The 10 best stands at Arte Fiera Bologna 2022

The Modern and Contemporary Art Fair takes place in Bologna: which are the most curious and deserving stands? Here’s Artribune’s selection

The ranking of artribune on the most interesting stands of the Arte Fiera, open until May 15, 2022 in Bologna in an unprecedented spring look. after i introduced you first impressions For the event, we are now focusing, with applause and criticism, on the ten galleries that have distinguished themselves for their exhibition project or for particularly meritorious work and that fish between contemporary, modern, photography, painting and sculpture.


Artefiera 2022, Vistamare, Tel. Irene Fanizza

Lyrical, poetic, formally elegant and balanced: Vistamare’s at Arte Fiera 2022 is considered one of the most deserving stands of all time and brings together the works of Mario Airò, Ettore Spalletti e Mimmo Jodice. It was conceived in collaboration with the gallery by Airò himself, who places his sculptures in the shape of a tuning fork between Spalletti’s paintings and Jodice’s seascapes, insisting on the concept of rhythm and musicality.


Artefiera 2022, Marcolini, Ph. Irene Fanizza

The figures that populate the paintings are fluid and strange Luigi Presicce, brought to Arte Fiera by the Marcolini Gallery with a single exhibition in the XXI Painting section. The works, which run along the entire length of the wall (which the artist intended to be painted entirely in purple), on a single horizontal line, enliven the series Sapiens Sapiens and they describe an imaginary as sci-fi and dystopian as it is the vehicle of current affairs themes, including the body, sexuality, nature and gender fluidity.


Artefiera 2022, C + N Canepaneri, Tel. Irene Fanizza

Arseniy Shilyayev, political activist and member of the Russian socialist movement, currently living as a refugee in Italy after the outbreak of war, is the focus of C + N Canepaneri’s exhibition, which uses monochrome and neon to inspire Cosmism, a Russian philosophical current based on it is based on the idea of ​​”active evolution” of mankind and on an optimistic concept concerning the limitless destinies and possibilities of mankind. The reference to current events is evoked by the artist himself, who writes a letter on the wall of the stand (visible on the wall to the right of the large neon sign), praising the need for collaboration between international artists, support for Ukraine and finally Of the war.


Artefiera 2022, Traffic, Tel. Irene Fanizza

The images of the bodies of the migrants rescued on landing flow alongside those of the participants in the rave parties to the incessant techno music. Two completely different worlds that still manage to find common ground in search of another goal, in a promise of happiness? This question arises from the video of Mustafa Sabbaghexhibited by the Traffic gallery in Bologna within the section Photography and images in motion and which, together with the photographs of Mustafa Sabbagh himself, becomes the leitmotif of the entire stand, out of Virginia Zanetti e you Jacopo Valentini.


Artefiera 2022, Untitled Association and Chromatic Number, Ph. Irene Fanizza

What will you dream about tonight? The dream activity is at the heart of the collective project of Numero Cromatico, present in Bologna at the Untitled Association stand. Dream is an initiative conceived within the ART AS SUPERNORMAL STIMULUS project and winner of the Calls Italian Council X, which invites the public to follow the instructions contained in a device distributed at the fair before going to sleep . After awakening, he has to write down the memories and feelings related to his dreams and send them to the organizers, who summarize all the interventions in a single choral work. Dream continues the research lineage of the Chromatic Number collective, which for years has been promoting the contamination between neuroscience, brain mechanisms, perception and creative activity through artistic, scientific and editorial practices.


Artefiera 2022, Schiavo Zoppelli, Tel. Irene Fanizza

The natural and animal element dominates the oil paintings of Simon Bertie, in which roots, branches, trunks and antlers develop broadly and muscularly on the surface of the plants. The Schiavo Zoppelli gallery in Milan is taking part in Arte Fiera in the XXI painting section with two collaborators. In addition to the works of Berti, he presents the works of Francesco Ardini, seemingly sculptural, but with a soul strongly tied to painting, which unfolds monochromatically on the opaque surface of vases and amphorae.


Artefiera 2022, Ravizza Diehl, Tel. Irene Fanizza

Bringing the artist’s studio into the exhibition space: this is the goal pursued and realized with flying colors by the project in collaboration with the Allegra Ravizza Gallery in Lugano and the Volker Diehl Gallery in Berlin, which are being presented together with Arte Fiera. The intent is to turn on the spotlight Gunter Weseler Self-taught painter and sculptor who died in 2020, who devoted all his research to the subject of breathing (the artist suffered from a lung disease from an early age), creating “breathing objects” covered with fur and exhibited in the booth. The intimate and home environment creates a paradoxical effect within the atmosphere of the fair: the table he worked on, the armchair and other objects from his studio are brought to the stand together with his archive and other research materials.


Artefiera 2022, Bottegantica, Ph. Irene Fanizza

In the section related to the fair’s modernity, Bottegantica emerges with works by among the most interesting proposals Giacomo Balla between abstraction and figuration, Alberto Savino, Massimo Campigli, Umberto Boccioni with an intense and delicate portrait of his own mother, four versions of Carnival impression out of Sixth Canegallo e The Romagna evening out of Ubaldo Oppi. The backdrop is adorned by a blue ribbon that runs around the stand wall, creating a sense of continuity between the works on display.


Artefiera 2022, Galleriapiù, Tel. Irene Fanizza

It is an intimate and domestic representation, a garden, a flowery meadow of small-scale painting, the scenario that the Gallleriapiù di Bologna brings to Arte Fiera. In collaboration with the Archivio Pozzati, the stand was entitled Where are we with the flowers presents two paintings by Pozzati concept (deceased 2017) this dialogue with the works of Vincenzo Simone (among the Artists in Residence 2020 in Nuovo Forno del Pane, a project of the MAMbo Museum in Bologna), still lifes charged with freshness and density at the same time.


Artefiera 2022, Il Ponte, Tel. Irene Fanizza

With works from 1972 to 2022, the Il Ponte gallery presents a project dedicated to this Renato Ranaldi, born in Florence in 1941. A small retrospective in which the artist’s research into the concept of the “poised” is condensed, understood as a constantly unstable and “out of the picture” equilibrium. A constant and evident tension in the works, in which the definition of painting and sculpture is constantly examined and questioned: the canvases thus become installations in which color is present only at the edges, or they create an ambient space through the installation corner of the wall .

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