fachosphere, small groups, political relays and forms of action: the threat of the far right still remains. »

from the monarchists regional identities : Four far-right tendencies in France

We should not talk about the far right as a homogeneous bloc. Their dispositions, their course of action, are shared by their goals. After years of demonization, Marine Le Pen has become her presentable front in French political life. However, he never ceased to be on the far right. The much more violent Eric Zemmour is no stranger to this demonization phenomenon. This is why the far right is killed by very radical, sometimes violent movements and movements.

So it’s not a far right, but a variety of small groups with different actions and goals. As journalist Antoine Etcheto explains, four main trends are emerging.

First, there are: royalists : this is the oldest trend, especially represented by: French Action. It is still the oldest political movement in the country today. French Action shown with punching movements. The latest was on March 25, 2021, with an attempt to occupy the general assembly of the Occitanie district council. Their banners read: Islamo-leftists: those who betrayed France. Its dual purpose is clear: Prepare for the restoration of the monarchy and work to defend the national interest until the return of the king.. »

This neo-fascists It is the second family of the far right in France. They yearn for the fascist regimes of Hitler or Mussolini. Like the small group, they are very active especially in Lyon. Bastion Social. Disbanded in April 2019, recreated 5 months later under other names: “Audace” in Lyon and “Vent d’Est” in Alsace. arguing” uprooting versus rerooting“By using xenophobic and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

come after regional identitiesyounger than recent trends. Identity Generation It is the most talked about organization in recent years. on the website ” the barricade on which young people struggling for their identity stand. These groups advocate a homecoming for all non-whites. Among these, we can count neo-Nazis who focus more on street fights. in anger, L’Alvarium It is a small group known for various acts of violence and racist attacks and has received convictions from several courts.

come at last fundamentalist catholicsthe most well-known organization citizens. yourself a traditional catholic lobby “wants” Christianize France again. In the same trend we find the Society of Saint Pius X, a Catholic community divided into about sixty non-contractual organizations with 100,000 loyalists excommunicated from the Vatican in 1988. especially to children” The revolution is “the fraud of the evil essence” and “Pétain has saved France. Cold.

Far right: modes of action

The map offered by La Horde and Reflex sites offers a slightly different classification. Reactionary supporters of the rights union, activists, voters “neither right nor left”, the media spreading their sickening ideas… First, it emphasizes the disintegration of the French extreme right. It makes different forms of action more obvious than racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia.

Thus, far-right uses, not clumsy, media so dangerous ideas can spread. How not to be quoted in the national press current valuescondemned for racial slurs against MP Danièle Obono. We still find weekly newspapers in the print media. Minute or rivarol as well as daily Here. There is also the nationalist media TV Libertés of Marital Bild or the Vincent Bolloré channel CNEWS. ” Nationalist media claiming their desire to stand out from the mainstream media, Breizh Information trying to pass their propaganda as informationReports the Horde.

Extreme right pack of cards
Know better how to fight it better. Cartography of the French far right [mise à jour janvier 2022], busy and reflex.

This sites internet it also appears in the media: Riposte Laïque, Fdesouche, Polemia, Égalité & Réconciliation… Capitalizing on the potential virality of social networks, the far right is ubiquitous on the internet and is carried by “influencers” or “youtubeurs” like Thaïs d’Escufon Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s rebel and Génération identitaire, or Papacito’s muse, who staged the murder of a model who clearly represented his constituency. This phacosphere will be the subject of a separate article.

activists They are supporters of strong actions such as the Génération Identitaire or Action Française. The second is concentrated His attacks on Muslims and his attempt to be contemporary“. These include locally established groups: the recently defunct Zouaves Paris, the Saint-Roch Youth of Montpellier or the Ligue du Midi” hosted by the Roudier family“, which we will discuss later in our article.

This voters they are certainly the best known, because they represent the so-called “presentable” far-right. “The one who can compete in the elections, who is accepted to television. Two trends can be observed: those in favor of the Union for Rights, such as Eric Ciotti, Eric Zemmour or Jacques Bompard from the Southern League; Those who say they are “neither right nor left”, like all National Rally led by Florian Philippot and Marine Le Pen.

At the end there are categories called reactionaries. It is represented by Political figures from the right “outside the walls” like Marion Maréchal or Philippe de Villiers“, both supporters of Eric Zemmour during the presidential campaign. There are also minor structures close to the Les Républicains party: Sens Commun or La Manif Pour Tous, which opposed same-sex marriage during François Hollande’s five-year term.

Where is the far right most prevalent in France? Tour de France of the castles

Extremism has strongholds all over the country. It was more or less exposed there. How not to start by quoting Lyon ? The history of the extreme French is very connected with this city, according to journalist Antoine Etcheto, the “capital of the fascists”, the stronghold of the Union Defense Group (GUD) at the Lyon 3 faculty. The Generation Identity group has been there since 2011.

In the Vieux-Lyon region, its members multiply attacks and threats. Identity Generation has set up its headquarters in a bar there: La Traboule. Despite the group’s dissolution by the Ministry of the Interior, it simply changed the name of their headquarters to Les Remparts. The year they arrived, these far-right activists organized a “pig march” that turned into a “crystal night for kebab vendors”, which saw their restaurant destroyed. More recently, on March 20, 2021, the libertarian bookseller “La Plume Noire” was attacked: “This attack bears the hallmark of the radical far right.”

Earlier we mentioned Alvarium, a very active neo-fascist group. anger. They export their violence to the whole region, as in Orleans. On May 8, the city theater was intermittently occupied by artists, while far-right activists organized a campaign against them. Baudoin Le Nalio, a prominent member of the Alvarium, was sentenced to twelve months in prison, eight of which were suspended.

In the south of the country, besides being one of the most violent far-right groups in France, the Ligue du Midi is particularly active. It is a family clan held by the Roudier family. Midi League members specifically beat up the activists who came to unfurl a banner to oppose Eric Zemmour’s holding a meeting. Nimes Last January 21. On March 23, 2018, a far-right commando arrived at the Law School in Montpellier to beat and expel the striking students who occupied an amphitheater. Richard Roudier’s son, Martial Roudier, would also be there.

Nationalist Bordeaux in the city of the same name, opening of a bar in Bastion Social in Strasbourg (L’Arcadia), Patria Albiges in Albi… Blowing « The fascist threat: cartography of French small groupsThe far-right has spread all over France. Sometimes very active, others dormant in other cities. The membership it has brought in, the enlargement of its ranks, and the tricks it has carried out after some small groups were disbanded by the Ministry of the Interior should be taken very seriously. The threat is still there. Next section: The far right: who is hiding behind Marine Le Pen and Éric Zemmour?«

By Nadim February

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