Patrizia Pellegrino: “With Alberto di Monaco I ended up with my Playboy photos. And I said no to Maradona “

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In 1981 came fame, then television with Corrado and a lot of theater: “In love, I am a catastrophe”

from Anna Paola Merone

“Heart hit Beng, what a blow!” It was 1981 and Patrizia Pellegrino came second in the best-selling record in Italy, right behind Adriano Celentano, with her “Beng”, the theme song for Gran Canal under Corrado.. A success that suddenly overwhelmed her, “and then abandoned me to death,” says the blonde showgirl, singer and actress, who in the early 1980s charmed Italians with her Norman beauty, spiced with Neapolitan vitality. The irresistible contrast that pushed her while she was still in school, from Canale 21 to Rai. From drama to prime-time game show on national television.

Born in Torre Annunziata and overwhelmed by success in Posillipo, in Canale 21 studios, next to Vittorio Marsiglia. What do you remember from that season?
“I was very young, 16 years old, and my mother accompanied me everywhere. I remember the joy, the feeling of doing what I liked, feeling already great compared to my companions, the tenderness and affection of those around me. I did not know it then, I had no idea about it, but maybe it worked and my unusual image pushed me forward: a blonde full of Neapolitan energy. Then, as today, it is certainly not enough to simply be a beautiful girl ”.

Has local TV been feeling tense already?
“I definitely wanted to surface. But I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly and so suddenly. After TV, I made a movie with Pino Mauro, the drama “Onore and Guapparia”. Then an opportunity: Luca De Filippo chose me to interpret Petrosinella in Rai, a fairy tale written by Basile that he adapted for children’s television. I remember wearing a wig with long blue hair and my mother asked and got permission from school to work on this production. I also remember my first audition with Peppino Di Capri for Odeon. The selection was made at the San Carlo theater: he saw me and he took me, although I probably didn’t take the audition example. And I was always grateful to him and very close to him ».

Then I landed in Rai with a giant like Corrado.
“I was only eighteen and a little girl, really at that age we were little more than teenagers. Corrado fell in love with me, then he took me to the Canoro Rally, everyone was waiting for me, the audience sang with me. My career has exploded in a wonderful moment ».

What happened then?
“It’s easier to be successful than to keep it. Staying on top is a great effort, a constant challenge. I did other things, but the second song I recorded wasn’t as successful as the first and didn’t even hit the charts. In short, it is very complicated, even if I never gave up and did many other things, deciding to devote myself to the theater with great determination. Which involves long trips, months away from home. But, I say it with great calm, I really think I got away with it. Even three children growing up at the same time as his career ».

Speaking of your children, Gregory – who was adopted in St. Petersburg – ever talks about war?
“He is 30 years old, he has a life of his own and, like all his peers, he tries to understand how such a conflict can arise. Where understanding, the ability to dialogue has been lost. “

And then there are his other two children.
“Tommaso, who is 25 and Ariadne is 23.”

You have mentioned on TV several times – even during the reality show she was participating in – Arianna’s difficulties with a genetic condition, the disappearance of her fourth child when she was only a few hours old, and she spoke about her condition.
“I am so honest and instinctive, I shared my problems and did not expect the audience’s response that touched me. I receive hundreds of messages that are a sign of tangible closeness ».

She was on the island of Famous in 2004. And then she returned with Big Brother VIP to the reality TV world. How did you find it?
“These are different programs with common authors who want to release a very specific dynamic: they are looking for imaginative or argumentative characters. I understand the show’s needs, but I’m sure people go out for who they are, outside of patterns and schedules. Anyway, after 30 years of theater and many artistic experiences, I pay a lot of attention to my image and I don’t think that my slowdown has been particularly appreciated by Big Brother ”.

A love story with Alberto di Monaco, not for Maradona …
“I met Albert from Monaco in Venice in the late 1980s. We found ourselves in the gondola next to each other, and Liza Minnelli was next to us. He kept his eyes on me, told me I had his mother’s Grace smile. I was in cloud nine, it felt like a fairy tale, he was the type I liked, a real prince, he gave me a cramped mansion to which I was happy to give myself up. We were together for a year, it ended because he saw my photos up Playboy to me Playman. He told me he couldn’t stay with me after these pictures.

And had she ever regretted those shots?
“But no. I cried for half an hour and that was it. Obviously I was disappointed, but they looked for me a lot for these pictures. Shots of the talented Angelo Frontoni, for which I had a very high salary.”

Let’s go back to Maradona.
«I gave him a scudetto in Rai, we went to dinner, then to a dance … He wanted to convince me at all costs. I told him no, I really didn’t like him. She called me for a few days, my friends said I was crazy, but with men I don’t like, I just can’t. “

Your current partner?
“He’s a manager and I try not to involve him as much as possible. To keep it away from the headlamps ».

But has she learned anything in love and does she know today what she wants from a man?
“But no, I always stayed in the same place. I do not know if you can learn anything in love, I know that I am a total disaster and I will never learn. Perhaps I am a little wiser, because I know that what I want does not exist and that is why I take the good of what I have ”.

Is she very busy?
– I admit, yes.

Does it look beautiful?
“I call myself pretty, very pretty too. But beauty, at least by my parameters, passes through things that I don’t have. I am short, let’s say a fully beautiful woman must also be over five feet tall. I feel nice, but I have a conflict with my image: I like myself, I love myself, but I’m never really happy ”.

He does not hide his age, he will blow out 60 candles soon, is plastic surgery a temptation?
“I’m absolutely for minor tweaks, but not for surgery, unless you need them for specific problems. Perfection does not exist, and in the pursuit of this false goal there are my colleagues who have destroyed themselves: they were beautiful women, and now they are ugly and beyond recognition. I always tell myself this can never happen. Vitamins, fillers, botox in moderation, but the loss of self-control in pursuit of the impossible myth of eternal youth simply does not. This is wrong and pathetic. And then the love and appreciation that surrounds me every day make me think I’m fine. I feel good, inside and out. “

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