Men and Women: Chia’s opinion on the episode on 5/23/22

Today, Fr. Men and women perhaps one of the season’s most anticipated episodes has been aired since their premiere relative progress. Choice Luca Salatino? Totally not! One of Veronica Rimondi? Least. We are talking about a poignant show in between Ida Platano to me Riccardo Guarnieri.

The footage starts bland and he spends twenty minutes pleading for attention Gloria Nicoletti and the latter systematically reflects it. Then the first quarrel with Ida who complains that he took a greeting during? Riccardo he justifies himself by saying that he does it to avoid misunderstandings. At this point, we move on to Classic throne, open air, dance and … a sudden twist. As soon as she leaves To make noise from Diodato loam drama what you do not expect: Guarnieri in tears he runs away from the office that I miss Cinderella to me Ida chasing him backstage. Then an encore of the dance while the two of them are alone in the middle of the studio, hugging and crying.

Men and Women: Chia's opinion on the episode on 5/23/22

Following a heart-breaking curtain tin (tired) she exclaimed happily “you guys are beautiful together. A really beautiful emotion! See what you have to do, but it would be too good if you put the past aside!“. He touched her with an echo Gianni Sperti: “I don’t understand why you have to reject such beautiful love. When you are together, you are beautiful, when you talk, the lips are not connected to the heart, but only to the brain. So you say things that have no reason to be because your heart is saying something else!“.

Suddenly everyone excited, all with heart-shaped eyes for Idardias if nothing had happened in the meantime. And in the middle of this overwhelming romance, it was me. That all I could think of to see them with glitter was “… but why don’t you grab your hands and get off your feet, please?“.

I swear I try to be less cynical and intolerant too, really, but with my own gnafaccio. But for SEVEN FIVE YEARS they made us sick with their push and pull, but shit Alessandro Raus he was still a child who did not even know where Vigevano was or who he was La Pinuccia when everything is already written down but BAAAAASTA santodddio! Please and I beg you, leave us alone! We are also veterans of the two-year pandemic, we do not have the physical strength to support the twenty-sixth season of this pantomime, pity!

What then, seriously. At this point, I strongly doubt if there is anyone who would be able to endure the epochal heaviness of the little girl with Brescia matches, much less anyone who would be able to stand up to the leader’s destructive egocentrism.Mariuccia kindergarten Tarentum. Only two of them – finally made of the same dough – can take more than 5 minutes in the company of the other without rushing to get a one-way ticket to Papua New Guinea. Even those who love one of them at first sight like Nicolettiwhen they frame really subject if they give up, let alone others.

He said the same Idaa few episodes ago that “Only I could take it, or maybe he could take me too“. And that’s the most sane thing I’ve heard from her in seventy-five years. But who if the one who takes it even when he finds someone to tempt him (like this) Marco that he was dating and that he made out to everyone in the place) manages to submit an ex?

And what a sane woman would fall into the role of a geisha who longs for Guarnieri? The one who groans that “I realized that I always had to deal with myself“(Spoiler note: Get richyou are a child grain now you can do it! Trust us, after 5 years we all learn to cope on our own, jurin jurello!)? Someone who plays children if others do not react the way he wants, when he wants to, and who has yet to understand that the world is not comfortable for him? And that – above all – no one lives in his venerable contemplation? None except Idaexactly. She is the only one who days, months and years pass – unfortunately – years, but she is always there waiting for Riccardo give her some crumbs.

Karai Idadiamond Riccardo. I know in recent years it’s been more time spent arguing (and breaking bye ** and consequently) than happily and carefree time. Unfortunately, I know it well. But here we have to open our eyes and realize that in light of your (obvious) lack of pairing with any other human being in the world, you have no choice but to mate with yourself. If it weren’t for your sanity, at least ours, here it is.

And I make you a solemn promise. If you take the shed and the puppets and give us the grace not to spoil our existence with your unbalanced push and pull, I swear I will put my cynicism aside and spend the rest of my life thanking the day you got up from the sea, no longer making jokes that can undermine your ego . I promise you. But have mercy on us who are lifeless here now!

Ps. I wish that Tina Cipollari it wasn’t really in that video huh. Why, while none Gianni Sperti in one of the last episodes it was hardly noticed, we all miss it. And also because at first glance I doubt his reaction to the poignant dance Idardi would be as good-natured as that of Tini to me Gianni

Video from the episode: Full episode – Riccardo: “Gloria, I would like to regain my relationship with you!” – Ida: “Riccardo took my greeting too …” – Maria: “Veronica and Matteo looked at the monitor and …” – Maria: “Veronica what I like about you …” – Externally Veronica and Andrea – Relax on the outside – Ida, Riccardo and… unbreakable relationship

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