Radio Italia Live, Marracash does not appear on the scene: that’s why. Twenty thousand applause Blanco, Sangiovanni and Mengoni: the audience delirious

Twenty thousand people from all over Italyafter two years due to the forced halt of the pandemic, they returned to occupy every nook and cranny Piazza Duomo in Milan on the occasion of the return of the musical event opening the summer season: Radio Italia Live. The fifteen artists who appeared on the stage, already applauded at rehearsals, began two days earlier in the afternoon. Yesterday morning, under the scorching sun and high temperatures, thousands of people have already lined up in front of the barriers, waiting for the show to begin and the final rehearsals. There are those who come from Tuscany, but also from Campania and Sicily. Someone forgot the barrier cream and it’s already lobster red, but it doesn’t matter: “I was here when Blanco came for rehearsals and got up to sing on the rails, ”he told us 16-year-old Calabrian very excited? in remembering a small event. There are many young people in the front rows who want to sing all the time. Someone faints a little, but Red Cross volunteers intervene immediately. Don’t panic. The square could accommodate a maximum of 20,000 people, thousands remained aloof, unfazed, to listen to the concert without seeing it. No one returned home despite being forbidden to enter, thus claiming to be “defeated”. But for the party at 20:10 open as usual from Saturnino to bass.

After a short parenthesis Gloomy at the bottom are and Nuclear tactical penguins for the opening dance of “Write silly”, “White pastel” and “Ringo Starr”. Riccardo Zanotti declared for the first time when welcoming the audience: “In 2020, our concert was canceled for the first time. Now we’re here to start over ”. Then Coez showed up and offered three of his hits: “Like in the Songs”, “Red Eyes” and “It’s Always Beautiful”. Francesco Gabbani is literally mad? on the stage from “We Just Wanted to Be Happy”, “The Network” and “Viceversa”. Technical rehearsal of the tour, which will start on June 5 for Last, last, last (“Abbelli” shouts to the audience) who played “Buongiorno vita”, “Pianeti” from 2Cellos and “Piccola stella” on the piano. Eliza instead he started with the song featured on the last Sanremo, “Oh, it’s you”, then the new single “Litoranea” and “Luce (Tramonti a Nord Est)” sung loudly from the square. Fresh after the release of the new album “Sensazione Ultra”, Expensive he spoke to “Habibi”, “Fortuna” and “Good Times”. Ghali then he picked up his cell phone to record a happy birthday that he paid him, actually he turned 29 yesterday. “This is my first concert in a very long time, you can’t understand what I’m feeling. – said the artist – I have a deep bond with my beginnings, I grew up here in Milan, I came to the Duomo by metro from Baggio. My other home is Tunisia, where is my parents’ home.

Ovation for Marco Mengoni who came with a ball (“sorry I couldn’t dance”) to sing the hits “But tonight”, “Beings human” and the new single “No stress”. Super sexy in black Elodie he charmed the audience with his personality “Guaranà”, “Vertigo” and “Bagno a midnight”. The singer then a duet with Rkomi, in the line-up right after, on the notes of “Devil’s tail”. Rkomi he proposed the Sanremo song “Insuperabile” (shirtless) and “Partire da te”. The arrival of super Gianni Morandi, who has unleashed karaoke from “There Was a Boy Who Loved The Beatles and the Rolling Stones as much as I did”, Sanremo “Open All Doors” and “One in a Thousand”. Morandi sang a cappella, unplanned, “O mia bela Madunina” and “Let your mother send you.” There was a breakthrough then Melody, much applauded, who sang “Gocce” from Rkomi, Sanremo hits “Wherever you be” and “The genesis of your color”.

Then he had to be in the warehouse Marrakechtherefore Sangiovanni anticipated his entry and sang “Heaven give me the moon”, Sanremo “Farfalle” and the hit “Malibu” surprisingly descending among the crowd of the audience. In great shape Alessandra Amoroso which warmed the audience up with “Big Smile”, “Useless Song” and the latest single “Camera 209”. To close an event golden boy at the moment, Blanco, tornado on stage: “How good to see you here after two years of fucking Covid. How nice to see you guys falling. ” Then he sings his “Until They Bury Me”, the ballad “Blu celeste” and “Notti in bianco”. Crazy choirs of the square on the notes of his songs. The singer dismisses the audience “It’s better than fucking, it’s beautiful“, The cult sentence of his concerts, and then” go and break it’s Saturday. “Applause. A dignified end to a great event with images that we have forgotten after two years of a pandemic.

Marracash, who is celebrating his birthday today on Sunday, May 22, was one of the most anticipated artists of the event. The rapper was a regular appearance yesterday afternoon for rehearsal with the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Maestro Sartori, “Crazy Love”, then “Laurea ad honorem” with Elisa and “∞ Love” with Guè. There was also a place for an interview, which was later published on the radio website. But minutes before the show scheduled for 20:10 Marracash wrote a message in the stories on his Instagram profile:I am very sorry, but due to technical problems with Radio Italia, I will not be able to perform this evening in Piazza del Duomo. Until next time. “Among the likely hypotheses is that the rapper did not want to show up in the evening because he was dissatisfied with the tests conducted in the afternoon. On social media, some confused fans commented:” and others didn’t have technical problems? “,” He could sing a cappella “,” you know why? “, There are those who risk the science fiction hypotheses of” technical problems or love “(ex Elodie)”. Fq Warehouse he immediately contacted Radio Italia for a reply on what happened. No response to Marracash from the radio station. At least until now.

(Photo by Francesco Prandoni)

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