program of May 11, 2022 (May 11, 2022, Turin)

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is now in full bloom Turin. Events related to the great international event are multiplying in the city, which this year, after years of absence, returned to Italy and stayed in the city of Crete.

Among the various scheduled meetings are of course those related to:Eurovision Village in Valentino Park: concerts, meetings, debates, presentations and other initiatives free which take place every day in the city park par excellence from 17.00 to midnight. Below is the program for Wednesday, May 11th with hours and present guests.

Eurovision Village: program of May 11, 2022

17:00 – Introduction

17:05 – Fellow piano solo + ToVision 2022 winner

Fellow begins performing at age 8 with his grandfather’s band singing songs by Umberto Tozzi and Los Bravos. He deepens his theory of music and learns to play classical guitar in middle school before enrolling in high school: two years with all that will save him , it’s an electric piano and singing lessons.

He finished his studies and graduated from high school music, where he was reborn thanks to the meeting of classmates with the same passion with whom he founded the band, and at the same time performed as a soloist in some clubs in Turin. It is during this period that he begins to write songs and understands that he will never do without music. After school, he meets the band and together they start working on an art project. In 2020, he takes part in the Castrocaro Festival, winning the critics’ award “SIAE”. In 2021, it reaches the finals at XFactor.

On the stage also the winner of ToVision 2022 – the first singing competition of secondary schools in the province of Turin. 28 schools, 28 singers and only one winner. On May 7, 2022, more than 800 people will gather at the Teatro Grande Valdocco to decree the Voice of the Licea Torinesi. The organizer of the event is Gen Z Now APS, a youth social promotion association associating young high school students who are passionate about the world of music, entertainment and entertainment.

5:35 pm – Sing until ten

In cooperation with Goodness Factory.

“Canta Fino a Dieci” is a collective of songwriters united in their quest to affirm a space for women in the music world. A simple activity such as counting shows how much a female presence at festivals and concerts is much less than a male presence, there were almost no musicians and songwriters. Changing the rules means showing that it is false to think of the stage as a private place – with some exceptions! – only for men. Promoting representation and sharing, freeing access to gender-free scenes is a strategy to follow if you don’t want music to lose half its reach.

Anna Castiglia, Cheriach Re, Frankly, Irene Buselli and Rossana De Pace are the founders of Canta Fino a Dieci, who was born in Turin but aspires to growth. On the occasion of the Eurovision Village with them Francesca Roca (Duopotrio) and singer Selli.

6:10 pm – Ensi introduces Torino State of Mind

Ensi, the icon of Italian rap and the flag of Turin, presents: TORINO STATE OF MIND.

In the prestigious international scenery of EuroVision Village Ensi, accompanied by Dave_Zeta on the console, he becomes the godfather of the local scene and brings all the new impressions of Rap and the Urban Turin brand onto the stage. A unique spectacle in which the different styles, pollutants and faces of the new generation will alternate on the stage, giving the city one voice.


Ore 19:20 – Road to Redbull Bc One: Il Breaking da Torino a NY
The historic Turin Fighting Soul team will present a thematic, groundbreaking performance from New York to Turin to invite everyone to Redbull BC One Italy Cypher on May 21.

20.00 – Pill by Federico Sacchi, Musicteller

Ore 20:15 – Bandakadabra feat Johnson Righeira e Bianco

Carlo Petrini, journalist and founder of Slow Food, called it “city fanfare.” Born in Turin, Bandakadabra has over the years been able to make an artistic journey that led her to discover different musical styles, always trying to propose original and unpredictable arrangements. The end result is an incredibly diverse repertoire that now turns a blind eye to Big Band’s swing from the 1930s, now to Balkan fanfare, with frequent forays into rocksteady and ska. On this occasion, he will play as a support for numerous artists invited during the evening, including the Turin singer and songwriter Bianco and Johnson Righeir (aka Stefano Righi), a historic member of the Righeira duo, who literally depopulated in the 1980s with hits such as Vamos a la playa e Summer is ending.

Red 21:15 – Eurovision Slot
Alvan and Ahez (France)
Subwoofer (Norway TBC)
Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine)

Red 22:10 – Paloma

PALOMA is a tropical pop trio. Born on Via Rio De Janeiro in Turin where the night is
comes alive to the rhythm of the kong and timeless melodies. But, Domi and Pit sing songs
love and hope, winking at the past and photographing the present.
There is a sand castle in the square, a salty suburb, and a pigeon dances in traffic: “Ay Paloma!

Ruda 22:40 – Motel Connection + feat

Motel Connection is Samuel Romano (vocals), Pierpaolo (Pierfunk) Peretti Griva (electric bass), Francesco (Pisti) Pistoi (electronics). The project, born in Turin in January 2000 by Samuel (voice of Subsonic), Pisti (DJ house) and Pierfunk (former bassist of Subsonica), was a great success for audiences and critics, also playing at the “Concert” of Primo May in Rome and many others occasions, also opening Depeche Mode concerts at the Meazza stadium in Milan and at the Olimpico in Rome. Winners of numerous awards, including the Platinum Disc for the single “Two”, combine the soul of a dance, always in harmony with the Berlin avant-garde, house and techno.

For Eurovision, they will propose a concert full of features, including Ginevra Lubrano, aka Ginevra, one of the most promising artists of the current Italian underground scene.

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Dates): 11 Maggio 2022
Schedule: 5:00 p.m. – 11:59 p.m.

Valentino Park
Valentino Park – Turin


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