Petrisserie combines food, art and culture in Curitiba

An old house with a backyard in Merces, Curitiba promises to be a new place where good food, culture and music mix and complement each other.

Petrisserie – Cultura e Gastronomia was born with a proposal to become a restaurant, cafe and cultural space. The opening to the public will take place next Wednesday (11) with a menu that goes from lunch to happy hour.

The house is managed by a chef and gastronomic reviewer from Plural, Felipe Petri. An engineer by training, Petri left Rio de Janeiro for the capital of Parana in 2015, and then his career took a turn: he left the profession, took cooking courses at Senac-PR, and in 2019 opened the first version of Petrisserie in Format dark kitchen.

The lunch menu has representative dishes such as chicken with rice and vegetables. Photo: Disclosure.

“Ghost Kitchen” worked until the end of last year with the delivery of dishes in the form of an executive lunch. Now, after more than two years of experience, Petrisserie has taken a step further by ditching the virtual service to move into a physical meeting with their clients.

The institution is open from Monday to Saturday with an executive lunch, and in the evening with sandwiches and snacks, washed down with artisanal draft beer – Pilsen and IPA (respectively 15 and 17 reais) from the Curitiba Maniacs Brewing Co. brewery. – an extensive wine list in bottles and cans (from 65 reais per bottle) and some classic drinks such as Gin Tonic, Moscow Mule and Negroni (from 14 reais).

Entrance hall with preserved parquet floor. Photo: Tami Taketani/plural.

Petri offers three variations of his classic baguette bread with sausage, which he takes with him to events and gastronomy fairs around the city. There is a version with gorgonzola and crispy onions, a version with sauerkraut, and a version with chimichurri vinaigrette (all cost 19 reais).

For a snack, servings with six cakes are a good choice, the taste of which is unusual. Very dry on the outside and moist on the inside, appetizers are served as bobos with shrimp, chili beans and vegetable curry (from R$22).

The backyard, decorated with Xamiteama graffiti, will host cultural events. Photo: Tami Taketani/plural.

Rounding out the happy hour menu are servings of crab salad buns (R$25), pork and veggie gyoza (R$25), breaded pork dumplings (R$27 for six servings), classic French fries and fried gorgonzola polenta sticks. (24 reais).

“Our proposal is to offer emotional gastronomy using classic methods, appreciating small producers and local resources,” explains Petri, who will soon start a vegetable garden to make the kitchen self-sufficient in herbs and seasonings.

For lunch, the restaurant serves an executive menu with homemade pasta, meat and fish dishes. Options include fettuccine with gorgonzola sauce, gnocchi bolognese, chorizo ​​steak with pumpkin puree and vegetables, rice with ribs, chicken and creamy polenta with sausage stew. Meals cost from 23 to 50 reais with the possibility of adding an appetizer and dessert.

A variety of quiches are served throughout the day. Photo: Disclosure.

In the afternoon, the space remains open as a cafeteria with coffee and snacks such as Cake of the Day, Dream of the Day, Assorted Colonial Cheese and Mushroom Quiche, Veggie Sandwich, Baura, and Cheese and Molasses Toast.

Petri works with suppliers of local ingredients such as Olha o Peixe!, which brings fish from artisanal fishermen from the Paraná coast to Curitiba, and Flama Torras Especiais, the roasting department of the Manifesto coffee shop, which works with beans from small and medium-sized coffee producers.

Music, art and culture

The façade was decorated by the Valetão collective created by Thiago Sien, Jorge Galvão and Arvore Um. Photo: Tami Taketani/plural.

Designed by architects Karen Silva and Rodrigo Lolli, the beautiful mansion with a 200 m² backyard has been renovated to fill with new air and be ready to host the Sessões no Jardim project, in collaboration with journalist and writer Cristiano Castillo, who will help develop the cultural program.

The project will premiere on Saturday next week (14) with Yanaina Fellini, singer, songwriter and story collector. In the garden show, she will be accompanied by producer and multi-instrumentalist Vinicius Nisi (A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade). The event runs from 11:00 to 20:00, entrance costs 12 reais.

The repertoire includes well-known tracks from his career and songs from the EP “Para Onde Vai o Amor” (2021), a kind of work together with his friends and fans who sent him love stories and experiences even in the midst of a pandemic.. This work has a musical direction Nishi and arrangements by Erika Silva (Mulamba).

Dream of the day integrates the dining room menu. Photo: Disclosure.

“We suffer too much because of immaterial things. Therefore, this space and this project should force us to act on what we can still change. And also to connect us with the present and with those who surround us, adding and producing,” adds Petri.

“Sessões no Jardim” will take place monthly on Saturdays and will include live music, performances, discos, speeches and talks on various topics such as creativity, the post-pandemic, our relationship with the city and art in general.

“The project will be relevant to those who ask for a ticket, but also proposes to step aside so that more people can occupy this space of evidence,” says Petri.

Guests can enjoy coffee and lunch in the restaurant’s lounge. Photo: Tami Taketani/plural.

Art, in fact, takes pride of place throughout the home. Coletivo Valetão, created by Thiago Sien, Jorge Galvão and Arvore Um, were responsible for the façade, artists known for their performances in Curitiba.

On the side wall of the garden, a street artist from Rio de Janeiro from Vitoria (Spain), Xamiteama, painted a 52 m² panel. On one of the inner walls of the main hall hangs the work of the cartoonist and cartoonist from Curitiba, Prisila Vieira, as well as the work of the cartoonist from Plural and Folha de S. Paulo, Benett.

Also in the interior is a wooden sculpture by Jefferson Santos, also from Curitiba, the name of an expression of Brazilian plastic art.

Cucas and cakes of the day on the dining room menu. Photo: Disclosure.

Rua Lieutenant Joao Gomes da Silva, 405, Mercedes, Curitiba. from Monday to Wednesday from 11:00 to 18:00; Thursday and Friday from 11:00 to 22:00; Saturday from 11:00 to 20:00. Instagram: @petrisserie

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