Vasco’s concert, the controversy around the “infamous” P9 car park persists: “We will ask the organizers for a refund” – Tell Trentino

Trento. Days go by but Vasco Rossi’s concert in Trento still warms souls, both for the indelible memory of Fr.beautiful performance but also in terms of logistics, especially related to: outflow after the concert.

And if the criticism was raised immediately, so much so that even the mayor of Trento Franco Ianeselli made it clear that the Trentino Music Arena would be a beautiful music area, but with much smaller numbers than last Friday’s over 100,000 concerts, here are the readers’ emails sent to “Tell Trentino” by writing to us on multiply.

We have included them in this track.

Marco: “Hello, we too would like to report the endless waiting before leaving parking lot P9. I declare that the pre-concert and concert were great, the volunteers, Alpine troops, health workers, Vasco, everything was perfect. We were in the company of two friends from Abruzzo and we were glad that the first big party in Trentino was so well organized!

Unfortunately, after the concert there was a disaster … Starting from the crowd that formed at the McDonald’s roundabout, through the unlit road back, to the lack of service for directions, information, help … At that time, it was crowded, a few people did not feel well, lack of air, anxiety, worry. People push each other on one side, others on the other …

And then, when you finally manage to find your car (with unlit parking) you have to wait 3 hours before you can get out! Then the road was clear and the traffic flowed, but all this time without moving the car 10 cm seemed excessive! ».


Saverio: «Hi, I am the viewer who was at the Vasco concert. Contrary to myself, I wanted to draw attention to the absurd situation that arose during the leakage from the concert. People were stuck for hours, huddled on top of each other, both near Cantina Sociale and near Mc Donald’s. I wonder how it is possible that for an event of this rank, the only option was to be there. Not to mention the fact that there were few civilian defenders and volunteer firefighters outside the concert area… if someone had panic attacks, who was saved? But didn’t Piazza San Carlo in Turin teach anything? Could it be that money is always preferred to human life? Fortunately nothing happened, otherwise we were here today to be sure to count the dead. My most regret is that I have to change my mind about the effectiveness of Trentino that everyone is talking about. If you are unable to organize certain things, others better do it, have a nice day. I really hope you can help reveal who had responsibilities, even if I’m afraid it will go quietly just because nothing happened, and not for the skill of the organizers ».

Massimo: “I wanted to report the inconvenience to those who decided to come by train and bike (highly publicized by the organization). My wife and I stayed at Rovereto and came to Trento taking our bikes by train. We planned to leave the bikes at the station and pick them up the next day. All unusual trains to known events were omitted, but could have been avoided by manning the track area where the flow of a river of people was expected.

Considering the frequency of trains to Verona and the thousands of people waiting outside, we chose the Trento Rovereto cycle path at 4am. A very difficult experience that could have been avoided if there were substitutes for trains. We couldn’t even take a taxi. Absurd. These things cannot be kept silent. Anyone who (badly) organized this event must answer for it ».

Valentina: “Good morning, the concert was beautiful, but unfortunately I can confirm that the post-concert outflow was scandalous and suicidal… a human river of crowded people and with no indication of a ONE exit. It is also not enough … we got stuck in the P9 car park until four in the morning. A place not suitable for such events. Yours faithfully”.

Mauro: «Hello, nice concert, great organization until the end of the concert. Unfortunately, after the complete disaster, I confirm that the post-concert outflow was scandalous with a very high risk of accidents, fortunately everyone behaved perfectly. The human river of people is massed with no markings for the ONE exit and escape routes (inadequate because it is too narrow). Also last but not least… we parked at the P9. We were stuck for over two hours, leaving after four in the morning. I’ve never had even a bit of a similar experience. Highly recommended to those in charge, for the future, if we don’t want major events to happen see Piazza San Carlo in Turin for evacuation procedures. Thanks”.

Marco: «How can I charge € 25 for an hour and 15 minute walk and an hour and 15 minutes back parking without a shuttle service? I’m talking about parking lot p14. Scandalous for an autonomous province that considers itself the pinnacle of … ».


Stefania: “Hello, the question is: how could you only think of 120,000 people leaving, and maybe more, at the same time, leaving one viable route? Whoever has not been there has not the slightest idea of ​​the danger to which we have been exposed! 2 hours at a snail’s pace, a river of people to cover 1 kilometer … 2 hours !!! It must never never happen again. Unfortunately, this serious flaw affected the beauty and the concert venue, sorry. Fan Vasco ».

Angel: «Hello, we came to the concert from Milan. The city of Trento was unable to manage these events. Forced to pay 25 euros for parking and not be able to get there because so many closed roads, endless queues and looking at the distance that separated us between the parking lot and the concert ……

The nearest car parks were located 8 km from the event. From the parking lot the way to walk was between hills, vineyards, rivers etc … Of course back in the dark. No shuttles back and forth either before or after … No drinks available on the way back to the car parks.

After the event was over, we stood in a car queue near the entrance to the Trento Sud motorway, but they blocked it. They made us queue over 20 kilometers of the national road towards Rovereto. But why? Nice concert, but the city disappointed me.

Ps: My last year as a mountaineer I spent in the mountains of Trento in 1990. I did not remember such a city ».

Antonio: “After the crowd left the Trentino Music Arena and arrived at the parking lot around 1am, we were held hostage with no powers to divert traffic. After contacting 112 and after about 3 hours in a hostage and paid hotel room (we arrived from Milan) and virtually misused and paid 25 euros for parking, we arrived at the hotel in Pergine Valsugana at 5am. it was only thanks to the firefighters who came to change the traffic that we managed to get out. in fact, if you are not used to certain events, it is better not to do them. “

Sabrina: «Hi, I have attended a lot of Vasco’s concerts… but I leave the house (short hour from Trento) and arrive at the concert at 21:16…. unbelievable … I’ve never seen anything like it … And then the garbage catastrophe, a hundred thousand volunteers and even a nearby garbage can. I have never seen this at any Vasco concert… a city isolated for days, a terrible road network. Fortunately, there were many of us, but they were all responsible… we were afraid we would be scared, but Vasco’s people are just as special as he is! I’d say I definitely expected something more from Trento ».

Daniel: «Hello, I went to Vasco’s concert. At the entrance everything was fine, but the exit was embarrassing, two and a half hours standing with people crowded in the crowd to walk out towards the entrance to the sailor’s bridge! Organize better next time! ».

Stefania: «Good evening, we have experienced a very serious situation. We paid 25 euros for bad service. We arrived at 1.25 am after Vasco’s concert in Trento was over. We were still all stuck at 4am. We booked a hotel room which we will not be able to use. I will ask the concert organizers for a refund! ».

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