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LOADING Airports were full again: the rise of the dollar boosted domestic tourism (Credit: Toni Pires)

People are still trying to figure out what changes will be caused by the biggest pandemic in a century. In the field of tourism, the new normalcy has already brought great news to national agents. Brazilians have traveled a lot in the last year, and destinations in Brazil have become popular with tourists. This did not happen just because of the fear of new variants, of dollar and the challenging economy, which reduced travel abroad (accounting for only 4.2% of travel last year). The sector has begun to offer more sophistication within the country and some cities have returned to investing in tourism infrastructure. As a result, travel has already exceededCovid. In total, deliveries recorded last year were 14.2% higher than in 2019, before the spread of coronavirus.

THE EXPERIENCE Engineer Josiane Keylla Traveled to Jalapão: Violin Meditation (Credit: Disclosure)

Cinnamon in Rio Grande do Sul is an example of the effort the industry has made over the past two years. In early 2021, it won a 35-meter-long glass walkway that stretches across the Ferradura Valley. The place is one of the most emblematic in the Serra Gaúcha. The Northeast is also one of the favorite destinations at this time of the revival of tourism. “I couldn’t bear to stay home anymore,” says Cássia Clesca, a 55-year-old engineer who lives in a cozy house with a pool in Alphaville. “I wanted the sun and the beach, but I also wanted to do a cultural itinerary.” She, her 17-year-old son Henrique, and her 58-year-old husband Paul decided to spend ten days in the region. The first days were in Praia do Forte. “I really wanted to visit Garcia D’Ávila’s tower house, which is a very interesting historical site,” she says, having already read about the place in Brazilian history books by writer Laurentino Gomes. In addition to the day visit, the family enjoyed a nightclub, which is currently organized at the same address. “There were a few stalls with typical food and special lighting. We didn’t stay long, but we liked it. ” In addition to her attraction, she saw other benefits of staying in Brazil. “There was no queue at any tourist spot and we were all vaccinated, which made it safer.”

7.4 million shipping (2021), 3.3 million (2020) e 6.5 million (2019)

The most visited destination in Brazil is the Northeast, mainly Praia do Forte and Salvador. After more than a year locked up at home watching the increase in the number of Covid victims on TV, the Brazilian needed to relax. “We combine this need to travel with more sophisticated travel planning,” says Roberto Neldelciu, president of Baztoa Turismo (Brazilian Association of Tour Operators). “I organized a group for Pantanal, which has now become fashionable because of the Globo soap opera, and I hired Marina Klink, the navigator’s wife, as my guide. The vacancies are exhausted “, says he, who also has a travel agency. “I’m not sure if it was because of the pandemic, but the groups wanted unique moments, such as meditating on the sound of violins falling from the sky in Jalapão,” he says. Josiane Keylla dos Santos, 42, of Paraná, was in one of these groups. “My travel guide was a family constellation teacher (an alternative therapy modality that tries to identify the causes of personal problems and conflicts through group dynamics).” Josiane says she didn’t even want to go to Jalapão, a state park in Tocantins. He traveled because of his experience and because he felt the need to leave home and routine. The identification with the place was not expected to be so great, to the point of getting excited several times when visiting the waterfalls in the region. Josiane returned home, where she lived in Curitiba, sold everything she had, and moved to Jalapão.

14.2% was the increase in deliveries in 2021

A tourism it is among the sectors of the economy most affected by the pandemic. In 2020, the worst phase of the disease, only 3.3 million Brazilians faced the challenge of traveling, at home or abroad. In the first year of the pandemic, many agencies closed their doors. At that time, 397,000 jobs were eliminated, the equivalent of 12.8% of the workforce, according to the Department of Labor. At the beginning of 2021, tourism was operating at 42% of its revenue-generating capacity, but as the months passed, it took a turn. As vaccination increased, Brazilians became more confident about venturing, and the number of shipments increased to 7.4 million.

RELIEF Engineer Cássia Clesca went to Bahia: sun, beach and culture (Credit: Disclosure)

“We could not exceed 2019 in revenue,” says Neldelciu, “Many customers had credentials for trips that were not made in the previous year.” Another problem affecting the figures is the average ticket for domestic travel, which is lower than for international travel. Operators reached revenues of BRL 7.1 billion, a recovery of 77.3% compared to 2020 and 44% lower than in 2019, when the market reached BRL 15.1 billion. Physiotherapist Talita Bortolussi used to travel abroad at least once a year. “I haven’t left Brazil in three years,” he says. She is not alone. Brazilians abroad spent $ 5.249 billion, the lowest amount in 16 years. The redemption of the sector consists in national tourism.

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