Varieties of pores and skin blemishes: know them and learn to deal with them

Pores and skin spots are a typical ailment amongst women and men in dermatology research. Attributable to components resembling zits, solar publicity, drugs, or getting older, they normally have an effect on vanity and require particular care. That is why dermatologists Cláudia Merlo and Paola Pomerantzeff and dermatological beautician Patricia Elias clarify the best way to remedy this downside. Watch!

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What are pores and skin blemishes?

In line with Patricia Elias, a specialist in hyperchromia (the method of forming darkish spots), darkening of the pores and skin happens attributable to an abnormality within the pure pigmentation of the pores and skin. That’s, it occurs when the melanocytes (cells that produce melanin, answerable for giving coloration and safety to the pores and skin) endure a stimulus, favoring the onset of spots.

Causes of pores and skin blemishes

The change within the pure coloration of the pores and skin might be attributable to a number of causes, Patricia Elias lists a number of:

  • Extreme publicity to the solar
  • Modifications hormones;
  • Pores and skin getting older;
  • burns;
  • insect bites;
  • Contact with citrus fruits;
  • Irritation.

Varieties of pores and skin blemishes and remedy

Darkish spots on the pores and skin should not all the identical and, due to this fact, every sort requires a particular remedy. Here’s a little of every of them:


Popularly often called age spots, this kind is attributable to extreme solar publicity. In line with the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD), they normally seem on the again of the palms, neck and again, that are the areas most uncovered to the solar.

“Photo voltaic melanoses are primarily present in areas with better publicity to the solar, as they’re the results of the cumulative impact of photo voltaic radiation, which happens over time,” provides dermatologist Dr. Claudia Merlo.

Among the many therapies indicated for such a stain is the pulsed mild laser, because it is likely one of the only strategies for lightening resistant stains. As well as, the usage of acids on the pores and skin may be indicated by the dermatologist.

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As Patricia Elias explains, phytophotodermatosis spots are attributable to the response of citrus fruits involved with the solar. Additionally in keeping with the specialist, for this case, the indicated therapies are microneedling, intense pulsed mild, ozone remedy, led remedy and particular chemical peels.

“Microneedling is a superb ally for treating blemishes and stimulating their manufacturing pores and skin collagen. The extraordinary pulsed mild, which acts straight on the factors the place there’s extra melanin, promotes coagulation which renews the realm by lightening the spots. Ozone remedy can be really useful with the purpose of bettering the standard of the pores and skin and serving to to dispense with the pigment, ”he explains. As well as, additionally it is important to maintain the pores and skin moisturized and to make use of sunscreen throughout the remedy.

Extreme solar publicity could cause melasma

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Melasma is attributable to the extreme manufacturing of melanin, influenced by genetic, hormonal and solar publicity components. In line with the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD), it normally seems throughout being pregnant or attributable to the usage of the contraceptive capsule.

Though there isn’t a remedy, such a blemish might be handled with the common use of sunscreen, in addition to whitening lotions with vitamin C and soothing and antioxidant motion, as defined by beautician Patricia Elias.

“It will be significant to not expose your self to the solar throughout the remedy. Melasma is a tough blemish and requires lots of care, so it’s all the time essential to hunt out a certified practitioner and hyperchromic specialist to point the suitable remedy, ”she factors out.

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Though its origin can be linked to the cells that produce melanin, such a spot is cancerous. “To establish melanoma, take note of moles that meet the ABCDE rule: they’ve asymmetry, irregular edges, a number of colours, diameter better than 6 mm and irregular evolution,” explains dermatologist Dr. Paola Pomerantzeff.

Additionally in keeping with the physician, when one in every of these adjustments is discovered it is crucial search a dermatologist to obtain correct prognosis and remedy. “We initially carried out the surgical removing of the melanoma, which, relying on the evolution of the situation, might be accompanied by therapies resembling chemo, radio and immunotherapy,” she explains.

The nevus of Ota

Nevus of Ota is an intensive mole with a brownish, blue, inexperienced and even purplish coloration. Though usually confused with spots, it’s crucial to pay attention to such a mole, because it can’t enhance in measurement. “It’s not doable to deal with nevus of Ota with topical whitening cosmetics, and it’s essential to battle it via the usage of applied sciences such because the Q-Switched laser, which emits power that acts precisely on melanocytes”, says the specialist.

zits spots

Technically often called post-inflammatory hyperchromias, these spots, in keeping with Dr. Cláudia Melo, seem on the pores and skin after inflammatory processes attributable to zits, lesions and procedures resembling lasers and peels. In contrast to different kinds of stain, on this case it isn’t crucial to hold out the remedy, as they normally disappear over time.

However to assist with the method, you need to use scrubs and masks. “An alternate is the white clay masks which, along with being soothing, additionally has detoxifying properties and ought to be blended with filtered water or aloe vera gel, leaving it on for about 20 minutes as soon as per week”, teaches the beautician Patricia Elias. .

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Seek the advice of an skilled

You will need to underline that, no matter the kind of stain, the session of a specialist is crucial to make the prognosis and point out the suitable remedy for every case, stopping the onset of extra severe issues. So keep away from self-medication and take note of any indicators which will come up in your physique.

* By Vitoria Rondon

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