the Anthropica Festival bids farewell to the Restera

Unfortunately, after seven editions, the Anthropica Cultural Festival experience is now coming to an end. Founded in Treviso in 2015 with the aim of promoting the cultural and social development of the city and enhancing the cityscape, it has expanded from the Restera del Sile to Silea along a path chosen for the beauty of the landscape and its potential covered by the general abandonment of the area and still largely undeveloped. From the very beginning, urban art has been the festival’s main means of action and expression, both because it allows, with limited resources, to redevelop and embellish the territory, and because it diffuses art and culture outside in everyday life, using the forms and spaces traditional for she reserved. As the name suggests, Anthropica wanted to combine the artistic-creative approach with an “anthropological” one, focusing on people and their spaces.

Over the years, the Anthropica Festival has produced several dozen urban art works, most of them murals but not only, such as the representations of Trevisan playing cards painted according to the traditional fresco technique, installations, graffiti spray, etc. Some of they occupy tens of square meters, others are small. Although most of the works are still in excellent condition thanks to regular maintenance, some of them have been destroyed over the years. In any case, the favor and acceptance of the work in Treviso and beyond was surprising: in many ways they have been taken over and appropriated by the users and, apart from rare cases, they have not been subjected to vandalism. . Thanks to the works created by Anthropica in recent years, the “Restera Art District” was born, a kind of open-air museum along the first part of the path that runs along the Sile.

In addition to the Restera, Anthropica has also spread its urban artistic interventions to other areas of the city, such as San Paolo or the various underpasses created between Treviso and Silea. And together with urban art, Anthropica has organized concerts, theatrical performances, photo exhibitions, conferences and book presentations, etc. to animate and make its distinctive contribution to Treviso’s cultural life. Finally, Anthropica, certainly not for the sake of importance or public satisfaction, promoted the meeting between people and the city through the lunches or dinners that it made in the street, in Restera or in Prato Fiera, where hundreds of people ate together more public Space.


“Organizing a festival like Anthropica requires dedication and extraordinary sacrifices that go well beyond the festival period, say throughout the year. Although it was not financially compensated since the festival was based on the voluntary contribution of the organizers, the work behind it was of the same professional nature in terms of commitment, responsibility and skills, some of which are of high profile and experience – says the President Michele Zappia – The fundamental impetus was given by the will and the satisfaction to contribute to the betterment of the city and the community in which one lives, by the desire to express oneself creatively and by similar artistic, intellectual and social motivations ».

“Specifically, one of Anthropica’s main goals was to create an artistic path along the Restera del Sile, a kind of open-air museum capable of enhancing the beauty of the landscape and the history of the human presence that you breathe as you walk and to improve this way. After all, there are various virtuous examples of similar initiatives and ways capable of enhancing the territory and creating art, culture and wealth, including economic ones. Some of them, both in Italy (e.g. Arte Sella) and abroad, have become real tourist attractions not only locally. And surely the Sile area, whose beauty and potential is known to all, would deserve such an upgrade,” he continues.

“We tried. Anthropica was among the first and most active subjects interested in enhancing the Restera: whether today, at least in the municipality of Treviso, it is more beautiful than it was a few years ago, whether its charm and the interest that that people show by comparisons bear witness to The increasing flow of tourists and walkers (but also witnessed by the enormous real estate investments and the appreciation of the buildings that dominate it) is partly due to Anthropica – gloss – E if, more generally, a little of the so-called ‘street art’ has returned to beautify some streets and squares in the area, although it stands among the most active and lively cities for the work of Anthropica and the people there”.

“Unfortunately, our resources are very limited and we sincerely believe that we have accomplished a lot with the little or nothing we started with and that was available to us. There is now a real artistic trail, not very long but full of art, that starts at the beginning of the Restera and we have named it the Restera Art District. It doesn’t reach the sea as we would have wished in our dreams, but it is nevertheless able to embellish one of the most fascinating places of Treviso and attract the attention of a growing number of people. In addition, we know that this is not possible under these conditions, which is why we prefer to stop. We remain firmly convinced of the quality of the project developed and made available, but to continue or develop an artistic path capable of adequately enhancing the Restera del Sile, we need commitment, means and resources that go far beyond our limits abilities. , and that they are simply not available at the moment »underlines the President of Anthropica.

“In any case, we are leaving the Restera better than we found them, we are leaving the Restera Art District to the city, and we hope that the community, the region and its agencies, and individuals and businesses in the region, will want to work together to take care of it, and who knows what to do to grow a project that has already brought visible results and is gaining more and more affection and recognition, but still has most of its unspoken potential and contributes enormously to the cultural, social and economic growth of the region. At the end of the experience, Anthropica would therefore like to thank once again everyone who has been involved in one or more editions of the festival: in addition to the artists, the volunteers, friends and acquaintances who have made their time and skills available. , as well as the companies that have supported us with donations or technical support and the professionals of various kinds with whom we have collaborated » concludes Zappia.

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