The Buteco Food Contest will end this Sunday (5/8) in Goiania and Aparecida.

After nearly a month of programming, the Comida di Buteco competition is entering the home stretch. Anyone who wants to taste the snacks prepared especially for the competition that will determine the best pub in Goiania and Aparecida must choose one of the 48 participating bars before this Sunday (4/8).

Unlike previous years, when appetizers had to share common ingredients, the dish in this edition was free, and the owners were free to choose the ingredients. Each establishment serves snacks at a single price of 27 reais.

When ordering an appetizer competing in the competition, customers and judges leave notes to the bar, analyzing the taste, creativity and organization of the dish. Also emphasize the service, the temperature of the drink and the hygiene of the place. The first three places are awarded and 20% of the pubs are disqualified for the following year, leading to renewal and increased competitiveness.

The winners of the Goiania and Aparecida stages will be announced on May 16th. In the second stage, scheduled for June, a new panel of judges will visit the champions of each city and evaluate the performance of each in the same categories. Based on the results of this evaluation, the “Best Buteco Company in Brazil” will be selected and will be announced and awarded in July 2022. (Laura Oliveira is a trainee at GJC in partnership with PUC-GO)

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Check out the list of participating pubs


Bakabas Bar and Restaurant – Breaded mini tilapia fillet Breaded mini tilapia fillet

cruise bar – Chicken cruzeiro po casa Fried chicken wrapped in pepper and spices.

Bar Chicago – Disco cod, with homemade sauce

bar dodo – Well-bolado de oxtail Oxtail cake stuffed with watercress and provolone cheese

Bar Chicken Gaucho – Tuscan sausage cake? BLT 22 Tuscan chicken sausage pie stuffed with mozzarella cheese, breaded with breadcrumbs and wheat flour. Served with signature green sauce

Bar Point 18 – Spilled cassava croquettes with beef ribs topped with cheese sauce

Bar Via 70 – A cup of 70 meatballs stuffed with cheese and olives with boiled cassava

Bento Bar – Owner of Bentos Bar sausage croquettes stuffed with mozzarella served with guava barbecue sauce

Betos Bar – Bar Panceta do Betos Bar Panceta do Betos

Box weevil Carne de Sol – Crispy strips Crispy strips

Botekim Manda Brasa – Pancheta do sertan Pancheta with cassava, lime and honey

Buteco do Ze Abiliou – Stuffed skewers Beef skewers stuffed with bacon and cream cheese and guava stuffed peppers with pepper jelly and chipot sauce

Buteco do Leosinho – Hot Chicken by Leozinho Thigh and Chicken Thighs with Signature Signature Sauce

Buteco do Peixe – Loin pie Grilled loin pie

Kalambau Chopp – Pork loin baits Pork loin baits

Camargos Chopp – Disc Porpeta Mixed feijoada stuffed with feijoada

Chapel of Rangos y Biritas – Pancheta from the House of Pancheta, flavored with exquisite herbs and rosemary, with cassava fried in sertao oil, served with barbecued guava and pepper jelly.

pastel mansion – Stroganov La Russia Pastries stuffed with chicken and beef stroganoff

Barbecue Dede – Hard bread Grilled tortillas stuffed with meat, cottage cheese and mustard

Rib and Co. – Ribs gaucha à sertão Grilled ribs with a loaf of bread with sertão cheese

Kumpadi Bar – Adam’s Ribs Smoked and fried pork ribs wrapped in BBQ sauce and sesame seeds with French fries

Del Lest Bar & Amenities – Cassava canape with corned beef Cassava puree breaded in crispy flour and fried with grated corned beef topping and flavored with homemade cream cheese

House Cyrus – Stuffed Sim’Pracidade Chicken Cookies

Bar and kitchen Dom Pedro – Shredded Dom Bacalhau cod with potato muslin, melted cheese and fried cassava straw

Spicy bar next door – Kafta with punch Roast beef kafta topped with melted raclette cheese and served with the famous potato punch.

blue fall bar – Surprise from Gota Escondidinho jerky with katupiria

Restaurant Gurupi – Agglomerates Vegetable dumplings with minced meat breaded in cassava flour

Jaya Drinks – Jajá Disco filled with mozzarella and cheddar

Dinner Lipao – Pork belly pancetta with skin

Limas Bar – Pastelito Pasteis stuffed with tilapia with ketupiriya and shrimps

Bar Macambiras – Tilapia Kiev Tilapia Kiev with provolone breaded in panko flour

fish magic – Fried risotto Rice cake stuffed with shrimp and cheese

Maina’s backyard -Virgulino Green bean cake stuffed with rabbit cheese, served with lemon mayonnaise and cucumber sauce

Mak Loku Kiosk – Stuffed onion meatballs stuffed with cheese, with onions and bacon

Ranch 55 – Hot dog pancheta Fried pancheta with pancheta stew, homemade smoked sausage and barbecued guava

Village Restaurant & Bar 33 – Taste of Goiano Disco de Pernil

Rocket 07 – Pico do Cerrado Pulled Pork with Three Cheese Veludi, Crispy Cassava Sticks and Roasted Garlic

Dino Lair – I love her Escondidinho Inverted Stomach with Tomato Sauce and Special Homemade Seasonings on a Bed of Mashed Potatoes

Vila Rica Bar and Restaurant – Provolone Mini Disk Provolone Mini Disks


Imola broths – Hunter Kumbuka Cubes of handmade smoked pork knuckle, caramelized pineapple on Italian bread

Crazy Chica Bistro – A sip of grilled Picanha dinner drizzled with strands of cheese, accompanied by homemade cassava and finished with a slice of golden and roasted pineapple.

Boteco do Filhote – Disco Diou #Deoutromundo Disquinho from tilapia ribs stuffed with mozzarella cheese. Accompanied by two sauces, barbecue pepper jelly and capers.

California bar and deli – California breaded thighs Breaded thighs stuffed with cheese

Toca do wei – Isquinha Arrojada Tilapia Bait with Homemade Sauce

Balcony Bar and Restaurant – Stuffed pork pieces Pork loin pieces stuffed with ham and mozzarella in soy sauce, breaded in breadcrumbs and potato sticks, with pineapple and pepper jelly

girls megachef — Spaghetti Patties Spaghetti Patties with Passionfruit Sauce Stuffed with Bolognese

Savannah Brewery — Cerrado chicken porridge cupcake with cassava, cheese and ham

retro bar – Retro Cupcake Mashed potato cupcake stuffed with cheese and jerky.

Buteko food
Closing: Sunday (05.08)
Winner Announcement: Monday (May 16)

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