SUPERENALOTTO, LOTTO, 10ELOTTO: WINNING NUMBERS / Extractions May 7, 2022: 4 stars!


Le Superenalotto shares give us an unpleasant surprise and many positive ones. The bad news is about the lucky six that no one has hit. But there were still some important victories. Just think who hit “5 ″ for less than 92 thousand. euro.

There were three wins each to exactly 91,479.35 euros. Let’s move on to ‘4’ which is worth € 404.72 (687 wins), while on ‘3’ you win € 33.23 (25 272 lucky tickets). Next is € 6.35 to be won by a ‘2’ (in this case 411,152 lucky tickets). Let’s move on to the Superstars, with € 40,472.00 winnings with a “4 star”. Then there are six lucky tickets. And then there are 115 “3 star” winnings of € 3,323.00. Then a “2 star” worth € 100 (2,102 lucky tickets), a “1 star” worth € 10 (13,808 wins) and finally a “0 star” (35,697 wins) worth 5 euros. (adj. Silvana Palazzo)


Now that we know that winning Lotto and Superenalotto numberslet’s focus on the lucky numbers that came up after the trip in between wheels. 52 enters the stage, which was released on four wheels. His poker did it with Bari, Florence, Palermo and Rome. Instead on the 31st he made a three with those from Palermo, Rome and Turin. Then there are two numbers that intersect on the same two circles.

We refer to 57 and 38, issued on the wheels of Milan and Venice. Speaking of the Venetian wheel, 54 were also issued there, encore with the Turin wheel, where we noted 28, which in turn were issued on the national wheel. Let’s move on to the circle of Milan, where 86 and 29 came out, with the first encore from Cagliari and the second in Florence. Finally, near Genoa, where 82 and 90 appeared, the first of which was encore in Bari and the second in Rome. (adj. Silvana Palazzo)


They were released some time ago and winning numbers from Lotto to me 10eLotto and we are now close to discovering them with you readers. After winning the sixth with Superenalotto, we begin our usual journey through the draw of these contests. We renew the invitation to all of you to conduct a thorough inspection by connecting to official channels or visiting a trusted betting point to be 100% sure of the result of your coupon.

Don’t let your brain darken with sudden anger and disappointment, and don’t tear your gambling bill to shreds; in fact, happy combinations often do not immediately catch the eye and require more careful checking. Below are the winning numbers for Lotto to me 10eLottowhich outline the image of the professions after SuperEnalotto. (Agg. Alessandro Nidi)


Extraction of 10eLotto No. 55 from 05/07/2022

1 – 14 – 21 – 25 – 28 – 29 – 31 – 34 – 39 – 46 – 51 – 52 – 54 – 57 – 62 – 63 – 72 – 74 – 75 – 82

The golden number (first excavated on the Bari wheel): 34

Double Gold (first and second extract on the Bari wheel): 34 – 82

Additional: 7 – 12 – 13 – 15 – 23 – 38 – 42 – 45 – 48 – 53 – 68 – 80 – 83 – 89 – 90

(The winning numbers in Lotto and 10eLotto competitions are published on the official website of state monopolies we disclaim all liability for any errors in the transmission of winning numbers and invite you to check directly on the monopoly website and / or in betting points)

Lotto, draw no.55 of 07/05/2022
BARI 34 82 52 53 45
CAGLIARI 74 39 62 12 86
FIRENZA 29 14 42 89 52
GENOA 25 46 90 82 65
MILAN 57 72 38 29 86
Napoli 75 63 13 48 69
PALERMO 1 31 15 68 52
ROMA 31 51 7 90 52
TORIN 54 28 23 80 31
VENICE 21 57 54 83 38
NATIONAL 28 26 thirty 55 64

(The winning numbers in Lotto and 10eLotto competitions are published on the official website of state monopolies we disclaim all liability for any errors in the transmission of winning numbers and invite you to check directly on the monopoly website and / or in betting points)


Loam Superenalotto reveals a new extraction that gives back pool incredible. If you hit the winning six, you will win a prize pool of € 199.8 million. It is for this reason that this Saturday, May 7, 2022, there is an atmosphere of great expectation. We at recorded the numbers drawn in real time to give you a thorough overview of the prize contests scheduled for today, and then highlight your Lotto and 10eLotto results.

Meeting to unveil the winning numbers Lotto to me 10eLotto: We wish you good luck with the winning numbers SuperEnalotto! (Agg. Alessandro Nidi)

Last Superenalotto draw n. 55 on 07/05/2022

A winning combination
29 43 81 51 46 41

Numero Jolly

Super star

(The winning numbers in the Superenalotto competition are published on the official website of state monopolies we do not accept any liability for any errors in the transmission of the winning numbers and we invite you to check directly on the monopoly website and / or at bookmakers’ points )


Time for a new meeting with Lotto, 10eLotto and Superenalotto extractions today, Saturday, May 7, 2022, on the occasion of the sisal competition no. 55/2022. This is the third draw of the month and we hope Blindfolded Goddess will be generous to players. In the meantime, as always, we can take a look at the previous competition on Thursday, starting with Lotto. The Agipronews portal, as usual, informs us about the latest lotto winnings: it was until the coronation Naples. In the capital of Campania, there are two prizes totaling over EUR 60,000. In the first, the lucky player won € 50,596 with the LottoPiù option, while in the second, the bettors cheered on the win of € 9,750, which brought him three and one terno. Lazio is also celebrating, with a hat-trick worth over $ 41,000 Euro: the highest prize ended in Rome, where one player won a prize of 22 500 euros thanks to the dry terno, while the other, always in the center of the capital, awarded the prize to a player with a win of 9 750 euros. The latter, however, was captured at Anzio in the province of Rome for a total of 9,500 euros. Veneto also smiles: a player from Malo in the province of Vicenza took home 47,500,000 euros thanks to three of the two and a trio at the national wheel. In the latest Lotto competition, winnings of 6.5 million euros have been distributed, making a total of 354 million euros since the beginning of the year.

What do they say about 10eLotto? Celebrate Emilia-Romagna. In the last Thursday competition, the lucky player from Guastalla in the Reggio Emilia province won the highest victory, with 50,000 9 gold coins. It is also celebrated in Sicily, in Tremestieri Etneo, in the province of Catania, thanks to 8 Gold in the amount of 30 thousand euro. Also noteworthy is the trio of prizes obtained in Lazio for a total amount of over 34,000. euro: in Rome, 8 for 20 thousand. Euro, then 5 Extra for 7,500 Euro won in Riano in the Province of Rome, while in Ariccia, also in the Province of Rome, 6,750 won against 4 Extra. In the latest 10eLotto competition, prizes worth almost EUR 24 million have been awarded, for a total amount of over EUR 1.2 billion since the beginning of the year.


Lotto and 10eLotto draws will not be the only ones expected for today’s prime time, which is May 7, 2022. SuperEnalottowhich, by tradition, is poised to come back with the enormous weight of a super jackpot (€ 199.8 million) up for grabs: it is – obviously – one of the highest wins ever and, incidentally, almost a year of winning combinations missing.

During the last competition on Thursday, May 5, they were centered three “5” pointswith the lucky winners taking home € 71,490.92 each. Two “4 stars” of € 45 623 each are also worth mentioning. The last EUR 156 million of the “6” was hit on May 22, 2021 in Montappone (FM), just as Maneskin climbed to the top of Europe by winning first place in the Eurovision Song Contest with their “Shut Up and Be Well”.


How can you invest all or part of your money if you win the Superenalotto jackpot? An important point, also in view of the rich sum up for grabs. Consequently, a potential millionaire winner can rely on the advice of our regular column, based on the platform Kickstarterwhich gives space for the implementation of numerous projects by so many artists from around the world who are just waiting for funding to fulfill their wishes.

Today we are focusing in particular on one of these projects, namely “AirHood: portable cooker hood“. It is, in fact, a portable cooker hood, according to the supporters of the initiative: “Removes grease, smoke and kitchen odors as they form and prevents oil from forming on kitchen surfaces. It keeps the air and the kitchen clean. The AirHood oil filter removes the grease particles in the steam formed during cooking, preventing them from accumulating and creating a yellowish film on all surfaces in the kitchen. After all, prophylaxis is the best remedy for a mess in the kitchen “.


The journey through Lotto and Superenalotto numbers now stops at the station Neapolitan grimace, an essential tool for understanding the true meaning of numbers in the context of new competitions. In this sense, we go out to meet you with a very timely message from which we will select the main lucky numbers that you can mark on your ticket.

As a consequence, we associate the day with departure Giro d’Italia 2022, filmed yesterday in Hungary. The 105th edition of the Corsa Rosa was launched at the prestigious location of Heroes’ Square in Budapest, where the teams and cyclists participating in the Corsa Rosa were also presented. So what are the numbers associated with this particular sport news and which undoubtedly represents one of the oldest traditions of our local sport? Let’s start at 31 (bike) and then continue at 36 (riding). Then there is 1 (Italy), 46 (jersey) and 56 (pink). We hope we can turn to you that this combination could prove to be a vehicle of great happiness for all readers.


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