MSC Cruises presents news for the company’s longest season

The first city to host MSC roadshows was Rio de Janeiro, where more than 150 travel agents gathered on the 24th at the Hilton Copacabana Hotel.

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To start the 2022/23 season, MSC Cruises will travel to 40 cities in Brazil to present the news of the company to travel agents. Following the Rio de Janeiro event, the first since the return of operations in August 2020, the next city to receive MSC Connection will be São Paulo on May 31. In total, the company expects to receive around 3,000 tourism professionals at meetings to be held in 15 states and the Federal District.

Ignacio Palacios, commercial director of MSC.

Over 158 thousand cabins

According to Ignacio Palacios, the company’s commercial director, this will be the company’s longest season in Brazil to date, with six ships available. More than 158,000 cabins will be offered, a 35% increase from 2019 before the pandemic, and for the first time, SeaShore, the company’s largest and most modern ship, will sail in Brazilian waters. “It addresses different tourist profiles, offering from very high-end luxury experiences, which have butler services, private club, priority landing and boarding and private pools, to products for a more familiar audience or even those looking for personalized packages. In all cases, it is possible to combine cruises and include the air and ground side and the hotel. We also make reservations more flexible, and the traveler can change the date up to 15 days before boarding “, said the commercial director. Season 22/23 SeaShore will have five ports of embarkation in Brazil: Itaguaí, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Maceió.

Portuguese is one of the languages

According to Palacios, Brazil will receive special attention from the company in the 2022/2023 season. Of the six ships that will sail across the continent, four of them will embark in the country: MSC Seashore, MSC Seaview, MSC Fantasia and MSC Armonia. The fifth ship, MSC Musica, will sail to Argentina and Uruguay and make stops in some Brazilian destinations, as well as MSC Magnifica, which will visit some cities in the country during its cruise around the world. “It is important to remember that during international travel, seven languages ​​are spoken on board, and Brazilian Portuguese is one of them,” the director added.

Eduardo Mariani Simões, MSC Marketing Director.

MSC Connection: training for travel agents

In addition to the MSC Connection event, the company also offers online courses for travel agents on Tuesdays to present all possible combinations of packages, destinations and courses. “Our goal is to present our news for the season and answer questions about the company’s products and services. For this, we also created MSC Book, an exclusive tool in which, in addition to reservations, agents can customize their clients’ travels including prepaid products, such as beverage packages, internet, meals in our restaurants, spa, excursions, among others. On the platform, you can also access information about the advantages and facilities in purchasing cruises, in addition to the company’s commercial policies, such as sales commission for agents, among other benefits “, explained Eduardo Mariani Simões, Marketing Director.

During the training, MSC professionals will also present ships and itineraries in other regions of the world, such as the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, North America and the Middle East. “In addition to the destinations we offer, we will present the two new ships that will be launched this year, MSC Grand Voyages and MSC World Cruises, and we will reveal more information about MSC World Europe, which will be the beginning of a new era. for the cruise industry and MSC Seascape, which will provide an exclusive immersive experience, connecting guests with the sea, ”said Simões.

MSC Seashore has 13,000 square feet of outdoor space

The post-pandemic trend is for consumers to look for more and more outdoor areas and exclusive products and services. Although this preference has gained more relevance now, MSC has always offered these experiences to its customers. However, to ensure even greater safety, from August 2020, MSC Cruises has implemented a new comprehensive and robust health protocol to become the first major company to return to the sea. “Renowned for its innovative and glamorous design, the ship, launched in 2021, is an evolution of the Seaside class of ships and connects guests more deeply with the sea. MSC Seashore offers the most generous outdoor space of almost 13,000 square meters “, explains the marketing director.

Dozens of professionals attended the event, including travel agents (Photos: Alexandra Mattos).

A family company with 300 years of maritime tradition is planning its future

MSC Cruises belongs to the same family, of Mediterranean origin, which has been working with maritime activities for 3 centuries and for this reason it is affectionately known as the “master of the seas”. And the plans, according to Eduardo Mariani, are to continue to grow, increasing its fleet from the current 19 ships to 25 by 2025. “It is the biggest expansion plan for the maritime industry in the coming years. We have already worked on all continents and thus we will consolidate our operations, with ships planned for the future, therefore dedicated to sustainability and the environment; as one of the actions we have already implemented is to remove virtually all plastic and recycle waste produced on board. MSC World, designed for 7,000 passengers, for example, has its inaugural cruise scheduled for December, departing from the United Arab Emirates.

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