Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode on 5/20/22

I do not know about you, but I laughed for hours at this brazen and unbelievable (always understood as unreliable) hoax of reality that Maria De Filippi served us today a Men and women. Including Queen Maria really Queen Maria, What. Being able to completely turn over omelets that I miss Chef to have!

But please, but when ever Matteo Farneain some ways it is sweet and tender“? Why do you say that “compared with Andrea he was running out of saliva“Giving the impression that his rival intimidated him, not him, who was overcrowded with too much enthusiasm? But in what sense do we describe him as an awkward child who runs home to her mom and tells her that his girlfriend was kissing her friend? But help me policehahahaha!

Men and Women: Chia's opinion on the episode on 5/20/22

We are talking about the same Matteo Farnea, Mary? No, because I didn’t see any sweetness or tenderness in it. Rather, I have noticed a fair amount of arrogance and unmotivated self-esteem since his first appearance on the Eliosthese yes. Conceited, arrogant and certainly too self-confident, but “sweet and tender“Also not how to say it.

Or maybe it was sweet when he abused his rival “Can you teach me to live? Come on, phenomenon!“? Perhaps there was some tenderness that escaped me when he replied with a sour answer Gianni Sperti who has not been impressed with the letter since Perugina chocolate kisses (cit.) to which the Venetian wrote Veronica RimondiI don’t need to excite you“? Safe safe?

Men and Women: Chia's opinion on the episode on 5/20/22

However, there are also those who have caught the bait in this frittaton, eh! Boy Andrea Della Cioppawho was a little more awake. And instead he immediately fell into a Marian trap and if he had defeated his rival so far, even causing a few muffled chuckles as soon as the presenter presented a new vision Farnea he immediately left the “actually when i talk to him i’m sorry too!“. But why? But cosahaha!?

Matthew he is indeed cunning. The kind that looks like this after meeting a girl in the studio for half an hour impossibly annoyed with the idea of ​​getting to know her in the company of another person, to disturb them by sending roses. But then it takes him two months to ask her two slightly more personal questions because “I find it difficult to open up if I don’t know the person“. But only Veronica you can believe him, come on! And only because it’s completely clouded by a hormone, huh. Why go, but how do you bite someone who doesn’t make a twist in front of a lemon with his hot rival and only two days later remembers to pretend to be irritated?

I mean when Veronica argued that if Farnea send letters because “he hides all his insecurity and weaknesses behind his written wordsI fell off my chair. But what daVero? The one who reacts late because he clearly studies his movements at home from the very first day he passes for a fragile and insecure little child. But I fly viahahahahahahahaha!

As for the questionable term Matthew to me Veronica however, they are right. That she is so honest and taken by these two SUPER EXCITING ROUTES what if Federico Dainese today, if he had not taken the word, he would have kept it there until a choice was made, poraccio.

However, we can see that we are at the end of the season, eh. Let me tell you, we’re all exhausted here, but even inside they seem to be in better shape. Am I wrong, do they say Still more nonsense and interventions Still less sane than usual? No, because I understand the need for an additional injection Channel 5let alone. But at least understanding the topic we are talking about seems to me a minimum.

And it’s here instead Armando Incarnato to me Gianni Sperti they give us amazing peaks in understanding the text.

Like what was there? Alessandro Vicinanza to me Ilaria in the center of science. They said that their relationship was going well, that they would try to go beyond the question of distance, that the desire to get to know each other exists, even if a little more hasn’t happened so far. And she added that if new girls come to him, it will help her understand whether she is jealous or not and help him understand if she is important or not.

The speech seems clear enough to me. But not for Armandone, of course. Who used to pippone to open the eyes of the poor duty lady (who knows why then the ladies only have to open these eyes when they go out with his rivals, oh. unbelievable!) not realizing that at that point he wasn’t talking about the ordinary lady in the background and was already busy but it was the same Ilaria to emphasize how, although they are present during the day, there is nothing strong between them at the moment.

And I miss interventions Experts they were especially in the spotlight today. Because Gloria Nicoletti It doesn’t drive me crazy either, and I have the impression that you are looking for every kind of support you want to keep from letting go of the chair. But to say that she enjoys dancing with her more Riccardo Guarnieri than with this Fabio who participates and that “you are waiting and preparing the ground for him “ there seems to be some confusion here.

That although (of course) she likes to be in the studio center, she was still interested in it at least a little Riccardo she could make an easy triangle during the first dance Tarantino was begging for. He also killed two birds with one stone, making a figure for a dispute between two roosters in a henhouse.

In addition to preparing the substrate, Giannihere is only Guanieri who must be waived at the stake. What will it be? Get rich, up! Keep calm, then he always leaves sun Ida Platano.

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