Singers towards Meloni broke …

The “singers” towards Giorgia Meloni broke my balls. Not for criticism, it would not must be specified. However exactly as a result of it’s not essential. It’s outdoors. It is a verbal selfie. He is good-looking than a blowjobs. It is a race to see who hates essentially the most. No clarification. With out specifying. Pavlov’s response. Out of opportunism. Yet another click on. Penalty. It is boring, merciless, miserable. Efferata. The contradiction that self-proclaimed feminists hate a girl who might grow to be prime minister for the primary time resolves her on this means doesn’t create issues for the “singers” towards Giorgia Meloni: however she will not be a girl, she is a fascist. A nuisance, all that social squawk that will get you nowhere.

Elodie, Giorgia, Bertè… and even Aries

AND Elodie that, gap, he calls her compulsive and ignorant; she, daughter of Quartaccio, eighth grade. Do you know that in libertarian communism there was by no means one that will kind in a suburban cubist type and switch from throne to rapper to biker, could be swept away instantly by bourgeois decadence? And the opposite one, the opposite Giorgia, whose identify is Giorgia she additionally “however I do not break eggs”. However he simply did it and all the things to get again to the floor, as a result of he hasn’t been mining something in twenty years. And Levante, one of many difficult runs that burned out and led to a disgusting X Issue failure. AND the grotesque Bertè, maybe essentially the most pathetic case, which with Herculean effort extracts the bugs from the silicone about extinguishing the flame “as a result of that’s what Liliana Segre mentioned”, even the pilgrim Madonna of Tiktok. One who calls herself a communist as a result of she wears a Che Guevara shirt, however runs like an aggrieved girl to lodges, maybe luxurious lodges, with a cap on her head and a prepare with baggage, as a result of she has to put on a mattress, together with a pillow, in any other case she received to not sleep. Seeing it that means, reflecting on his life, tears you aside.

Meloniphobia is transgenerational, it goes from free karampana to Giorgia’s center age and achieves bimbeminkia as sure Aries who may be very agitated, even she goes there: “Ah, I am 20, however I am not a politician …”. However Giorgia didn’t. However oh my god, that concern. However I like to recommend voting for Piddì or a minimum of its derivatives.
However shit. Ale they know nothing and speak even much less or a minimum of they perceive, however it would not matter who’s losing their time studying applications, fascinated by them? Two slogans on the cross are sufficient, proper? The explanation they concern the Melons is similar as the explanation they exalt her: Giorgia will not be Margareth, she has indomitable statists, and we, right here and now, we would wish Thatcherwhich within the late Nineteen Seventies inherited an empire disarmed, unionized, nationalized and restored to its former glory (there was a Rolling Stones music, very political, however it was not captured due to the message it carried, it was known as Hold hearth, which in slang means “let’s go to hell”: “Within the little outdated nation the place I come from, no person does shit anymore, we now have nothing left, we go to hell”; years later, it was Jagger himself who defined the which means of the phrase, “Higher Thatcher than all who preceded her.”

Music, orders the Democratic Get together

Perhaps somebody from the colourful world of tongues will come he additionally criticized Giorgia from the perspective of politics. “: then again, the rainbow world of craftsmen doesn’t transcend the spherical hole whore, “ah, I am afraid, ah, what a horror”; “Ah, I wish to love who I would like.” And will we care like Meloni? They do a number of work, not as a result of of their opportunist communism they wish to imply who is aware of that they do not have minimal instruments for political evaluation. However for the quite simple cause that the Get together The Democratic Get together continues to manage the favored leisure community: if you wish to go on a visit as God instructions you need to undergo their wards as a result of Jovanotti confirms that the extra he flattens the seashores, the extra he succeeds, and if attacked by environmental societies, anti-aircraft raids Instantly pleasant assaults start newspapers and state tv information.

If you wish to go to Sanremo or another utility program (even to La7? Additionally to Mediaset? Sure, even in competing networks), you need to depend on the left superstructure. If you would like headlines, interviews with folds, or a deep throat, you need to find yourself within the headlines of the headlines of a banking regime that pleases the individuals you want, even when much less and fewer.
These singers of low stage and changeable happiness comprehend it and in refrain they shout out what the celebration needs to listen to. It has all the time been so, it can all the time be so. Earlier than Meloni was Salviniearlier than Salvini was there Berlusconieven earlier Craxitowards the Craxi regime Dc, upwards, from Giulio Andreotti to Giulio Cesare. And all the time the identical chorus: it is horrible, it is horrible, it is fascist, vote for PCI, oh my God, if this one wins, oh, I am leaving.

However they aren’t going. They continue to be. And if Giorgia is “hanging the wrong way up” to essentially win, they will do what they’ve all the time accomplished: they’ll begin licking her ass, pretending to assault her. Within the days of the Black Knight, there was a pitiful crowd of businessmen and paraculas starting from karaoke to cardboard sub-literature, such because the now-lost Wu Ming, the terrorist Cesare Battisti’s groupies together with the just lately deceased Evangelisti, to Giuseppe Genny, to a platoon of pink jackets and guards. Everyone seems to be barking at “fascism”, everyone seems to be lining up for Berlusconi’s TV units and publications. In case you pointed it out to them, they’d reply insulted: shut up, I apply the combat from the within. This was not Leninism, it was a democracy of progress.

Will probably be an identical once more, you will note, even with Giorgia who is frightening, however not a lot. And if somebody permits himself to accuse of yesterday’s nonsense in numerous Lori, Elodie, the opposite Giorgio, Aries (kikazè?), Chiara Ferragni, let’s do it too, vah, Michela Murgiacome on, I actually wish to wreck it, perhaps put it behind the battery to beat like one of many trash cans, and we look forward to the following, it can really feel like a thunderbolt like this: shut up, you sexist, fascist, we do enthusiasm, we combat for freedom. However “Lengthy Dwell Communism and Freedom” is a shameful music that now sings alone Laura Boldrinipoor grandmother.

Max Del Papa, August 29, 2022

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