The larvae were found in lunchboxes in a university restaurant in Ufes.

Students from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (Ufes) found the larvae in the food offered by the university restaurant. This Thursday (05) a law student recorded a video about the problem at the Goyabeiras campus in Vitoria.

Speech student Kailani Oliveira and her friend were surprised by lunch this Friday (06). The young woman told Victory Leaf who, when he opened the lunch box, was afraid of what he would find because of another case filed last Thursday.

I started eating, always looking and opening the food. The menu included rice, beans, pasta, okra and fried kibbe. When I was eating pasta, I looked at the lunch box and there was a maggot on top.“, these.

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The young woman said she had a maggot phobia and was horrified by the situation. She showed the lunch box to her friend and left the table to take a breath. A friend who accompanied her recorded a video showing the larva (look above) and warned the people who were in the university restaurant.

Calming down, Kailani returned and threw the food into the trash can. She said that she was disgusted by this situation, but since she had another obligation, she did not even complain to the restaurant management.

Finding a larva in food causes disgust. When it happened once, it may have been a simple mistake, but it has happened to many other lunchboxes, both on the Maruipe and Goyabeiras campuses. (both in Victoria). Today was the second day we found grubs in lunch boxes because we were careful. Imagine people eating on the go without even noticing.“, he stressed.

A group of students set up a social media profile to report the larvae they found. The students are also organizing a demonstration next week.

This situation is a disregard for the university community. For many, this lunch box is the only full meal of the day. Regardless of who is consuming, whether they are paying or helping to get free lunch boxes, this is disrespectful, in addition to not maintaining food hygiene.‘ Kailani concluded.

What does Ufes say?

Ufes explained that due to the pandemic, catering services began to be provided by the supply of lunch boxes. The Dean of Student Affairs and Citizenship (Proaeci) stressed that he is working hard to streamline the supply of dishes through in-house production in university restaurants, which will happen as soon as contracts with third-party service providers are in place and teams are ready to go. Get started.

After the case was filed this Thursday (05), the Ufes restaurant board said the law student’s lunch box was replaced as soon as the problem was identified.

Also, according to the board of directors, the lunch box supplier was notified to take the necessary preventive measures.

Starting with the 2021/2021/2 academic year, university restaurants have reopened with lunch boxes that can be consumed on site or taken “on the go” with you, according to the Council. This was a temporary measure, and the contract with the supplier company is already being finalized.

The agency emphasized that it is making every effort to establish food supplies through its own production in the Russian Federation.

“According to a statement published this week on the Ufes portal, it is predicted that the delivery of home-made dishes will take place on May 23 at RU campuses Goiabeiras, Maruípe and São Mateus with plate and tray service. (self-service). Alegre Campus RU and Jeronimo Monteiro will resume their food service activities from next Monday (09),” the note reads.

“Proaeci advises users that if they find any irregularities in their lunch boxes, they should report it to the restaurant team, who will ensure that the meal is replaced immediately and other appropriate actions are taken,” he added.

What does the company responsible for the lunch boxes say?

The Nutrivip Comida note says the reported cases are fatal and punctual. According to the service provider, on Thursday (05) 2213 meals were provided with two incident reports, and on Friday (06) 1904 meals were provided with four reports.

The company explained that it was investigating the cause and claims that the caterpillars come from eggplant (delivered on the 5th) and okra (delivered on the 6th).

“They are common nightshade caterpillars and breed more during climatic transitions. Caterpillars are not harmful to health if swallowed, but the goal is to refuse any food when ingested by an insect,” he said.

Nutrivip Comida stressed that when it learned of the incident, it immediately set about developing a contingency plan to remedy the situation.

“Our first step was to revise the menu for the coming days by eliminating vegetables that are more prone to this type of occurrence. In addition, our entire team was promptly alerted and emergency training was conducted,” he added.

The company also stated that it is ready to accept students or representatives to get acquainted with the equipment and the entire production process. “We are confident that through dialogue we will be able to establish a relationship of partnership and respect.”

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