“My sister Irene has not helped my career. Depression? The fault of the wrong drugs »- Corriere.it

from Emilia Costantini

The actress who published the new book tells her story over and over again: from childhood beginnings to successes and failures in adulthood

She dreamed of being a dancer. “Yes, but I was too tall, too skinny, and my feet were too long. My mom told me: when you raise your hands you look like a corkscrew. The comparison made me understand that I am immeasurable. ” The dream of Fr. Veronica Pivettiafter three years of attending a dance school, she disappeared and changed direction: “I was convinced that I would become a painter, in fact I graduated from the Brera Academy after Art High School, and for some time I also worked in a painter’s workshop.”

But when, how and why did you start dubbing, and then an actress?

«It is a story that starts from afar. I was 6 years old, the daughter of a director and an actress, and since I was a child, I have been haunting the surroundings. Bruno Bozzetto, who was supposed to shoot a commercial with Maurizio Nichetti, notices me. He needed a girl who had to wander in bewilderment at an adult party where pitted olives, Saclà, were offered for the first time. He liked my absurd face and signed a contract with me. I was so amused by this new adventure, but terrified of having to eat the olives: I hated them! In any case, it was my acting debut, even if I started dubbing as a child. It was interesting that, being small to reach the podium too high, I was placed on a bench. It was a real school, it taught me different things. “

“Absolute rigor of serious work and attachment to the character I called: if he coughed, I had to cough, if he yawned, I had to yawn, if he laughed, I had to know how to laugh … The darkness of the room taught me that he was the least egocentric that could exist. When you are alone, no one sees your face, only your vote counts, so you understand that you are serving the task assigned to you. I have never felt the frustration of dubbing, it was a commitment with great dignity and fun. “

The funniest episodes?

“We are in 1994, my sister was recently elected the president of the Chamber. Adriano Celentano had to advertise the state railroads and he needed a female voice in the ad, so listen to a simple recording of three voices: he chooses mine. He didn’t know me, and when I introduced myself with my name, he asked jokingly: are you Irena Pivetti’s cousin? I answer, I really am a sister. It was weird that the sister of a certain political figure was doing my job, but I still do, and a few years later another interesting episode comes out: dubbing a beautiful movie All about my mother by Pedro Almodóvar. The director was looking for a voice for the Agrado character, the transgender, and they interviewed me and the real transgender: well, Almodóvar chose me.

Was your sister’s public role burdensome or made her career easier?

“Neither one nor the other. If I also wanted to pursue a political career, of course the character of Irena would be uncomfortable, suffice to say that even now they are wrong and they call me Irene, but I was very busy with other things and started to have good opportunities that she absolutely did not know about nothing When I was called by Fabio Fazio to be sent to Those who… football, it was House officials who told her that they saw me on TV. I have never felt facilitated or even uncomfortable in the work I was doing, far from his. And then let’s face it: in my environment it’s such a knife fight that giving me roles just because I was a sister… seems really unbelievable to me. “

So it was made easier by the parents, the director and the actress?

“Charity! All they kept telling me was to stay away from their work, they called it a bad environment and they always downplayed my performances, didn’t want me to get mad.”

The turning point is Carlo Verdone in The Honeymoons.

“A milestone. I was lucky not only to work with Carl, but also to catch a movie that later became a cult hero, Fosca, which I madly liked, which allowed me to express my natural shyness. This wife, victim of this absurd husband, irritated and beaten , as a comic actress, she sent me off with the opportunity to dress up as a depressed, unlucky character … And indeed, I will get another loser role on the show Orders».

Success that would then lead her to host the Sanremo Festival with Raimondo Vianello and Eva Herzigova.

“I am chosen next to Ewa, such a beautiful woman, a model known all over the world, there is no point in making comparisons between her and me. And work with a real gentleman, funny, funny like Vianello. The three of us report on velvet, we went together to eat soup in a restaurant near our hotel ».

Why did they catch her stealing from a supermarket in Rome right after this extraordinary experience?

“Madness. Just got back from a stratospheric festival where millions of people saw me and stole a packet of slices. But they caught me right away! They stop me at the exit and ask: lady, what’s in your bag? Of course, I immediately took the loot out and paid what I owed, apologizing ”.

Kleptomania attack?

“Not at all! Classic idiot bravado that looks like a …”.

And to think that later she was the heroine of the series “The Thief”.

– Yes, but there I stole for good to give away to people in need.

Many successes, including cinema, television, theater, books … Why did she suffer from the depression she talks about in her first book, “I Stopped Crying”?

“As a hero I am apparently an extrovert, a joker, in fact I am a bear, I have never been outgoing since I was a kid, unlike Irene who is a leader by nature, she socialized right away. Depression came from a problem with the thyroid gland: I was treated badly, I was abusing the wrong drugs. But I always kept on working. I was then in Marshal Rocca, with the legendary Gigi Proietti ».

Depressed in a fictional comedy: how did she do it?

“I was able to break up, I was faking it, and that helped me: immersing myself in a non-dramatic character brought me out of a depressed state. However, between the two shots, a river of tears and my makeup artist chased me to reattach false eyelashes to my eyelids ».

And did the comrades on the set notice it?

“No, even Gigi didn’t notice. When you’re depressed, you don’t care, but I had work to do and that was saving. “

Because then he published another book called “Never Match”. To whom?

“Anyone!” It is a story of constant inadequacy that I have been struggling with since birth. Even though I am aware of my value when it comes to relationships with others, I feel less and less. Even though I feel the warmth of the audience, I am never sure of myself … this is an imprint that I have been wearing since I was a child. But in the second part of my life, I devote myself to practicing being more at peace with myself ».

Are separation from her husband and the lack of children somehow related to her loner?

“None of these. What we have is what we want. Separation is something that happens. I didn’t have children maybe because I didn’t want them so much. If they came, I think I’d be happy, but it’s important to feel free to make choices ”.

In his third book, Only For Women, published last year, he spoke of freedom, even sexual.

“It was a shameless novel, I liked using foul language, using forbidden terms. After I was 50, I felt the urge to talk about sex from a female point of view, because it’s not true that with menopause, you’re a dirty rag and everything ends… you experience sexuality differently. And then I also talked about women who are hungry for lust, homosexual women… It’s interesting that they told me: it looks like a book written by a man. Can only men talk about sex?

And the new novel is even a Mexican thriller: Tequila bang bang.

«I asked myself: can I write this? Crazy test, because in yellow the accounts have to balance. It all started with my Nokia 3310 cell phone, which is used by drug dealers because it cannot be intercepted, you can only call us. And this type of mobile phone has become the hero of a story set in Mexico. In the story I am telling, there are so many murders, so many people are killed, it is very bloody, it splashes … I am a fan of Tarantino. I would call it comic noir. “

Lots of books and lots of theater. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the concert he is on tour with is “They’re shooting our song”.

“The action takes place in the 1920s, a hundred years ago, and you play as Jenny Talento, a florist by day, an opium trader by night … and, by the way, there is also talk of the Spanish epidemic.”

Was he or is he still scared by Covid?

“In general, I am not afraid of disease. Sure, there is a pandemic, but it didn’t bother me that much. The ongoing war worries me much more. If I had Putin in front of me, I would say to him: bombs too after Covida? Well, that’s enough now! ».

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