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from Fabrizio Guglielmini

Vasco Rossi in Milan, long lines at the gates for the “Non stop live tour 2022”. Almost an hour of downpour and you flee the Moorish path in search of shelter from the rain: “I will come and clear skies will return.” On stage, in front of Blasco, the band The Rumpled and singer Michele Cristoforetti

Before: the black sky that unloads the storm, rain and wind, ran under the gazebos, makeshift shelters, general panic and blocked turnstiles, lashing bad weather, Buckets of water 30-40 minutesa brief and deceptive respite, then another storm to ruin San Siro, hail included, a good ten minutes. After: dry sky and technicolor rainbow. The weather alarm is not rock. Vasco is there. And swept the clouds off the Milan Hippodrome: “I go and peace returns,” he smirks as soon as he drives into the concert area in his van. His gang is a stream that rose by the hour, waiting for the Commandante in the field (and in the mud). Thousands of fans in front of the stage at noon, bathing suits, bandanas and shouts of ecstasy: “You are a myth!”. Stadium atmosphere, a stone’s throw from Meazz. It’s big tuesday, water is part of the game. «This tremendous feeling that still comes to me 40 years later – this is Vasco’s answer – still amazes me. And you can see that I sowed well ». Now, down with the show. Eighty thousand votes plus one: Blasco’s vote. Here he is on stage: glasses, black hat, maroon biker jacket, black pants and a t-shirt. “We are alive and clean, finally Milan!”, Debut (as in Trento).

Vasco people

Vasco Rossi stops in Milan with his “Non Stop Live 2022” at the Maura del trot circuit in San Siro (guide and useful information here). On the praton there is a people that connects four generations, from ten to seventy years old, very young people and families, groups of friends and history buffs (for many, Vasco is the other half of a marriage). In the background, a maxigalleria (“His Majesty” as defined by Blasco) of a nine-story building (designed by Giò Forma) and five maxi-screens that rediscover the image of the king of Italian rock. «Megaparts in Milan, concert sold out for 80,000 On with the party, on with the music», A message from the master from Zocca on Instagram:« San Siro Stadium will be jealous … ». Then a second post: “Milanoooo is ooooo in 80k.”

Waiting for the show

Long lines at the gates from five in the afternoon. Loud siege of turnstiles. Confusion under the storm, but no one left the position. You want to sing in the choir. And most of all the dialects from mid-Italy: Lombard, Venetian and Piedmontese. Via Ippodromo and via Montale blocked by traffic jams. I’m looking forward to a performance with improvised karaoke: “Albachiara” and “It’s only us”. If there were only bar chips in Trento, then here you can see street vendors again. The kiosk sells Vasco goggles. When Komandante attacks his “XI Commandment”, there will be 80,000 at the Hippodrome at 21:00. To warm up the audience, the band The Rumpled and singer and songwriter Michele Cristoforetti.

Songs in the line-up

The line-up includes 28 tracks (but there could be an extra surprise), from great Vasco classics to the latest tracks. After the concert set (with a bang) in Trento on Friday 20 May, where the rocker from Zocca recreated the best of his repertoire, the marathon should start with the “XI Commandment” to get to the encore at “Albachiara”.

The setlist, if confirmed, includes:
1) The XI Commandment
2) The simplest man
3) I will pick you up and I will take you
4) If I could tell you
5) Without words
6) Love… help
7) Go!
8) Rain on Sundays
9) Sense
10) Love, love
11) 2022 breaker
12) You are mad at me
13) There are some who say no
14) You shoot him
15) Gorgeous
16) We are alone
17) Discarded love song
18) I’ll cut your throat
19) Scroll
20) Disappointed
21) Eh … yeah
22) We are here
23) Close upsets of the third type
24) Toffee
25) Sally
26) It’s just us
27) Lekkomyślne życia / Song
28) Albachiara

Atm means of transport: metro and bus

To get to the concert by metro, you can use the M1 and M5 lines. With a single-seat ticket to the concert: Lampugnano, Uruguay, Lotto or San Siro Stadium; with a pit gold ticket, it’s better to get off at the Uruguay, Bonola or San Siro stadiums. The municipality of Milan extended the service metro, adding a few rides too. The last train departing from Rho Fiera stop of the M1 “red” line will depart at 1.30 am; from the Lotto M1 stop on Rho Fiera at 1.34; the last line 5, “lilac”, will depart from the San Siro Stadio stop at 1.30 am. Segesta and Ippodromo M5 stations remain closed until the end of the concert, at the disposal of the Police Headquarters, due to public order. Atm 64, 78 and Q78 buses change route to the closure via Ippodromo. All real-time information about public transport in Milan at www.atm.it; those about the event on the website www.livenation.it.

Roads closed to traffic

Common changed the profitability of the Lampugnano and Trenno districts to “protect” the mobility and parking of residents. From 7 a.m. May 23 to 7 a.m. May 25 via Montale (between via Patroclo and via Omodeo), via Lampugnano (between via Omodeo and Mafalda di Savoia and between via Angioletti and Mafalda di Savoia are closed to car, motorcycle and scooter traffic)) , via Ippodromo (between via Diomede and via Patroclo), via Diomede (between via Sant’Elia and via Ippodromo), underpass via Patroclo, via Pinerolo (between via Harar and via Ippodromo), via Giorgi (from via Gorlini to be financed via ), private via del Centauro and via Achille. The traffic police guard the entry gates. The San Siro underground passage is also closed to traffic.

Parking spaces for cars

The Atm car parks in Lampugnano and Molino Dorino are open until 2.30 am. At the Molino Dorino, Lampugnano and San Leonardo car parks, the fee for 12 hours is € 4. After the metro closes, there are replacement buses and other Atm night lines.

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