One life, advances from May 29 to June 4, 2022.

Fabiana accepts Servante’s marriage proposal and the two turn out to be in love as two teenagers, leaving the residents confused. Bellita discovers that Jose Miguel has booked a hotel suite and is convinced that he is cheating on her, but then Cinta and Emilio show up at the house, who by surprise returned from Argentina to attend the premiere of the artist’s book and CD. Lolita still has terrifying nightmares in which Antonito and Moncho are killed. Marcos is furious at Anabel’s escape, and Genoveva pours fuel on the fire, announcing that the girl is secretly married to Aurelia; the woman then continues her diabolical plan, revealing to Felipe that Natalia has been a victim of sexual abuse by Bacigalupe for years.

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Genoveva reveals to Felipe that Marcos raped Natalia in Mexico many years earlier. Felipe visits a young woman who finally reveals the abuses Marcos has been perpetrating since she was a child. Carmen, Casilda and Alodia surprise Fabiana and give her a new wedding dress. The ceremony during which the two owners of the Buena Noche Guesthouse get married and then the banquet is an event for the neighborhood. Bellita, supported by Cinta and Emilio, urges Ignacio to take responsibility with Alodia and marry her. Meanwhile, the salon Rosina has organized at the restaurant turns out to be a fiasco and Rosina blames Carmen for her failure. Leonardo delivers Soledad dynamite and has it prepare the bomb: it must be ready in two days.

One life, spoiler: everything changes after an attack!

Antonito announces that he will become the Minister of Labor. Ignacio disappears, and Dominguez thinks he has abandoned Alodia again. Genoveva convinces Natalia to kill Marcos. Felipe, after discovering the violence Natalia suffered, confronts Marcos in front of her neighbors. Rosina and Carmen argue again, so Liberto makes a decision: they will work every other day. Ramon sees Leonardo spying on Lolita, and when the man runs away, he tries in vain to stop him.

Ramon considers telling Antonito to arrange an escort, but when he sees that he is happy with his new job, he decides to wait and talk to him about his fears. Genoveva seduces Marcos so that Natalia can enter the house and stab him in the back. Felipe receives a note in which Genoveva tells him that Natalia is in danger. The lawyer runs downstairs and finds a dead Bacigalupe on the ground.

Genoveva tries to accuse Felipe of the murder of Marcos, thus taking the suspicions away from Natalia. Felipe is arrested, but Natalia does not want the innocent to pay unfairly and is determined to step forward, even at the cost of speaking against Genoviev. Ignacio and Alodia announce marriage to the Dominguezes: Alodia calls her future mother-in-law, Candelaria, and prepares to return to the country to inform her parents. Cinta and Emilio go to Paris.

Aurelio plays the role of the loving husband of Anabel, but in the meantime he wonders how to eliminate her in order to take possession of the Bacigalupe estate. Leonardo and Soledad come to Acacia in disguise with the intention of detonating a bomb prepared by the woman.

An attack on the restaurant generates chaos and a massacre of the dead, including Carmen and Antonito. Taking advantage of the confusion, Aurelio kills Anabel. At Genoveva’s order, the woman invites Natalia to take her own life in her cell. Five years pass, and on the anniversary of the missing, a mass is being held in which neither Ramon nor Felipe attend, as they were severely affected by the incident. Despite the promise made to her husband on his deathbed, Lolita sent Moncho to the country and tries to find harmony with her father-in-law. Unbeknownst to everyone, Rosina and Liberto fell into disrepair. Alodia, who lost her child shortly after marrying Ignacio, now pretends to be the snobbish wife of an eminent physician. The new couple became part of the neighborhood’s life, David and Valeria; these two, seemingly very close, in fact seem to hide some secrets.

After discovering that her sister and niece will visit her, Rosina is very upset because she does not want them to discover that her financial situation is no longer rosy. Ramon is getting angry and wants to avoid the attention of his neighbors out of sympathy for his grief. Lolita no longer knows how to encourage her father-in-law to move forward. Felipe has lost his mind and is aggressive towards everyone, including nurse Gerardo. We discover that instead of the New Century, a new restaurant will open, managed by the Sacristan family. A luxury car arrives in Akacia and, to the surprise of the neighbors, Aurelio Quesada and Genoveva get out.

Aurelio and Genoveva returned to Acacia five years later. David and Valeria meet them in the hall, and Genoveva has the impression that Aurelio and Valeria know each other. The Quesadas settle down on the ground floor with Marcelo’s butler. Felipe and Gerardo argue over how the lawyer treated Casilda. Hortensia and Azucena, Rosina’s sister and niece, arrive the day before, wreaking havoc on the family; Hortensia seems to have been silent about the real reason for their visit.

Fabiana and Servante bring a cake as a gift to Sacristan, the new owners of the restaurant, and take the opportunity to talk to them. They are hiding something for Servante. Ramon is against the commemoration of the victims of the attack and the city hall’s initiative to name the square after Antonito. And, in fact, he does not want to take part in the celebration.

The relationship between Aurelio and Genoveva is nothing more than a marriage of convenience, but since they both have a lot to gain, they eventually find an agreement. Gerardo declares himself to Casilda, but she rejects him. Lolita gives an ultimatum to her test Ramon, their coexistence has become unsustainable. Meanwhile, Lolita asks Felipe to attend the ceremony commemorating her husband, and while Felipe is well-disposed, Ramon is furious with his daughter-in-law for causing new suffering to his friend. Rosina works hard, so her sister Hortensia doesn’t notice that she and Liberto are sailing in serious trouble. Inma and Guillermo prepare to open the restaurant, convinced that its simplicity will be appreciated by the neighborhood. David and Aurelio talk about Valeria, and the latter insists she has news about her husband, Rodrigo.

Lolita is angry with Ramon for leaving the house without saying a word. Genoveva meets David for the first time and suspects that the gentleman is not who he says he is. After Lolita confesses that he can no longer bear Felipe’s rudeness, Gerardo leaves. Hortensia tells Azucena that Rosina is hiding something and that her sister’s financial situation does not look promising.

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