Top 8 fashion swimsuits before summer 2022

While the investment of the robes is ideally profiled in the registry must-haves for spring-summer clothingHis nomination was almost rejected in favor of a new term. swimsuit.

This stylistic feature of the beach, ubiquitous in the style market, nevertheless explains certain models that consumers envy at all costs. before going on vacation near. Pioneer of this frenzy and platformer as always light is no exception to the rule and most popular swimwear trends from the moment. On Google or directly on the site with 160 million annual buyers, behavioral analytics are official. 8 swimsuit models individuals step forward and prepare to flood beach styleeven before summer unfolds the beach towel.

What are the hottest swimwear trends of summer 2022?

It’s not nice to see that we weren’t wrong, no matter how much we guessed. And for good reason, at the beginning of the summer season, 1 piece swimsuit takes the place of his long-time enemy, bikini nevertheless a symbol of the liberation and emancipation of women’s conditions in the 1950s.

Thus, it retains its retro charm and gives it a sixties charismatic, 1 piece swimsuit It becomes the new object of desire, thereby shaking up the existing dress codes, bringing them back to those of past generations. According to this lightclicks for this coating model also doubled in March and April 2022 compared to the same period last year. bikinis dropped 13%. Coincidence? Absolutely not, and our Fashion Journalist explains it this way.

Deep-cut swimsuit

(+175% light compared to last year)

The common thread of the Chanel Spring-Summer 2022 show, 1 piece swimsuit couldn’t stop there with the retro influences. because if a fashion trend it overshadows the others until it reaches such a level, we can say that brands and creators play a big role in this theatrical staging. This is how it is jersey coverThis season is characterized by a deep neckline, even voluntarily oversized, to wear adjacent to the skin or to cover it with an accumulation of necklaces.


(+107% on platform)

Yes tankini If you’ve outgrown your networks on social networks, feel free to hunt it down by refreshing your news feed. This year, the modosphere can count on the mannequin big size Praising the virtues of Tankini, Paloma Elsesser, this bikini variant, consisting of a bra and very short triangle swimming trunks, is a waterproof top that also and above all looks like a tank top.

swimming skirt

(+163% on Google)

Well, the type to pass the money, fashion trends sometimes he wins games. So is the swim skirt, the big winner of the “swimwear” category. Freer than the alter ego of beach shorts, but more modest than panties, the swim skirt convinces many women who continue to gain popularity on the Internet. Camouflage, but not too much, comfortable and sensual… Are we surprised by the foaming around the swim skirt that replaces the bikini bottom? Answer is no.

belt swimsuit

(+56% clicks)

One of the most important fashion designers of the moment, the belted swimsuit provides a smooth transition from beach wardrobe to ready-to-wear. Reversing this situation swimsuit It owes its priority to its belt, sewn into its thread and fabric. waterproof. An accessory that carries the nostalgia of 1950s style and later became one of the hottest trends of 2022. Morphological entity? The fitted swimsuit makes an hourglass waist for any figure.

crochet swimsuit

(+95% clicks)

As usual, crochet forms strong bonds with fashionistas at the beginning of summer. After weaving dresses and trousers, crochet now deals with swimwear that consumers are flocking to on the internet. Especially a success due to its presence at Coachella and on the catwalks of Fashion Week Chanel, Chloé, Alberta Ferretti, Acne Studios and Altuzarra spring-summer 2022. Our fashion advice? Avoid getting in the water at the risk of damaging your crochet swimsuit, and instead wear it with a poolside skirt and flip-flops.

sports swimwear

(247% clicks in this category compared to last year)

Far from being out of breath with this new style race, the sporty swimsuit teaches its rivals a big lesson much slower than it does. American actress Eva Longoria is convinced she’s even chosen him as a new ally to provide a sunny sloth before the summer, and we understand why. Swimsuit with unique athletic lines and testament to legendary practicality sportswear It is the driving force that provides protection as a bonus to overcome UV rays.

low-cut swimsuits

(+740% clicks)

After the consecration of the “cut” dress, it is not surprising that the low-cut swimsuit imposes its style. The gracefully designed, low-cut swimsuit thus becomes a new fashion transition. do nothing tied to the beach.

silvery swimsuits

(+350% clicks)

Proven party girls’ swimsuits with glitter or sequins are an excuse to party this summer and highlight the mermaid silhouette. Glittery swimsuits, sometimes iridescent and sometimes flamboyant, now give direction to dance, taking on the appearance of today’s disco balls.

The data recorded by Stylight are comparisons between the period from is March 2022 – April 20, 2022 and the same dates in 2021.

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