The second edition of the Alagoan Tourism Award takes place in Maceió

Last Wednesday (4) took place the second Alagoan Award for Tourism, organized by Class Magazine, edited by journalist Claudio Bulgarelli. The award brought together mayors, secretaries, entrepreneurs and representatives of the tourism sector in Alagoas, who were honored and honored with a trophy that symbolizes the growth of the sector in their regions. THE Jorgraf – Alagoas State Journalists and Graphics Cooperative, newspaper owner Independent Tribuneportal Tribunes Today e TV Tribune on Youtube it was also awarded as the vehicle that produces the most journalistic material focused on tourism in the state.

Representing the capital Alagoas as the main tourist destination in Brazil, the Secretary for Tourism, Sports and Recreation, Patrícia Mourão, stressed that the growth of the city comes from the management effort shared not only with public authorities. “We are at this level not only because of the action of the powers in their size, but also because of the support of the private sector, as well as all the citizens who receive tourists arriving from different other regions of Brazil and even foreigners with open arms … JHC Mayor always worked and is working to increase tourism even more “, Mourão underlines, adding that not only the capital, but the whole state of Alagoas has an enormous tourist potential. “Each with its own peculiarities.”

Marcelo Beltrão, Mayor of Coruripe, on the South Coast of Alagoas, was also honored in this edition of the award. He stressed the importance of highlighting tourism in the region. “It is an honor to receive this award. The Roteiro Mares do Sul tourist destination has grown and become one of the biggest pillars of Coruripe growth, it means generating jobs and income for the population and thus improving the quality of life of our people. It is Coruripe who shows his strength “, he said.

The second edition of the Alagoas Tourism Award strengthens the state tourism sector (Photo: Edilson Omena)

The town of Murici, in the Da Mata area of ​​Alagoas, is the main destination for those who enjoy ecological tourism or nature tourism. This year, the municipality entered the Brazilian Tourism Map and, of course, could not fail to be honored in this edition of the award. Mayor Olavo Neto explained the importance of recognition. “Murici now has an annual calendar of events that generates even more jobs and income. Every activity in ecological, sports and religious tourism attracts people from all corners and word of mouth is our biggest advertisement, sleeping in Murici, eating in Murici and fun make the city grow, precisely because the economy is spinning “, he evaluates .

Sergio Silva, Secretary of Tourism at Barra de Santo Antônio, on the North Coast of Alagoas, one of the cities honored at night with the capital, Sergio Silva, said that recognition is essential for promoting the destination. “This recognition is very important for the dissemination of our municipality. And tourists arrive – there are beautiful beaches, inns, restaurants, natural beauty and new adventures that generate jobs and income for the population, not only in the city, but also in the surrounding areas ”, he emphasizes.

2022 edition presented parade with embroidery pieces by artisans from Pontal da Barra

To brighten up the night, there was a fashion show with pieces produced with embroidery tabs by the production group Renda-se, from Pontal da Barra, and models from the Top Models Agency, by Luck Chagas. “The thread has everything to do with tourism, the pieces are produced by artisans from Alagoas, the embroidery of the net is truly from Alagoas and recognized abroad – it is our historical heritage and in this event we will present the beauty of this work.” explains Adriana Gomes, coordinator of the group “The pieces presented by the models are fashionable, regional and exported to the world”, adds Luck Chagas.

The host of the evening, Claudio Bulgarelli, said that the idea of ​​the award is to highlight the Alagoas Destination on the World Tourism Map. “The aim of the award is to identify, recognize and reward tourism municipalities, outstanding tourism initiatives and professionals who have innovated or worked proactively to develop tourism and its activities in Alagoas during 2021.”

Check the list of award winners

The municipalities of Maceió and Barra de Santo Antônio received a special tribute – Matriz de Camaragibe, Colônia Leopoldina, Paripueira, Porto de Pedras, Atalaia, Murici, Olho d’Água do Casado, Coruripe and São Miguel dos Campos were awarded. Private enterprise projects were also awarded: Mirante do Gunga Restaurant, Pergentino Turismo, Pousada Recanto dos Milagres, Villa dos Milagres Restaurant, Flamingo Excursões, Chácaras Bar Beach Club, Caminhos do Mar Inn and Restaurant, Jirituba Inn, Caminho da Barra, Beach Club Corais and Guarda Rios, Bamboo Lounge Maragogi, CM Turismo, Casa de Praia Restaurant, Olibaba Beach Bar, Milagres do Toque Beach Club, Barulhinho Bom Chips, Councilor Márcio Andrade, Kenny Wilson Negócios Imobiliários, Pousada Divino Milagre, Councilor Gaby Ronalsa, Render Production Group, Independent Tribune e Tribunes Todayformer Minister of Tourism Gilson Neto, Viver Viagens, Transamerica Turismo, Porto Patacho Villa, Fiore Resort, Alecrim Parque Pousada, Daruma Japanese Cuisine Coruripe, businessman Daniel Barbosa and Filé do Zezé Jatiúca.

Guests of the award could also enjoy tasting Chopp Artesanal Express Alagoas and Chips from Barulhinho Bom. The event took place at the Hotel Maceió Mar and was supported by Jorgraffrom the Municipal Department of Tourism, Sports and Recreation of Maceió, from the Municipality of Barra de Santo Antônio, from Vortex Empreendimentos, Kenny Wilson Negócios Imobiliários and the Hotel Maceió Mar.

During the awards ceremony, a parade with exclusive pieces produced by artisans from the group Renda-se do Pontal da Barra was presented (Photo: Edilson Omena)

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