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With Dario Di Vico

“My city is wild, but its strict kindness is sincere. Apulia is sweeter and more protective ». The actress, who shoots the new series Lolita Lobosco, talks about the prospects of the South and her relationship with these lands

Lolita Lobosco is “the returning brain”the sociologists would say because after a long period of work in the North, and more specifically in Legnano, he has set foot again as deputy manager of the Bari mobile team. Luisa Ranieriwho is now in Puglia to shoot a new TV series dedicated to Lolita as the protagonist, she also considers herself an émigré, although she has a small reach. He is deeply connected with the South and Naples, knows his contradictions and is not at all indulgent, strongly believes that the evolution of southern society involves a different role for women. And in his rulings, it is easy to find a leitmotif: no state, no institutional entity that is present everywhere and works for the development of the economy or the enforcement of the rule of law.

After all, Lolita is very much like her
Luisie Ranieri identifies herself and is a servant of the state, and her behavior seems to express the culture and social sensitivity of the actress who plays her. And it is with her (the actress) that we talk about the prospects of the South, its delays, advantages and the power of its symbols.

Every year the South suffers from a significant outflow of human capital. A large number of young people from the south, estimated at 23%, choose the North and leave the universities of the South, there are those who blame the southern universities, and those more resigned say that only the elderly will remain in the South. Where is the reason?

“I left Naples when I was 20. First in Milan, then in Paris, and finally in Rome. Fascinated by the theater, I did not finish my legal studies which I started and never returned, but I think some of our universities are excellent and I am certainly thinking of Federico II in Naples. I am also convinced that the young Southerners who gather at the universities of Lombardy, Emilia and Piedmont do it not because there is no skill in the south and the teaching is poor, they do it because families and themselves know very well that by studying in the north there is a more direct exit. Much greater chance of finding a job immediately ».

In our society, the North-South confrontation is commonplace. Data on separate collection show an incredible distance between Lombardy and Sicily – for example – while the response to Covid by joining a vaccination campaign has shown a more responsible South. Puglia exceeded Emilia-Romagna by third doses. However, at first the opposite was feared.

“It is true, and I am glad that the South has surprised pessimists and non-vaccines. In the first phase of the infection, the people who went to sing on the balconies moved me, I was struck by that emotional embrace that had been established between people who had to observe the distance. Also because social distance hit the very essence of the south, its openness to others, to the heart. Then, as the months go by, the idea that things are getting worse and that we are getting into trouble, that we don’t have as many hospitals here as in the north, and therefore civil liability has matured in the field, perhaps greater than elsewhere. This is the best way Southerners have to respond to the lack of a state. ”


You were born in Naples, filmed there and now work for TV in Bari, what are the differences between the two cities?

“A lot. Naples is more aggressive, he roars. It is no coincidence that writers, directors and artistic personalities have emerged from this atmosphere of violent contrasts. Drama inevitably takes shape. Naples is a unicum of colors, chaos, vitality, but also a wild city. I go there, for the first 48 hours I feel almost fear, and then when I leave I feel the need to come back Everything is amplified: traffic, people shouting, the way we dress and move. Kindness is also more primitive, not bourgeois. I think, that Naples cannot be replicated, it cannot be globalized. ”

Bari instead of …

“Apulia is definitely sweeter, I find it caring, almost maternal. The people of Bari have softer tones. Different temperament. And also the burden of the crime is felt less than in Naples. I believe that the people of Bari are very attached to their dialect, there is an identity bond with the sound of the words. I love dialects, I learn them whenever I can because they know how to connect deeply with human bellies. Adda spent the night it is an expression which, translated into Italian, would lose its power and at the same time would not convey the same feeling of hope ”.

One of the South’s biggest surprises is its low demographics. There are hardly any differences with the North anymore. How could this have happened?

“It’s true, it’s something amazing. Previously, in Naples, the minimum number was three children per family. Now I know many families with one or even zero children. I believe that the missing parents are overly concerned about the future, and then a certain selfishness developed, as if the children had taken the taste of life. They forced too many sacrifices. I cannot tell between the two feelings that prevail, but the great austerity associated with children also comes with the pattern instilled in us. You exist if you have and if you have if you act. You can’t stop.

In Sorrentino’s “It Was God’s Hand,” he plays a woman who goes crazy precisely because she cannot have children.

“She is a woman who sees things that others cannot. The lack of children becomes an insurmountable pain for her, in which she identifies and loses herself. Sorrentino gave me a wonderful gift by assigning this part to me. They usually offer me more established roles or a friend next door or a sexy woman, including seen something else. “He’s a character who will give you a lot,” my husband Luca told me wisely. After reading the script, he laughed, “If you don’t go, I’ll go.”

Let’s go back to the South. What do you see outside of big cities like Bari and Naples? The same wealth of moods, the same passions or more disappointments, nostalgia, fatalism?

«I can talk about Calabria, where I am filming. I saw a state other than Naples and Apulia, a territory left to its own devices. On Sila, I happened to see a landslide that was fenced off and kept rotting for 20 years. It seems to me that the state is struggling to be everywhere in the South. And for that I also love the character of Lolita, she is the state. He is uncompromising, knows the contradictions of the South and does not hide them. She is the daughter of a cigarette smuggler, and when talking to her mother who had a little black business, he points out to her, arguing that the rules must apply to everyone. And it’s important that Lolita doesn’t have to dress up in order to be respected. She is a state, but she is also a woman, she cannot give up anything to be authoritative towards colleagues, superiors or those involved in the investigation. ”


However, the state often has to step back in the face of the power of organized crime, also because it is facing the consensus that the outlaws find in the population.

“I don’t want to give lessons or come up with original analyzes of crime, I’m just saying that we have to distance it from younger generations. We must offer the young people of the South training and employment to take the space of the Mafia and the Ndrangheta. We know then that crime also exists in the North, there are many forensic investigations to prove this, it is not the prerogative of the South, but we often manage to win public support as it seems to compensate for the lack of state, the contradictions of those who are unemployed or they fight to close the month. I offer myself to support ».

This legislature has established a subsidy called civic income, with the aim, in particular, of responding to poverty in the South. There is still a wide debate about its effectiveness and the very importance of a compulsory social assistance measure, what do you think?

“I sincerely believe that under the blows of the pandemic, having a tool such as citizenship income at your disposal has been a lifeline for many distressed families, but it is clear that this cannot last forever. In the short term, yes, but there must be a job prospect. And as far as I understand, this other leg, as they call it, did not work, did not lead people with difficulties to find decent employment. I read that Prime Minister Draghi talked about restarting the ports, which I think is a fair prospect. “

Recently, the English scientist Percy Allum, who had spent a lot of time studying Naples, resumed the analysis of other scholars who spoke of amoral familism and studied the economics of the alley. How do you see a southern family in the 1920s?

“I know very well that the family is a theater of incredible and painful contradictions. For example, it has now become a place where a young person stays parked for up to 30 years, pretending to be always 16. Personally, I think the family can improve, both in the South and elsewhere, mainly due to the greater economic independence of the woman . In its history, Naples is matriarchal, women rule, even if they do not show it to save appearances. And I come from a family of women, I was brought up by my other father, but at home I had decision-making power. Which always gave me the idea of ​​being autonomous, independent of a man. Beauty doesn’t last long, intelligence doesn’t last, he kept telling me.


How does the South tackle the problems of diversity? Do you think gender discrimination still exists?

“I would say it is no clearer than elsewhere. Indeed, in Naples, the figure of the femminiello was always present and accepted both in art and in everyday life. At least among the people, among the bourgeoisie I do not know. ”

Among the many contradictions of the South is the disturbing progression of adolescent obesity in the home of the Mediterranean diet.

“The use of junk food by young people is almost a drama and a slap in the face of a country that produces food that the whole world envies. Action must be taken. And in a little way, with the production company that my husband Luca and I created, we did something. A cartoon about a healthy diet for children that will soon go to Rai Yoyo and is produced in Naples. A small animation district is born in the city, which uses young talents who commute and take turns between the Gulf of Naples and abroad ».

In the entertainment world, are protagonism and female subjectivity making progress or not?

«Unfortunately in the second what he said! It is absurd, but women earn less than men and a lot. I also find it unbelievable that in order to find actors willing to play the lead role in the series Lolita, the production had to struggle to find the right person. There is still a perception that a man must first have his name on a billboard. It is chilly, but in the year of grace 2022 it still is ”.

The last question. What do you think of Minister Mara Carfagna, who recently held an important government summit in the south in Sorrento?

“I don’t know much about her and I can’t judge. From what I have read, its own space is built. It seems to me that she is a political figure who is also trying to validate the female point of view. And we need it ».

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