“Maybe I don’t like it, but I don’t want to be hated. Never in politics and I’m not Putin “

Many Italians like what they do – and the numbers speak for themselves – many others don’t really like it. However, unlike many others in his world, he answers more or less all questions. I mean, he’s not pretending to be at the dentist. Flavio Insinna, from Rome, aged 57 on July 3, hosts the daily program L’eredità ahead of Tg1, most recently appeared on Rai1 in Don Matteo (he was part of the cast from 2000 to 2006), and on May 16 he will be the protagonist of the TV film Twardy, always on same channel. Yesterday morning he was in the Senate with other artists for the 22nd edition of the Tribute in Rome. Two days ago he switched to Messenger.

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With the ruthless design, he immediately said no: why?
“While lying, I told director Marco Pontecorvo that I didn’t have time. I was afraid to put on a white coat ».
For what reason?
“My father was a doctor and I discovered that years ago he had collaborated with the structure of prof. Antonio Maglio, a visionary who in the late 1950s did a lot to restore the disabled and dignity through sport, up to giving his life to the first Paralympic Games in Rome, 1960 ».
“I did not study medicine for fear of needles, a choice that I would not make now and I did not want to face this world. But the director told me that I couldn’t refuse him a coffee. “
Coffee and you changed your mind?
«He convinced me with enthusiasm. He is an exceptional person ».
Family tradition?
«Yes, the great Gillo Pontecorvo (Battle of Algiers, Queimaida, etc., ed.), Who made him do a great practice. I saw him working with the disabled and actors, and when there were bad weather days on the set in Ostia, I saw him always smiling and never saying a word too much. Fantastic character, his ».
Its a minus, let’s put it this way. In 2017, Striscia la Notizia on Canale 5 revealed its sensational and recurring antics against competitors and staff: how much did it all pay?
“Right. I was wrong and I do not look for extenuating circumstances. There is no” if “and there are” buts “what happened. I apologized to whom I had to apologize to, but I did not forgive myself. I did not turn the page, on the contrary: I have this page in my head every day . Now I always try to find a real relationship, not with words, with yourself and with others. You must love yourself and love yourself. Hard work remains important to me, but one more smile is better than anything else. Now I understand. Knowing how to be light is essential. And in my life I have often been unnecessarily heavy. “
“I dramatized what was not dramatic. The real problems are different ».
Can he say he has changed?
“I think so, but those who work with me and my family have to say it. I commit myself with all of myself ».
Has your trust in him changed after these apparitions?
«Anyone who thinks that I am a terrible person makes me dissatisfied, but I accept it. Those who really know me know and don’t judge me. I know, I know I’m not exactly bullshit.
How did it end with Striscia?
“I’ve never heard of them and I don’t want to renew the controversy.”
The most important lesson after these two difficult years?
“On July 3, I am turning 57 years old and I am a very happy person. At this age, every day is a gift that needs to be unwrapped. So don’t waste your time, it won’t come back. “

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I did not know?
“I forgot that. Now I tell myself this every day. I’m alive, I can laugh, I’m going to the sea. Everything is fine.”
Is he happy at all?
“I’m afraid to say it. In such a bad time, after Covid, the war and so many people who have money troubles, I feel embarrassed, but yes, I am ».
Does aging scare you?
“No. And not even die. The disease scares me. Before his departure, my father suffered a lot.”
How do you envision the next few years? Always at work or are you doing something else?
“I see myself at the seaside, but in Italy it is not known where, with a few dogs, my dearest feelings … I always try to help with volunteering.”
What did it take you to chase your dreams?
“Courage to tell and tell my parents: I want to do it here. I will not go to university, but I will do something else. It wasn’t easy, but it’s better to be disappointed when trying than to do something else and live without playing. “
Why didn’t it go with the cinema?
“In the theater you can build your path however you want, a teacher like Gigi Proietti told me. And so I did, which got me on TV. Cinema is different: you have to be chosen and there are many variables. But I feel so good. Don’t make me appear misunderstood ».
The most important challenge at your age?
“I want to learn to play the trombone, continue to play sports, not finished for months with a knee brace, I’m trying to be a little more useful for this increasingly furious and discouraged country.”
Are you thinking of getting involved in politics?
“Never. Everyone has to do what they know. I also push my wheelchair every now and then and support the Roman disabled basketball team.”
For or against arming Ukraine? A few days ago she was called a Putinian.
“Absurd. As Cardinal Matteo Zuppi said, I am for diplomacy: everything must be done to stop guns. People die with these. I say nothing more. The only war I would seriously want is a war on tax evasion. Thanks to it all will change ».
In 2017, he was in Kiev to comment on the Eurovision Song Contest for Rai: what memories do you have?
“It was the year of Francesco Gabbani, with Karma of Occidentale, and I was walking around town dressed as an ape to make films that would encourage him to vote.
Once, with the operator, we didn’t find a taxi and I went back to the hotel with my head under my arm, and the people in the street doubled over laughing. “
Your contract with Rai has expired: is the legacy with or without you?
“We will see. I am not saying this because we have to negotiate, but only because this is not my home. Rai knows that I am always available.”
Look, were these revelations ultimately good or bad?
“I’ve thought about it for a long time: they’d better be there. It all happened because it had to happen.
And it was good, otherwise I would have been going like this for no one knows how long. What kind of life would I go on living with people who would no longer want to greet me, or even see me from afar?
All this helped me make a change in my life, not only at work. It takes time to rewind the tape and see it all. I did it: I didn’t want to live like this anymore. Maybe I don’t like it, I can’t hate myself. “


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