Spots on the pores and skin: what are the simplest skilled and residential strategies?

Spots on the pores and skin are extra widespread than we expect and could be attributable to a number of components similar to solar publicity, insect bites, pimples, scars, burns, hormonal adjustments, utility of aggressive peels, amongst others.

In response to the dermatologist beautician Patricia Elias, specialist in hyperchromies, hyperpigmentation happens when melanocytes, that are cells that produce melanin, the pigment that provides the pores and skin its shade and safety, are stimulated. The excellent news is that there are numerous remedies for this alteration. Take a look at the professional suggestions for each scenario!

1. Pimples spots, bruises and bug bites

“These kind of spots happen resulting from irritation that causes lesions and deposition of melanin and hemosiderin within the pores and skin throughout the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation part. Additionally, when there’s a break within the pores and skin and extravasation of blood in that area, there’s the presence of iron which oxidizes the area and causes spots, ”he explains.

Skilled remedies embody chemical and bodily peels, which exfoliate the floor layer of the pores and skin, producing cell renewal that eliminates stained cells to make room for a brand new layer. One other indication is the plasma jet, which can be a super approach for eradicating extra melanin deposited on the pores and skin, along with pulsed gentle and microneedling. “The beneficial process varies in keeping with the age of the individual, the kind of pores and skin, the time of the stain and the depth of the marks,” provides Patricia Elias.

There are additionally options for house care that don’t in any method cancel the care supplied within the clinic. On this case they embody aloe vera gel, which has pure antibiotic properties that assist in the pores and skin regeneration course of and ought to be utilized with the fingertips in round motions each evening. “An alternate can be the white clay masks which, along with being soothing, additionally has detoxifying properties and ought to be combined with filtered water or aloe vera gel, leaving it on for about 20 minutes as soon as per week”, provides Patricia. Elias.

The dermatologist recommends using Vitamin A, which is a superb ally within the cell regeneration course of and acts successfully within the lightening of spots. “This can be very necessary to not use it within the solar or together with retinoids,” he warns.

2. Solar or lemon spots and darkish spots on the armpits and groin

The distinction between a lot of these spots is especially as a result of solar, friction and warmth or contact with citrus fruits which trigger phytophotodermatitis. “Sunspots happen as a result of the solar’s rays are a significant reason behind hyperpigmentation resulting from its melanin-producing energy. Within the case of lemon, it happens as a result of mixture of acid and warmth, producing irritation and, consequently, pores and skin hyperpigmentation. The spots on the armpits and groin, alternatively, are a consequence of the friction and warmth of the pores and skin, ”explains Patricia.

Among the many remedies that assist lighten this sort of spots and enhance the looks of the pores and skin there are microneedling, intense pulsed gentle, ozone remedy, led remedy and particular chemical peels. “Microneedling is a superb ally for treating blemishes and stimulating the manufacturing of collagen within the pores and skin. The extreme pulsed gentle, which acts instantly on the factors the place there’s extra melanin, promotes coagulation which renews the world by lightening the spots. Ozone remedy can be beneficial with the intention of enhancing the standard of the pores and skin and serving to to dispense with the pigment, ”he explains.

To be handled at house, rosehip oil is a superb possibility for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and renewing motion, which helps within the remedy of blemishes and acts on the well being of the pores and skin. Simply apply a couple of drops instantly on the pores and skin, massaging with mild round actions for two or 3 minutes, 1 to 2 instances a day. “I additionally suggest mastic tea as a result of it has properties that inhibit the enzymes that enhance the pores and skin’s melanin. Simply apply the recent drink on gauze and go away it in your face for 20 minutes daily ”.

3. Melasma

Melasma, an issue that impacts 15 to 35% of Brazilian girls, is hyperpigmentation of the pores and skin as a result of extra deposit of melanin, ensuing within the formation of brown-dark or grayish spots, with well-defined limits and irregular form. Publicity to the solar or warmth is the primary trigger that intensifies the looks of the spots. Nonetheless, the primary issue that triggers this pathology of genetic origin is the hormonal alteration.

Within the research, the indication is for chemical peeling, non-aggressive laser, intense pulsed gentle, microneedling, utility of injectable plasma and plenty of different methods.

Additionally it is potential to deal with melasma with whitening lotions with vitamin C, retinol, glycolic, mandelic, kojic tranexamic and alpha arbutin. Using calming and antioxidant substances additionally helps to recuperate the standard of the pores and skin. An alternative choice is to make use of white clay or dolomite combined with aloe vera gel and a drop of palmarosa important oil. “It is vital to not expose your self to the solar throughout the remedy. Melasma is a troublesome blemish and requires a whole lot of care, so it’s at all times necessary to hunt out a professional practitioner and hyperchromic specialist to point the suitable remedy, ”he concludes.

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