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Fights like in Maurizio Costanzo’s show with Mughini? «After I regret it. But the young people want me». The art critic turns 70

Vittorio Sgarbi, in what spirit are you turning 70 tomorrow?

“With a great melancholy, with the idea of ​​having lived more than the time I will live and that what I lived was so intense that it saved me from ailments and unhappiness.”

The Sgarbi of TV brawls, the last with Giampiero Mughiniis it so excessive in everyday life?

“No, I’m gentle. I can make a scene when I find an error in a catalogue, but it can be explained using the formula my mother defined as five minutes: There are 24 hours in the day; for 23 hours and 55 you are normal but your legend builds over the other five minutes ».

Her mother, Rina Cavallini, said she was molested and beaten at school by the Manzoli brothers. When does the bullied child become an intellectual bully?

“That was indeed a school of life that determined my responsiveness. Later, in the Salesian school, I found a thousand duties, the timetable, the daily Masses. In the library was a list of banned books, divided into categories: C3 were the “Attention, for adults”. they were allowed to heart and maybe Pinocchio. A priest found in my desk senility by Italo Svevo. My parents were called. Who, instead of defending me, were outraged. I saw a logical thing turn into sin. The principal told him to read The Sorrows of Young Werther
. And I: C3, that’s forbidden! It was a mighty big hit. My parents saw the Sgarbi being born there. It was the prohibitions that led me to transgression ».

And what does transgression have to do with verbal violence?

«This is a consequence of the inspiration of Uncle Bruno, my mother’s brother, a great man of letters. In the evenings we talked about politics and Uncle was always excellent, he had a polemical tone, arguments that seemed right to me. It was a kind of transmission ».

The shock that can be overcome with culture rather than physical strength?

“I agree”.

What Triggers Smoking Sgarbi We Know?

«A basic temperament made up of conviviality: I am welcoming, I am for postmen, I am for refugees, I am like Pier Paolo Pasolini to try to convert those who hate me, but when someone crosses the line, I will become this other Sgarbi . It is an unforeseen accident that triggers it ».

“Unexpected Accident”? No exhibitionism?

«For me, passion and reason mean: I have passion, I am right. In 1989 I go to the Costanzo show and the first time I say str .. to a client, the second time I make the photographer Letizia Battaglia cry, the third time I say I want Federico Zeri dead. Until then I watched TV from a distance, there I noticed that it has an extraordinary speed in conveying ideas. Today there are very old struggles of mine on social media and that’s why I’m the only one my age that young people ask for selfies. My thinking lives longer than that of my contemporaries ».

Do they know you for fights and that makes you proud?

«More than proud, it makes me existent. There is no such thing as an intellectual on the street, his thinking is locked in his books ».

When were you sorry you went too far?

‘Always right after. Like any good crocodile. Afterwards, so as not to pretend, I say: I could have saved myself that. But the truth is that I could not: it was an unstoppable flow ».

He has three children by three women and has defined himself as an alleged father. Has the spirit of fatherhood ever touched you?

“Little one. The last one, Alba, moves me because of its delicacy and why saved me from drowning in the sea. I wasn’t really in danger, but she threw herself to save me. ‘

why was he crying

“I cried at Uncle Bruno’s funeral. He had a heart attack like me, but he was alone. On the day of his departure, a San Domenico di Niccolò dell’Arca entered my house, a very rare sculptor whose spirit took my uncle’s place in the house. And I cried at the Caravaggio exhibition in Rovereto, which opened amid a thousand controversies and then closed because of Covid, when I saw how many people arrived anyway”.

That his art collection is famous, which purchase are you most proud of?

“Work is how I translate money into spirit. I can find old paintings with limited numbers. I bought a $280,000 Guercino in Texas that Corrado Passera borrowedthe bench. It’s always like this: if you have the money, you can’t find the pictures, and if you find the pictures, you don’t have the money.”

A work you regret not having bought?

‘Many. A compassion di Bellini walled in a private chapel is one of the firm thoughts of what I would have liked to have”.

A book that he wrote and that he is happy to leave behind for posterity?

«All the ones about authors he had never published about, like Niccolò dell’Arca, Antonio da Crevalcore. And the whole history of art published by my sister Elizabeth».

Your sister claims you are very sensitive.

“We have lost all relatives. I became his only child. But I have an anecdote about sensitivity… Last week I found out that Lino Capolicchio was dying; I knew he had given Elizabeth a book. I told her to publish it immediately, then I called him. He was in the hospital, I felt him go from death to excitement. I did it so that he would go away happy ».

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