More rational and thoughtful Aquarius

The horoscope for the week, which runs from May 16 to 22, shows: Balance he struggled in love trying to catch up while very good at it Sole in Twins will provide gentle and romantic moments, especially from Thursday. Aquarius will be more rational and thoughtful, especially in the workplace, while Gunman he will feel strong and free to show his emotions. Let’s see the forecasts forHoroscope week, from May 16 to 22.

Horoscope forecasts from May 16 to 22, 2022 sign by sign

Aries: it will be an overall enjoyable week in terms of feelings.

The planet Venus will be on your side again, ready to give you intense emotions with the people you love. If you are single, don’t be afraid to fall in love as this period can bring you many surprises. On the professional front, Jupiter will still be with you until November, so you can plan long-term projects that can turn out to be a huge success. Vote – 8️⃣

Toro: an astral image that may not have much to offer you in love, consider some stars that are influencing you. However, according to the horoscope for next week, you will still be able to feel comfortable with the people you love. Note only on the weekend when the Moon will be square.

Mars in sextile will be of great help at work, but you will have to be patient to wait for the perfect opportunity for your projects. Vote – 8️⃣

Twins: the week may not start well because of the opposite moon. Fortunately, the situation will improve from Wednesday evening. In love with the reality, a warm and bright sun will make you more affectionate and romantic towards the people you love, but most of all, more understanding.

Regarding the work of Mercury and Jupiter, it will be very important to implement some of the important projects that you have in mind. Vote – 7️⃣

Cancer: astral predictions that still see the difficulties of love. Especially the days of Thursday and Friday will not be so rewarding when it comes to matters of the heart.

On the professional front, some projects will be a priority for you at the moment, but during this period when the stars are not on your side, it’s better not to get stuck in some projects that can be quite complicated to implement. Vote – 6️⃣

Leone: the sky that remains on your side according to the horoscope from May 16 to 22. From a sentimental point of view, Venus will make you feel loved and appreciated by your partner, and if you are single, you can feel closer to the person you love. But be careful on the weekend, because the moon may disturb you a bit. When it comes to working on some projects, you will have to show skills and competences, but with Jupiter and Mercury on your side, you will have nothing to fear.

Vote – 8️⃣

Virgin: The moon in Sagittarius can give you some problems early in the week. Fortunately things will get better in the days to come, but still don’t expect great things from your love life, single or not. On the professional front, it’s better not to take too much risk for now, given that Mercury will be in square. Vote – 6️⃣

Balance: sentimental realm still unsatisfactory next week according to the horoscope. Wednesdays and Thursdays won’t turn out to be so romantic thanks to the square moon. A little better in the workplace with Mercury and Saturn in the trine, but striving for perfection may take a little too much.

Vote – 6️⃣

Scorpio: all throughout a stable period in relation to matters of the heart. Free or not, with the right attitude you can get the attention of the person you like. However, if you want to conquer, the weekend will not be the most suitable season, as the Moon can get you in trouble. At work, Mars makes you more warlike and determined, and with a little luck, you can achieve your goals. Vote – 7️⃣

Gunman: favorable sentimental sphere according to the horoscope for next week. Lonely or not, with Venus and the Moon in good aspect, the next period will be truly emotional for you natives of the sign. However, when it comes to work, this period will not be so full of ideas to use, on the contrary, Mercury will have to avoid some unexpected events.

This does not mean, however, that there will be no satisfaction. In fact, Jupiter will shake your hand from Aries, but you will have to commit to getting good results from your projects. Vote – 8️⃣

Capricorn: this week the moon will be on your side from wednesday to friday. Use this period to try to catch up in love, single or not. On the professional front, Mars and Uranus will be your allies, so with the right commitment you can still achieve satisfactory results. Vote – 6️⃣

Aquarium: sentimental sphere full of charm for the next week. Venus will be sextile from Aries, while the Moon will sail in good positions.

Lonely or not, it will be a good time to give extra excitement to the people you love. On the work front, you will have everything you need to better manage your projects and achieve success, also thanks to a more thoughtful and rational approach on your part. Vote – 8️⃣

Pesci: the first days of the week leave a lot to be desired in terms of feelings. However, in the second part of the week, you will be able to enjoy a better sky and share your emotions and feelings with the people you love the most. You can count on Mars and Uranus in the workplace, but don’t expect great results. Vote – 7️⃣

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