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from Elvira Serra

Singer: “My shows are the Smurfs at university exams. Don’t mention my boyfriend’s name, there is a rush at the moment and I don’t want the situation to change. “

Would you like to be Laura Pausini?

“I respect her and I like her a lot, I’ve seen her concerts, but not: I like being who I am. Mina can tell me too, the answer is the same. I won 6 platinum and 4 gold records when hundreds of thousands of copies had to be sold. I love what I do and I consistently do it. “

What if she didn’t become a singer?

“I would be a doctor, like my father Alfredo. He had many specialties, but was a general practitioner. He left at 7 in the morning, briefcase in hand, and returned late in the evening: he made 45 visits every day. And then he was Dr. Antoniano, a profession which he practiced until his death in 2008: he looked after children, brothers … I know every corner of this place ».

What kind of doctor would you like to become?

– Child Neuropsychiatrist. Many special children come to my concerts, mothers write to me to talk to them, tell me that they are calmer afterwards. Maybe I’ll help them anyway. “

Legend has it that he sang the Smurfs song even at the university.

“Some exams were shown: Cristina D’Avena’s name, standing outside the roll-call door, did not go unnoticed. During the exam, I found myself curious about my colleagues, because so far I was only a voice, the first apparitions began in Award-winning about A superclass show. Some teachers made fun of Gargamel, imagine how I was … ».

And now is there someone who is asking you for advice on how to heal yourself?

“Of course! I miss my diploma thesis and a few exams, I regretted not graduating. My father told me that I can do any job until I finish my studies”.

Have you been satisfied with your career?

“Yes, of course. He didn’t have time to watch duets. He loved melodic Neapolitan music. Knowing him, he would ask me for a song with a Neapolitan.”

Cristina D’Avena smiles, is happy, picks up messages on two phones and apologizes: “I just played a concert in Orton, delirium! They send me articles. People cried, I am a figure that unites all generations: there was a crowded square; the elders are sitting, the curve is screaming, the children are asking me for songs. Beautiful! We all wanted some normalcy back from Covid. We meet at the Milanese office of Warner, the record company with which every month, until October, releases a vinyl on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his career: a thousand unique, numbered tracks, with unpublished photos and songs from Cat’s eyes and Mila and Shiro two hearts in the volleyball. Although frankly speaking, from March 17, 1968, when Zecchino d’Oro appeared on the scene with Mosquito waltz (and he was three and a half years old) he never stopped singing.

When did your career start?

“In fact, from Valzer. But I published the first cartoon theme in 1982: it was Pinocchio’s child, by Augusto Martelli. Who would have thought acronyms would become a musical genre or that? cosplayboys who dress up as fairy tales ».

He sang 765 songs and sold eight million copies. Impossible question: what is your favorite song?

«Kiss me, Licia. Well, I was Lilia! I played both the program and the song, it’s the top of the mountain, here in my heart with Waltz with a mosquito. Then they are Sailor Moon, memole dolce memole, Rossana… ».

He even recorded the Italian version of “My life is going on”, “Casa di carta”.

«The cartoon was unfortunately only made for initials. It was a social operation ».

She managed to get Patty Pravo and Loredana Bertè to sing her songs!

“And not only them! For my two Duets all the artists were very sweet. Of course, I didn’t think Patty Pravo would agree to record a Smurfs song: instead, she’s very ironic and likes to get involved. As for Bertè, I honestly believed he was telling me no.

Of the duets that surprised you the most?

«Ermal Meta created the version Little heart problems beautiful. I also really liked the Naomi con Mrs. Oskar: do you think that as a child at Carnival they dressed her up as Lady Oscar, asked her to do as J-Ax wanted her Pollon».

Impossible duo?

«Ah, with Chris Martin from Coldplay! Sooner or later, since I’m at Warner, I’ll be successful. I tell him and repeat, maybe a miracle will happen. “

Wouldn’t you like Jovanotti?

«Eh, it seems to me that the mission is impossible… We met many years ago, both at the beginning. We met when he was working for Cecchetto and I sang my first songs. I always went to his concerts, never asked for tickets, I like to experience it as a fan. Then, of course, nice things happen when his fans recognize me and ask for pictures. “

Which song would you entrust to him?

«Tazmania about Cotton pads for Jeanie (chants them, ndr) are more of a niche piece. Another one that drives me crazy is Antonello Venditti. “

Meanwhile, Mina made its cover.

«Messages came to me from fans. sang Always attentive to the ruleschanging words; he became Tell me what city. It was a song that my son Massimiliano Pani wrote to me. I was proud and surprised. “

Which cover would you like to record?

«May she be blessed Fiorelli Mannoia, with whom he took second place at the Sanremo Festival. I consider it close to my way of being and singing ”.

What do you remember about your first Sanremo in 2016 as a superstar?

«A unique emotion. I was so moved in the chair that the make-up artist was afraid that she would have to send me to the stage with one eye other than the other. I got there thanks to widespread recognition, thanks to the petition of authorship All the music. Fortunately, Andrea Pellizzari and Max Brigante helped me with the stairs, otherwise I would have tripped for sure ».

She returned in 2019 to a duo with Shade and Federica Carta.

“If I went a third time, I’d be calmer.”

Are you a running candidate?

“The co-conductor would be great too!”

If you were offered a fiction or program, what would you choose?

“I would love fiction, I miss my TV series so much. Some scenes during filming Kiss me, Licia… The actors were models, it’s not like they really knew how to act, they had trouble learning the lines. Not that I was better … ».

So will he go back to the crime scene?

“Of course! Today Cristina has become a producer: we are doing a show like a talent”.

Does Maria De Filippi need to worry?

“But no, it’s not called fiction by chance!”

Other dreams to come true?

“I would like a musical in the theater, I love being in touch with the audience! This could be a reinterpretation of a fairy tale set in our time. For example: “What happened to Cinderella?” ».

What do you think happened to him today?

“Maybe he opened a nice shoe and skirt store.”

A bit like her.

«I have my own shoe brand: My Heart Shoes. And now there’s a little company that makes my skirts: it’s called My5 ».

The craziest thing his fans have done?

“Lots! They pick up, go and come everywhere by renting coaches. Even in Sanremo, I found them before Ariston: some were from Sicily and Sardinia. Another wonderful thing was singing one of my songs and printing vinyl with their voices.”

What is it like working with your sister? Quarrel?

“All the time! But the beauty is also this: these are the most important relationships. I feel a bit like her mother, she grew up with me. And at her job she is very good, knows what I think, anticipates what I say, sometimes too much! ».

If I tell you home, where is home?

«Home is Bologna. But Milan is my second home since I started working ».

When did he have a bodyguard?

«Józef! My father asked him to follow me because he didn’t trust me, I was still a minor. Poor man, how many have I exposed him … I made him lie to my father, and he was desperate: “I’m a carabinier on a horse, I’m not lying!”

He just wrote a fairy tale book. When is the autobiography?

«Garden of fairy tales was released for Ape Junior: there are ten stories that speak of respect for the environment, I wrote them during the blockade. In fact, they are asking me for an autobiography, it would be wonderful ».

He never talks about his boyfriend. Mass is attributed to social media …

«No, don’t say the name! There is a wave at the moment and I don’t want the situation to change. I am very reserved ».

Are you still receiving marriage proposals?

– Yes, the last few days since then, for a six-year-old.

Do you miss your baby

“No, and I hope it doesn’t become a regret. Every now and then I wonder what it would be like if I had him.

He would have a princely wardrobe at his disposal.

“I keep everything in my warehouse: stage costumes, VHS tapes, games. Every now and then I go and look at them. If I had children, they would say to me: we have enough! ».

Are you still afraid to fly?

“No, I should take one of these flight attendant courses …”.

Look, if Chris Martin agrees to a duo, he’ll want to do it in London. She doesn’t even get on the ferry …

“For Chris, I will overcome my fears!”

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