Tatiana Turra, president of Curitiba Turismo: “We are delighted

With an innovative management and in search of efficiency in the tourist activity, the Municipal Institute of Tourism – CURITIBA TOURISMthe official travel agency in Curitiba is chaired by Tatiana Turra.

In this interview given to him diary Tatiana talks about the changes and progress that the city of Curitiba has undergone in recent years. According to her, in 2018 the mayor’s office reduced the ISS for the events sector, in order to encourage the attraction of concerts, congresses, conventions and events in general for the municipality. “Among the effects of this measure was the positioning of Curitiba as the 3rd destination in Brazil for foreign tourists visiting us for business and events and the consolidation of the city and on the route of major international shows,” he said in the interview. Tatiana says she is delighted with the return of events in the city, investments in infrastructure and news from Curitiba to get tourists to know the city. Check it out:

DIÁRIO – What are the new projects or initiatives that Curitiba has to expand the reception of corporate tourism?

Tourism in Curitiba has undergone major changes in recent years. The traditional city of congresses, events and corporate travel has stood out with a range of gastronomic, entertainment and cultural services. This allows us to add value to those who visit us for business and the opportunity to practice the current concept of bleisure, when travel aligns business and leisure interests. The aim is to increase the average stay in the city, which is already 3.4 days.

In 2018, the City Hall reduced the ISS for the events sector, to encourage the attraction of new events in the city. Among the consequences of this measure was the positioning of Curitiba as the 3rd destination in Brazil for foreign tourists visiting us for business and events and the consolidation of the city and on the route of major international shows.

DIÁRIO – What have been or will be the investments in the municipal infrastructure to serve the tourist?

We are working in search of an innovative management for tourism. In 2020, we started working on the methodology for a Smart Tourist Destination, which aims at the efficiency of the tourist activity, taking into account the tourist trip and its relationship with the destination.

In this regard, we are investing in accessibility works in the region of the historic sector, which also include urban development. For the second half of the year, we will launch the three-way interpretive signage project, as well as improvements to the Panoramic Tower. For next year we have to deliver the revitalization project of the Botanical Garden Service Center.


DIÁRIO – Curitiba has a full program of events for the first half of 2022 and one of the highlights is the Expo Turismo Paraná, which will take place in early June. How are the preparations for hosting the event and what are the expectations of the impact on tourism?

We are delighted with the resumption of events. In March, the city received Smart City, breaking the records of participants, so expectations are high for Expo Turismo Paraná, the most representative event in the sector. We will take the opportunity to present the Curitiba School of Tourism, the work we are developing together with the Tourism Innovation ecosystem and the axes of the Curitiba Smart Tourist Destination, as well as the destination that will be promoted in the Marketing Plan we recently built.

Journal – What’s new in Curitiba to get tourists to know the city?
There is a lot of news in Curitiba! The Botanical Garden has received a new gallery, called Galeria das 4 Estaçãos, which, in addition to the new species of flora, also has a SENAC café. Passeio Público, recently revitalized, has its own old kiosk, transformed into a digital kiosk, where you can watch movies, and the newest attraction is the Paranista Memorial, a completely accessible environment that allows you to contemplate the works of João Turin and his identity. The state of Paraná, not to mention the fact that our tourists can and can participate in fine arts workshops.

There are also many new gastronomic spaces, cafes, breweries … and the metropolitan region allows incredible tours in wineries, rural tourism and ecotourism.

DIÁRIO – What is the projection or expectation of tourism for Curitiba in 2022?
We estimate that we will recover all pre-pandemic indices, with a significant increase in the leisure segment.

Tatiana Turra

Degree in Tourism from Universidade Positivo, with a specialization in Marketing from FAE Business and International Tourism at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain. Tourism consultant, with activity provided to the Ministry of Tourism, Santa Catarina Federal University, SEBRAE-PR, among other institutions and companies.

Between 2009 and 2016, he was executive director of the Curitiba and Region Convention & Visitors Bureau, being recognized with the Panorama do Turismo Award – Professional of the Year 2015 – Tourist Entity and Grand Prix Prêmio Caio – Best Destination Marketing Professional 2016. In 2017, he took over the presidency of the Municipal Tourism Institute – CURITIBA TURISMO, the official tourism body from Curitiba Municipality.

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