The Man Who Eats the Biggest Burgers in Portugal in a Few Minutes

So far, this is the largest hamburger in the country. It weighs 4.5 kg and contains over 10,000 calories. Nuno Alvito, who is served at the table at Brutus Kitchen in Cascais, is well aware of such challenges: whoever eats does not pay. And if you break the record, so much the better. This is what you did.

In a little over 40 minutes, he swallowed a giant hamburger, the weight of which in meat alone exceeds one and a half kilograms. Overall, the 25-year-old Lisbon resident ate as many calories in less than an hour as his strict diet allows him to eat in about four days. Diets and nutrition problems in one sentence? We explained everything.

Nuno goes by the name Mutante, and despite having no more than two thousand followers on Instagram, he is the known face of all the restaurants that dare to put such tasks on the menu. He goes to everyone – and rarely misses.

This challenge fever started during the pandemic, motivated by friends who invited him to not only face those monster burgers, but to film everything and share it online. It’s just that Nuno already had a reputation as someone to go for.

“When they invited me to dinner, they already knew that it had to be a buffet or buffet because ‘Nuno came’ (laughs),” he says. “I always finished and left the table last. I ate a lot.”

His appetite was insatiable. “Once, over a sushi roll, I counted the pieces. I ate 102 or 103. The employees were already running away from the table. They pretended not to notice when I filled the paper with new requests.” Today, with his 80 kilograms and 1.80 meters height, no one would say that Nuno eats hamburgers weighing more than one kilogram without batting an eyelid. It wasn’t always like that.

“As a teenager, I weighed 130 kg when I was 16 or 17 years old,” he recalls. “I was overweight despite playing rugby. I really had to lose weight because I was at risk.”

He was always chubby and at the age of 16 already weighed 130 kg.

Although medical tests were normal, experts advised to lose weight quickly. He turned to a nutritionist at the club where he trained, and in the first month he lost almost 15 kg. “It was slower back then, even for the sake of health, it shouldn’t go too fast.”

In addition to exercise, Nuno was forced to drastically change his diet in order to “eat cleaner.” Today, he maintains his calorie deficit at just over two thousand calories a day.

When he is not at the Lisbon airport loading and unloading, he dedicates himself to powerlifting, a sport he started in 2019 and in which he is a professional participant. This turns your Instagram into a minefield. On the one hand, images of hard workouts and heavy dumbbells; on the other hand, pounds and pounds of calories in fast food, hamburgers, donuts, dogs. For Nuno, all this is incompatible as long as there is discipline.

“You can combine everything, but I will have to follow a strict diet. I don’t make calls every day. I can do it once a week or once every two weeks, depending on what I ate during the week,” he says. “Dieting is necessary so as not to risk gaining weight or having health problems.

To keep everything under control, Nuno takes blood tests at least twice a year. When problems follow one another, she anticipates the tests. At the moment there are no signs of cholesterol or diabetes.

Convinced by his friends, he began to look for restaurants that could offer high-calorie monsters for the table. He admits that he has always been fascinated by American gastronomic competitions, where the winner is the one who eats the most in the shortest time, but he thought it was all a lie.

Lost weight and now powerlifter

“I started researching, talking to a Brazilian competitor, and I realized it was all true,” he says. He decided to try it himself, using the advice of professionals.

All tests require preliminary preparation. “I have my last meal with lots of vegetables and high protein 13 or 14 hours before the test and then I fast. It helps expand the stomach,” he says. “Before the challenge, I drink only liquids and stop taking an hour or two.”

The trick is also to spend as little time as possible chewing. After? Then he has a stomach for so much food. As he eats, keeping his eyes on the plate and with both hands, he takes small sips from a bottle of water. The goal is always to finish, but more than that, to break existing records, which are usually yours.

“When it’s over, I try not to eat for the next 16-18 hours.” explains. “I never feel like it either (laughs).”

Since he started this hobby, he has counted more than ten tests, but failed only one. “It was at Ribs and Company, and it was all because of the spiciness,” he warns. “No one told me it was spicy, only halfway through the test I was told that I could take it off, but then it didn’t count.”

What should have been an easy challenge – he’d already eaten several four-pound hamburgers in less than 20 minutes – became a stumbling block when he had to drink more water than usual to reduce his fever. “The only thing missing was the bottom of the bread,” he laments.

He also regrets that there are few restaurants with similar problems. Unlike the United States, there is no professional competition for ravenous eaters, and Nuno is ultimately forced to create his own problems.

At home, he cooks giant dogs, burritos and francisinhas. “I’ve officially competed in over ten restaurant competitions, but there aren’t many here, and most of them are hamburgers.” There are two more problems to overcome. “I want to make a Guilty double cheeseburger tower and I found out that there is a 3.5kg francesinha in Aveiro. This is what I need to do.”

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