Sun and Uranus united in Taurus, an optimistic cancer

The zodiac forecasts for Monday May 9 are ready to put dots on “and” about how the day will go Monday May 9. Below, we deepen the prophecies related to all 12 zodiac signs, as usual analyzed from the point of view of love and work.

In order for Astrology to evaluate each sign, it is important to know the astrological picture of the period in detail. To dominate the Pisces field there are three stars: Marte, Neptune to me Jupiter. Meanwhile, in the Taurus sector they are positioned and perfectly connected Uranium to me Sole.

On the steps of the sector, Aquarius is stable Saturn horse Pluto placed in Capricorn. Over there Glow at the same time he traverses the Leo sector with Mercurio in Gemini to follow in their footsteps.

Here are the details with adviceHoroscope of May 9.

Astrological forecast for Monday, May 9, from Aries to Cancer

Aries – Make peace with your past once and for all. Put the period down and move on: you have problems that you need to deal with quickly and with a clear mind. First of all, start by letting a family member be free to decide his or her choices. Your mind is malleable, your critical mind is good, your freedom of judgment is commendable: what better time to update?

In love, your hidden passion engages you intensely and puts you in unusual situations that will somehow dissuade you. Perfection is out of this world, so settle for the pleasant harmony that characterizes your life as a couple today. Be careful though.

Toro – A day under the banner of the Sun in a sign that smiles at Uranus.

You will need to pay attention to the moods of those around you as you risk being conditioned by them. Choose to spend time with those who are calm and at ease, while it will be good to avoid those who are nervous and restless. You will be selfless and ready to help in the workplace, especially for those who really need it. You will feel compassion and compassion for even the most suspicious of colleagues.

In love, you can even sense what is hidden in the silence that exists between the words. Your partner won’t know whether to be happy about it or worry. Do you want to be active this season too? Remember: running is an anti-aging effect.

Twins – Mercury in your sign is a good day. Put yourself in the perspective of having to accept a small compromise. Then, even if you struggle a bit, stay smiling and available. Sometimes it is not convenient to take positions that can make you go from right to wrong. Working during this period, as you realize now, is more exciting than usual because circumstances or friends can help you.

In love, do not stand still, brooding over every action or word of your partner. Be less possessive and, above all, less intrusive. Plan your physical activity, you will find that you can completely revolutionize your aesthetics.

Cancer – Remember that thoughts of today and tomorrow will especially help in creating your future, so be optimistic and enjoy the good things in life. Remember that perfection is not a human virtue, so when you make a mistake, don’t make a drama of it. Be precise, meticulous in your work: it is not worth being reprimanded for careless mistakes. Instead, express your originality. In love, with hostile Neptune, don’t get too influenced by your feelings: you run the risk of not seeing your sentimental situation as it is.

You are going through a phase of fatigue and nervousness. One idea: why don’t you try to catch up on sleep?

The horoscope for tomorrow on May 9 from Leo to Scorpio

Leone – The moon is present and supports your sign. As always, nothing and no one will be able to limit you from expressing your ideas, even if you are asked to pay attention to little things. As always, in a hurry, you will not take into account the important signals sent out by those who love you. Thanks to the lunar support, you will be able to express your creativity, make a commitment and see the fruits of your work. Couples will free their imaginations and liven up the relationship. Singles risk crazy love.

If you want to take care of yourself, pamper yourself, try changing your hairstyle; will make you feel like different people.

Virgin – When Mars is on fire, family tensions are visible. Confirm your ideas, even if it may upset the existing balance. Rogue Mercury can make you run into gossip, which will make things worse. At work, when Jupiter is against you, you won’t get tired of checking contracts before signing. Show yourself with farsightedness. In love, if you are single, beware of errors of judgment. On the other hand, if you are a couple, quick and decisive interventions and decisions are urgent. Do not tear yourself between your needs and the expectations of others, but decide to pursue your dreams or adventures without hesitation.

Balance – Remember that not all the pleasures of life are for sale: excite yourself in contemplating the sunrise or sunset. Limiting your desires negatively affects your relationships with others, but also with yourself. In the workplace, you will be able to safely coordinate some delicate situations while being able to rationally manage some emotional responses. In the meantime, in love, you do not pay attention to the fact that you are with your partner from different pasta. Rather appreciate what you have in common. Saturn coincides with some psychophysical decline in the sign. Fatigue will emerge: give up some unhealthy habits.

Scorpio – The Moon in Capricorn will make you find the right opportunities to find many points of understanding with an insatiable family member.

Faced with opposition from Saturn, you will face responsibilities, burdens, and trials both at work and in the family. In your work, your streak in the fight against a Mars ally will make you face and solve brilliant, heavy, and intricate economic or administrative problems. In love, if your partner blames you with tenderness, accept self-criticism without rumination, even if, you know, this is your forte. Give the best of yourself in each area and you will see that life will be more relaxed. Rediscover the value of introspection.

Zodiac predictions for May 9: from Sagittarius to Pisces

Gunman – With the amazing help of Pluto in Capricorn, you will develop the right strategies to work around disputes and close the deal.

On the other hand, Saturn, contrary to the sign, tests strength of character, but you will cope with the situation. Let the most attractive sides of your nature emerge in the workplace: kindness, kindness, concreteness, and you will immediately be successful. In love, if you do not know how to deal with a partner that you are not interested in recently, take a break for reflection. The unbelievable Saturn can, especially if your age is no longer green, awaken certain ailments such as back pain.

Capricorn – Good hopes in the field of work, assured by the positive favors of Pluto. You can work with commitment and satisfaction, even if you have to deal with duties that you have avoided so far.

Meanwhile, the Moon in Leo will make you pay tender attention to your partner who will reciprocate with joy. Thanks to Uranus winking at you from Taurus, exciting news just around the corner. Be open to change and all will go well. A partner in love will make a thousand proposals, but on the contrary, you will be under the influence of Venus and reject them all: be more patient! Without hesitating, accept the invitation to spend a fun and light evening with old friends.

Aquarium – Saturn favors interpersonal relationships. There are many astral favors dedicated to your sign which guarantee you a virtually perfect day. The merit goes not only to Saturn, but also to the Moon.

The night satellite will also be in perfect symbiosis with Saturn. At work, give social relationships the importance they deserve: the right friendships can play a decisive role in your profession. In love, every relationship, even the flattest and tired one, regains vigor and returns to convey vivid stimuli and maybe even spicy emotions. Eventually the good mood comes back and you feel better, more energetic right away. Sometimes the strength of the psyche is the work of real signs.

Pesci – To favor the Mars-Neptune-Jupiter trio. Your sign’s astral fortunes are finally rising again. And they do it brilliantly, driving you to peaks that are almost sublime.

Tense family relationships are always a thorn in your side, but at this time you choose not to think about it. In the meantime, you overestimate yourself at work and think that your ideas are perfect and do not need to be checked by your superiors. Okay, that’s not always the case! If at work things don’t travel to their fullest, in love, on the other hand, everything or the situation seems to return to its place. And your good mood will move high into the sky of peace.

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