Superenalotto Lotto 10eLotto: winning numbers / Extractions May 21: but what delays!


Loam ordinary meeting with Neapolitan Smorfia usually involves the interpretation of lucky Lotto numbers, but for that time we shuffle the cards on the table and draw inspiration from Superenalotto. Let us take the first number of the lucky sestina, 20, which in the Neapolitan tradition is “festa”. After all, he embodies the spirit Naples. In his case, his mother’s feast is San Gennaro.

But it’s also what you can organize to celebrate a good Lotto or Superenalotto win. We are still talking about dreams, but let’s go back to the realm of dreams. To dream about it is to wish that an unexpected and joyful event would give everyday life more stimuli and emotions. However, if it turns into fights and quarrels, it is likely that the dreamer will have to face negative factors and stress even in real life. (adj. Silvana Palazzo)


Le Lotto, 10eLotto and Superenalotto extractions they also gave surprises from a statistical point of view. In fact, in the draw on Saturday May 21, he returned to the game after 168 absences from the 8th from Naples. Therefore, and late numbers have lost their “head”.

In first place is now 15 over Cagliari, which instead of delays have amassed 121 so far. In second place is 58 in Turin, which has not been seen in 106 games with a bit of luck. In third place, and thus lowest step of the podium, they are 45 in Turin, which is not a century considering they are out of 98 absences. To complete the top five, 45 in Palermo and 44 in Milan, with 96 and 94 absences respectively. As for the more late players in the classic franchise, Agipronews explains that Milan’s fourth term was missing in 37 rounds. On the other hand, in between the dozen, Milan’s 70-79 were missing for 75 rounds, while among the numbers 3, Palermo had not been seen in 47 rounds. (adj. Silvana Palazzo)


Not only Lotto. “6” of Superenalotto and he’s doing it very well too, as he hasn’t been hit in a year. In fact, it was on May 22, 2021, when Montappone (Fermo) Pool worth 156 million euros. Since then, no one has been able to guess the winning numbers, in fact, next week’s prize pool will be € 209 million.

However, the Lotto and Superenalotto draw on Saturday was still lucky, as confirmed by the chances. A 5-star worth EUR 475 159.50 has to be entered, which was selected in Militello in Val di Catania. There were also 14 5 points which took the winners home to € 19 006.38. Let’s go back to the Superstar related courses as they were three 4 stars worth € 33,967.00 each. Even those who hit 3 stars can’t complain. In this case, there are 162 lucky coupons, each of which gives you a prize of € 2,464.00. (adj. Silvana Palazzo)


A few moments ago winning numbers from today’s drawsSaturday May 21, 2022, Lotto and 10eLotto therefore we are preparing to read them with you. After winning the sixth with Superenalotto, we begin our regular draw route for these contests. Recommendation: Do a thorough inspection by connecting to official channels or visiting a trusted betting shop to be 100% sure of the coupon result.

Don’t give in to anger and disappointment, and don’t tear your bill into a thousand pieces; in fact, happy combinations are often not immediately obvious and require careful verification. Below are the winning numbers for Lotto to me 10eLottowhich outline the image of the professions after Superenalotto. (Agg. Alessandro Nidi)


Extraction of 10eLotto No. 61 from May 21, 2022

7 – 8 – 11 – 19 – 20 – 21 – 27 – 28 – 33 – 36 – 42 – 48 – 66 – 70 – 73 – 76 – 78 – 79 – 84 – 88

The golden number (first excavated on the Bari wheel): 42

Double Gold (first and second extract on the Bari wheel): 42 – 28

Additional: 1 – 25 – 30 – 34 – 39 – 47 – 49 – 50 – 56 – 61 – 64 – 65 – 69 – 83 – 87

(The winning numbers in Lotto and 10eLotto competitions are published on the official website of state monopolies we disclaim all liability for any errors in the transmission of winning numbers and invite you to check directly on the monopoly website and / or in betting points)

Lotto, draw no.61 on May 21, 2022
BARI 42 28 73 64 thirty
CAGLIARI 48 20 7 34 67
FIRENZA 36 27 79 50 87
GENOA 78 19 87 39 27
MILAN 84 7 83 66 9
Napoli 88 8 61 42 26
PALERMO 76 70 56 25 65
ROMA 66 7 88 1 24
TORIN 33 21 49 47 22
VENICE 88 11 65 69 37
NATIONAL 38 31 27 22 14

(The winning numbers in Lotto and 10eLotto competitions are published on the official website of state monopolies we disclaim all liability for any errors in the transmission of winning numbers and invite you to check directly on the monopoly website and / or in betting points)


Loam Superenalotto manifested with new extractionwho is giving away pool it’s hard to even imagine. If you had guessed the winning sixth, you would actually have snagged a prize pool of 207.5 million euros: a staggering number. It is for this reason that next Saturday, May 21, 2022, there is an atmosphere of great anticipation. We at “” wrote down the drawn numbers in real time to provide an up-to-date overview of the prize competitions scheduled for today, and then direct our attention to the results Lotto to me 10eLotto.

Meeting soon to unveil the winning numbers Lotto to me 10eLotto: Good luck with the winning Superenalotto numbers! (Agg by Alessandro Nidi)

The last draw Superenalotto no. 61 from May 21, 2022

A winning combination

20 25 80 67 78 2

Numero Jolly


Super star


(The winning numbers in the Superenalotto competition are published on the official website of state monopolies we do not accept any liability for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers and we invite you to check directly on the monopoly website and / or at bookmakers’ points )


Time for new extractions in the name of Lotto, 10eLotto and Superenalotto today, Saturday May 21, 2022, on the occasion of Sisal competition no. 61/2022 staged in the early evening. Will the blindfolded goddess become the undisputed hero? We won’t find out in a few hours, meanwhile, we can skip the waiting by looking at the rates Lotto relating to the previous mid-week sisal competition. The biggest Lotto win on Thursday evening stopped in Naples, where they both won EUR 25,000 on the bell. However, the Capital was also celebrated, where two Lotto wins were won, respectively 23,750 euros thanks to a game of three numbers on the Roman wheel and 16,250 after placing a bet on the National Lotto wheel. Super lucky Lazio with two other Lotto wins at Guidonia Montecelio (Rome) worth 22,500 euros and Viterbo by 13,500 euros. In total, EUR 6.9 million was distributed during the profitable evening in Lotto; 393 million from the beginning of the year.

What happened instead in 10eLotto? In this case, the hero was Piedmont, in which winnings totaling 60 thousand. euro. The highest was built in Valenza (Alessandria) with 9 Gold worth 50,000 euros, while the rest were hit in Turin with 8 Gold. Another win in 10eLotto of 50,000 euros during the evening was also won at Parenti, in the province of Cosenza, again with 9 Gold. The campaign was celebrated with the amount of PLN 55,000. euro. In total, the last 10eLotto competition allowed for the distribution of EUR 22.1 million, while from the beginning of the year over 1.4 billion is being said.


Tonight, Saturday, May 21, will be dedicated to more than just that Lotto was born in 10eLotto but there will also be room for Superenalotto. The jackpot is creepy right now as it continues to fly as it reaches high 207.5 million euros. This means that even last Thursday no competitor managed to capture the fatal “6”, and hence, the prize money continues to grow. During the last Superenalotto draw, however, there were other noteworthy wins, such as the seven “5s” that allowed the lucky ones to take home a nice egg worth over € 31,000 each.

The same evening, there were also 4-star prizes of € 24,367. Finally, remember that it’s been exactly one year since the last “6” at Superenalotto, which took place on May 22, 2021, in Montappone (FM). Can the Blindfolded Goddess wake up on the occasion of a sensational “anniversary”? We won’t find out in a few hours.


We said it, but it’s worth repeating: jackpot up for grabs in the game Superenalotto it would now be so high that they would be questionable if they won. The biggest “concerns” may concern ways of investing any money won. If a large part of the money from the possible win could be spent on the realization of small and big dreams, from the classic mortgage to various whims, there would also be a way to invest your money jointly and severally: in what? By financing innovative projects created by talented creators from around the world who are looking for your help. Hence, the platform can come to the rescue Kickstarter where the creators only wait for contributions to be able to implement their projects.

Today we are talking specifically about one of the many present on the well-known platform: “A prosperous home for a fountain for survivors”. It is a work of art by the Pamela Council, a fountain for survivors and seen by millions of people after seven weeks in Times Square last fall. However, in the absence of financial support or a structure that can permanently accommodate the work, it will be demolished. So why not help a good artist make her dreams come true?


Here we are at the final stage of a fantastic and always fascinating journey through the numbers Lotto was born in Superenalotto. It’s the one that has to do with Neapolitan grimaceand a link with the numbers of new extraction today. Coming back to current events, the latter can give us some useful ideas on how to get a possible win in the context of our favorite games: how?

Let’s start with one of the latest news, and in particular let’s move on to the soft topic: Ciro Immobile will soon be a father for the fourth time. After Michela, Giorgia and Mattia, the fourth child will soon be joining the family. The footballer delivered the message via social media. On this occasion, Ciro decided to gather the children on the couch and give the good news: “We have to tell you that … there is a baby in mom’s belly!” Giorgia and Michela have expressed their happiness! Here are the numbers that we can extrapolate from rumors: football player 10, dad 58, fourth child 4, pregnant woman 21, brother 89, sister 26, pregnancy 50.


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