“This is real meat”

The hamburger meat controversy that “looks like but notwon the country in recent days. After McDonald’s Mc Picanha, which actually had no meat but only the taste of sauce, Burger King also came to the attention of Procon for false advertising. The discovery that Whopper Costela was in fact flavored led the consumer protection agency, under the jurisdiction of the District Department of Justice, to pause marketing sandwich in the federal district. Like McDonald’s, which admitted the mistake and removed the product from its menu, Burger King promptly changed the name of its sandwich to Whopper Pork Palette, the cut from which it is actually made.

Faced with controversy, EXTRA took to the streets and asked those who stood in front of the stalls selling sandwiches “with everything inside” the famous “podrao”: is the meat of the sandwich real or also “it looks like it, but it’s not”?.

at the kiosk about Trailer, in Iraj, in the northern zone of Rio, the meat is “real meat,” partners Gabriel Sedano and Hayana Frans, 23 and 32, respectively, guarantee. A trailer installed in San Constant Square serves as a meeting place for residents.

The flagship of the stall is a sandwich called PF. That’s right, a “cooked dish” that takes artisan burger made from a mixture of steak, cheddar cheese, fried garlic, herb mayonnaise and french fries, which is inside the sandwich, costs 25 reais. X-tudo, another popular product in the trailer, costs R$18.90.

Hayana prepares a faux-meat burger in Irah Photo: Domingos Peixoto / Agência O Globo

“The sandwich is like mom’s food, the one that comes with a lot of garlic and flavorings, fries and attracts people from everywhere, even when ordering delivery,” Hayana says.

She claims that it will be very expensive to cook a steak burger, about 40 reais. Hayana and Gabriel chose the flank steak, which is softer and tastier.

— I prefer to give my clients good quality and real product than making a picanha mixture that doesn’t actually contain picanha, but contains meat fat mixed with steak or tea inside, he points out.

Josileno Saraiva from Sanduicheria Carioca showcases a
Josileno Saraiva from the Sanduicheria Carioca kiosk demonstrates a sandwich with “real” meat Photo: Fabio Rossi / Agência O Globo

already in the kiosk sandwich shop Carioca, in Andarai, Rio’s northern zone, there are two types of hamburgers: artisan burgers, stuffed locally and priced at R$ 42 to reflect the zeal of the seller; and the regular one, which costs 15.90 reais.

Josilino Eusebio da Silva, 41, has been running the business for three years. In a large play area on Maxwell Street, a clean grill grills meat, eggs, cheese, bacon and even steaks.

“Our steaks and ribs are made by us, we use real meat,” the manager assures, demonstrating the delicacy.

Sandubas are endorsed by consumers such as the Barão Lanches kiosk owned by Diogelson Ferreira.
Consumers approve of Sandubas, as in the Barão Lanches kiosk owned by Diogelson Ferreira Photo: Fabio Rossi / Agência O Globo

“Not like in a big network. I prefer the baron

“Here, our meat is real, and all the ingredients are carefully selected,” guarantees 45-year-old Diogelson Ferreira, the owner of the stall. Baron Snackson Barao de Mesquita street, on the border between Andarai and Tijuca, northern zone.

Baron’s flagship is the X-tudo, which comes with a type omelette with bacon, two types of meat, cheese and ham, worth 15.90 reais. The client can also add toppings such as lettuce, tomato and onion, among others.

“People around eat all sorts of things and don’t even know what it is. After that, they feel bad, not knowing why,” says Gelson, preparing acai with guarana for a client.

Antonio Carlos Santos, 39, works at the clinic next to the trailer. And is a regular customer of the kiosk:

“I don’t eat at the big chain, I prefer to eat here at Barão where I see how sandwiches are made, I know where the food comes from and I’ve never felt bad.

KFC ad 'spices up' controversy over McDonald's and Burger King sandwiches
KFC ad “spices up” controversy surrounding McDonald’s and Burger King sandwiches Photo: Reproduction

KFC and Giraffas tease McDonald’s and Burger King

Rivals McDonald’s and Burger King provoked the fast food giants after a controversy over sandwiches that did not contain the products declared by the establishments. The companies have been notified by Procon and invited by the Senate to provide clarification.

According to the consumer protection agency, fast food chains are running misleading advertisements by advertising McPicanha sandwiches and Whopper Ribs without the aforementioned cuts of meat. The companies acknowledged that there were no fillets or ribs in the products, and in fact the sandwiches were flavored.

In a campaign posted Tuesday, KFC said all of its chicken sandwiches are actually made from chicken. In the commercial, the company highlights the image of the sandwich and points to the ingredients, emphasizing “not chicken” but “100% chicken.”

Shortly after the McDonald’s incident last week, Giraffas joked in a Twitter post, “We’ve been notified of an oversupply of picanha on the menu,” the post read, illustrated with an image of the dish and the words “breaking news.”


The controversy began after customers denounced McDonald’s for the lack of pican in its sandwich. The network admitted that the new line of McPicanha does not include a product, but a “sauce with a natural taste of picanha.”

Faced with the fallout, the company announced it was removing the hamburger from its menu. In another announcement, McDonald’s said it had “hesitated” on its choice of name and stated that it would return with the product without giving a date.

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