Rocco Schiavone, Antonio Manzini put out a pair: “I think Marco Giallini is tired. Rai will give us more weeks of filming or we’ll end it here. “

“In such conditions, work is not possible. Rai gives us more weeks of filming otherwise Rocco Schiavone’s fiction ends here“. Antonio Manzini he is tired and even a little angry. Among the Sal Ross armchairs al Turin Book Fair 2022author of the saga of the deputy commissioner Rocco Schiavone, published in every comma and semicolon by Sellerio, seems to be hauling the honors and burdens of one of the most recognized and popular international literary cases of the last decade. Starting with the reduction that seems increasingly reducible and diminished to his novels in the series Rai with the main character Marco Giallini, now in its fifth season. “The heat of these hours is a real attack. You journalists knew that, “the writer at FQ Warehouse just before going on stage to read from The bones speak (Sellerio) together with Tullio Sorrentino“Brizio” in the series.

In this last chapter, we deal with the unprecedented Schiavone: it begins to soften, humanize itself, soften the edges …
I think he is starting to feel the weight of years, he is overwhelmed with all the weight of life fatigue. Then, as for all of us, it suffers from the shots and blows of time, and there are some who know how to react one way or another. At the moment, it shuts down a bit, hibernates a bit. But like all mammals, when she wakes up, we won’t know what it’s going to be like. I do not know either. Time is an ugly beast. It presents you with not monstrous challenges, but simply with your body starting to react differently, your head starting to think differently, many things don’t make sense anymore

See farewell to “his” Rome …
Of course, Rome no longer makes sense to Rocco Schiavone. It was abandonment. The kind of mourning he finally overcame.

Also because the bond with his historic friends is also breaking down, his “family” by choice is sinking deeper and deeper into crisis …
He discovers that there are also betrayals, perhaps terrifying. Friendship is free.

Will Schiavone be able to forgive?
I don’t think so (pauses ndr). No, he won’t.

How much of what is going to happen right now in the future Schiavone in your head?
And 7%.

Do we earn 8%?
Yes, I am communicating there, but very little. It’s a bad time because I used to take advantage of it. Before the ideas that came to me, I rejected them, this time I’m naked. I wrote other things and had to work on a fiction that takes your time, but most of all your patience, energy, you would like to kill everyone.

However, Marco Giallini remains in the general imagination of Rocco Schiavone.
Marco is tired in my opinion. Let’s face it: it’s not always possible to have a wedding with dried figs. Not to be expected and I am also speaking on behalf of one of the show’s actors here with me (Tullio Sorrentino, ndr) to have a series with four, five, 100-minute episodes, each a full-fledged film, with the wrath of God of wonderful places, from Mont Blanc to Pré Sant-Didier, shot in just four weeks of shooting. You can’t expect a great product on time. Schiavone, I am proud to say it, is a product sold in 14 countries, including Japan. This is Rai’s best-selling product ever. So it cannot be expected that this scenario gem will only have 4 weeks of production. If they do not throw in money, time for filming and give the actors of Giallini’s caliber the possibility that they will not have to sit twelve hours on the set – because for twelve hours it is hard, he is no longer 30, he gets tired and they are tired also other actors – hard to continue. This story broke the boxes. It would be okay to have more than six weeks to go to work, also because the money is flowing in.

This is an appeal to Rai, his …
It is starting to be a grudge in defense of my former colleagues who are doing this work, directing, writing, everyone. Because you can’t run like that. It is difficult to continue producing such a product in four weeks. It is not a set in which one enters the stage and the other comes out as it happens. There is a picture of Madonna, complicated camera movements, and even snow where it is not. The one we will see in the next series in nature was not there. It was founded by the workers of the technical kit. Every time someone from the outside could shoot, these unfortunates climbed two thousand meters, loaded six trucks of real snow, and took him to Aosta. All of this requires not only physical effort but also time. Therefore, we cannot still think that with the money they give you, you can still have a product that competes overseas with other series. The British and French series cost four times more. Enough, there is a limit.

The adherence of fiction to the novel is very high …
Yes, and it takes money to maintain it. And the money has to be put aside. Otherwise, if you don’t want to do things with the radio, it costs much less. And if I have been told that I am not interested in selling overseas, that is another matter. At this point, I don’t really care about doing it anymore.

Have you ever expected such an organizational and mental complication that will take away everything, energy, time, desire?
Not. At first, I was very happy. Rai was great. Let’s face it: They took a character that makes joints, drives, steals and puts him on TV. Chapeau. I didn’t even expect something like this to happen and I’m happy. Now, however, the situation is different: we started playing the broomstick at the table then, and now we are in the casino, betting together with Chinese and Korean players. I repeat: I am not asking for the moon, two more weeks of work would be enough …

Expenses will be reimbursed with income in large amounts …
Absolutely yes. The point is, you are bumping into a logic that is not clear to me.

What will we see in the new series?
Events told in “Old Knowledge” through three episodes. Then the first episode consists of two stories: one is a soccer match as a comedy model and the other is a thriller that takes place on Mont Blanc. I repeat: for example, when working at high altitude, the pressure of many did not endure, or for those who organize the plan, the weather in the mountains changes every second and for all the scenes that jumped, there was not much room to recover. At this point we are doing everything in the monastery, with the two protagonists of the brothers … useless: this product requires a wider production range.

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