Vasco, from parking to traffic restrictions, here’s what will happen in Trento on concert days. Mayor: “Those who can avoid going to the city and choose remote work”

Trento. Dai parking lots for introduction limitations to me prohibitions from circulation . That’s true maxi floor for the road system what will be exhibited in days? Vasco concert for the city of Trento.

Parking spaces, shuttle buses, transit restrictions and pedestrian zones to facilitate the movement of the concert participants. Buses guaranteed with changes to routes and timetables. All the information that the administration tries to convey to citizens launching a dedicated number 0461 889400.

The artist’s performances are scheduled for 19 magicat 21:00, when the concert will take place “sound test“Reserved for the fan club where they are scheduled 15 thousand people Estimated and on May 20 at 21, when the official concert with 120 thousand people expected.

“We are making an appeal to the citizens,” the mayor explained Franco Ianeselli – ask on a dedicated page because there will be inconveniences, but everything can be overcome knowing what you will meet. After all, the European Cycling Championship has had a much greater impact in terms of road closures, but this time many people are coming to Trento within hours. For this reason, on key days, those who can avoid going to the city and decide to work remotely“. To emphasize the work carried out by both the Commune and the Province, there was the president … Maurizio Fugatti.

“To the local police,” explained the chief of the local police. Luca Sattin – A great effort will be required, which was also the subject of trade union negotiations. On Friday, 20 in the evening, 45 local police agents from Trento, a dozen from the Provinces, another five or six from Verona will be on duty.. They will remain in operation for as long as is necessary to ensure the drainage. ‘

All entrances to the site the concert will only be from midnight (roundabout via Mach and via di San Vincenzo). The only exception is for disabled people who will accompany the arena from the designated car parks in via della Coiliazione via the booking system.

Parking spaces for event participants have been provided accessible by the Municipality of Trento is the Blm Arena group, Via Bartali, via Fersina, Monte Baldo, Sanseverino, Canestrini (ex Sit), ex Italcementi (part managed by the municipality of Trento), Zuffo.

Those identified by US Pat in the northern part of the city (Spini and Interporto areas) are served by a free shuttle (red line) with an end stop in via Barbacovi.

For those who choose park in the area of ​​Pergine Valsugana there will be a free shuttle (blue line) with a final stop in viale Rovereto. Same service in the case of Riva del Garda with a free shuttle bus (green line) with a stop at the Lung’Adige San Nicolò / Motorizzazione terminus.

On the occasion of the concert, the city of Trento will be divided into three zones: white, yellow and red, which will take effect according to the moments of the event, limited also to the bypass.

Here are the areas specifically.

The white area with a traffic ban on via di San Vincenzo (from the roundabout via Mach to the roundabout via Kooperacja / Pomeranos in Mattarello) from Wednesday 18 May. Transit will only be allowed for residents of Via di San Vincenzo and the city’s public transport. All other traffic to reach Mattarello from the north must use the ring road by 9th Friday 20 May and then the provincial road 90 (via Ravina Romagnano) or alternatively from the Novaline road.

Yellow area with supervision and monitoring of journeys to avoid unauthorized parking and itinerant operators who carry out sales or administration outside the authorized places. Access is available to residents, operators and users who go to commercial, public and business establishments, users and employees of public offices and services. The garrison of the area by the Local Police station will be carried out from the morning of Thursday 19 May at the following intersections or streets: Rondo Fermi / Degasperi, via Fersina c / o Rondo Ata Battisti, viale Verona / Rondo Degasperi, via Rondo Menguzzato / Mach, intersection via Ragazzi del 99 / Obwodnica, Rondo Marinai d’Italia, Rondo Mattarello San Vincenzo / Cooperation / Pomeranos, intersection with Mattarello strada delle Novaline / strada ai Palazzi.

The red area with supervision and monitoring of journeys to avoid unauthorized parking and access by operators who sell in the public area without permission. Access is available to residents, operators and users who go to commercial, public and business establishments, users and employees of public offices and services. The transit ban in this area will apply from 22:00 on Thursday, May 19. Garrisons will be located at the following intersections or streets: ring road via Fersina, roundabout viale Verona / Degasperi, Via Fermi-Volta, Viale Verona-Degasperi, Mach-Menguzzato, state roundabout 12 Marinai d’Italia, roundabout Mach-via Viticoltori, national road 349-strada delle Novaline, by Nazionale-Ponte Vecchio, by Nazionale-Rio Stolzano, Acquaviva.

No parking and transit
Due to road plans, parking and transit bans on some streets of the city will apply from May 19, from via Canestrini (ex Sit), Sanseverino, Monte Baldo, Palazzetto Sport area via Fersina, via Bartali, via Lidorno, Italian sailors, municipal car parks in via della Collaboration in Mattarello. The car parks in Via Lidorno and Marinai d’Italia will probably be closed on May 17, as it will be necessary to prepare parking spaces for bicycles and motorbikes. In addition, from May 19, the parking ban will affect some streets in the city.

Restriction or prohibition of circulation with closures
– the ring road from exit 2 (Marinai d’Italia roundabout) to exit 3 (Ponte di Ravina) from 12 to 5 on 20.05. In this phase, participants of the event will use the northern carriageway to reach the concert area and to the car parks at the end of the concert (from approx. 20:30 until the end of the concert, the bypass will be closed from exit 1 Mattarello)
– the Acquaviva ring road at exit 3 (Ponte di Ravina) from 9am to 7am on 21.05. In this phase, the entire northern road will be reserved for the participants of the event so that they can reach the concert site, and in the low tide phase to the car parks. The south carriageway from exit 2 (Marinai d’Italia roundabout) to Acquaviva will be reserved for an organized coach car park.
– through al Desert on the section between the Ponte di Ravina roundabout and the proton therapy entrance (passage allowed and regulated only for users entering the car park).

Pedestrian areas to the outflow
Functional pedestrian zones for outflow have been defined from 23:00 on Friday 20/5 to 6 on Saturday 21/5, which will be pedestrianized:
– except via al Desert, the following will be prohibited or restricted: via delle Ghiaie, via Monte Baldo, corso del Lavoro e della Scienza, San Lorenzo Viaduct, Ponte S. Lorenzo, via Doss Trento (on the section between the roundabout via Berlino and via Lung’Adige Apuleio ), via Brescia from the intersection with the viaduct to the Piedicastello roundabout, via di Madonna Bianca-viale Verona from the via Mach roundabout to Ponte dei Cavalleggeri, viale Rovereto, corso III Novembre, via Santa Croce, via Dogana (extends in front of the train and bus stations)
No vehicle transit via Segantini and Romangosi.
The Sanseverino section will only be passable to vehicles that must leave the parking lots. The same goes for the Corso Buonarroti.

Operational phase
The operational phases of the event can be summarized as follows:
Phase 1 – White Zone: from 8 a.m. on Wednesday, May 18 first road restrictions on Via di San Vincenzo.
Phase 2 – Yellow area: starting at 8am on Thursday 19 May restriction of the transit of vehicles with local police officers and monitoring of the area in contrast to illegal stops and unauthorized commercial use in the area south of the roundabouts at via Degasperi / Menguzzato and Fermi / Degasperi to Mattarello. From 12 to 5 on 20.05, the ring road closes from exit 2 (via Marinai d’Italia) to exit 3 (Ponte Ravina roundabout) and via al Desert

Phase 3 – Red zone: from 22:00 on Thursday 19 May restriction of vehicle transit with local police officers and monitoring of the area in contrast to illegal detention and unlawful commercial activity in the area south of the roundabout in viale Verona-Fermi, Degasperi-Fermi, via Fersina, Marinai d’Italia. From 9am Friday May 20 to 7am Saturday May 21, the ring road closes from the Acquaviva intersection to exit 3 (Ponte Ravina roundabout) and via al Desert.
On May 19 and 20, all traffic from the south and north may alternatively use the A22 (free toll from the Rovereto Nord toll station in Trento Nord) or via the provincial road 90 Destra Adige. For those heading south, the A22 Lung’Adige San Nicolò toll station will be reopened. Access to the concert area from the south will not be possible, except for vehicles for disabled people, which, however, have a reservation in the park.

Phase 4 – Low tide: from 11.00pm Friday May 20 to 5.00am Saturday 21 May will be closed to pedestrians via Madonna Bianca, viale Verona, viale Rovereto (from Cavalleggeri Bridge to the intersection with via dei Mille) corso Tre Novembre, via Santa Croce, via Al Desert, via Ghiaie, via Monte Baldo, via R. da Sanseverino, Ponte San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo Viaduct, via Brescia, via Doss Trento. The area in front of the train station will be closed to car traffic, therefore the ban will also be extended to Segantini, Romagnosi and Petrarca streets. Derogations may also be made in view of a conditional situation in the areas of via Veneto, via Rosmini, Prepositura, Torre Vanga / Sanzio, Piazza Venezia.

For what reason? urban public transport traffic will always be provided throughout the urban area with the changes of time.
The same is true circulation for the city of Mattarello until 8 a.m. on Friday, May 20. Suspension of service from May 8th to May 5th.

Instead, it will always be guaranteed to and from the capital. For the sections to the south that must reach Besenello and Calliano, deviations to the provincial 90 are foreseen. Any changes will be the subject of a special communication from Trentino Trasporti. As for the taxis only for the low tide phase (after 23.30 on Friday 20 May) will be provided taxi parking in via Degasperi (section between the via Fermi roundabout and the viale Verona roundabout).

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